Datum objavljivanja: 15. Pro 2019.
Iskall decides to upgrade his ore process room to make it look more like a science lab and with the capability to QUADRUPLE (4 times) the ore! One Iron ore turns in to... 4 ingots!
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  • My mother : go and study why are u watching this u don't learn anything from this this is useless Me : learning all the gases, ores, mechanic's etc .😂

  • When is the series gonna continue... no stress just really loving this modpack

  • kK stands for Kilo kelvin its a temperature measurement

  • 3.3oK is 3.3 Thousand Kelvin (So... It's pretty freaking hot)

  • Do an underground garage

  • 3Kk means 3 kilo kelvin, kelvin is the si unit for temprature (it's the unit used in science for thermal stuff)

  • 3.3k K is 3300 Kelvin, or about 3000 °C

  • I think kK means 1000 Kelvin

  • Could the glowing spots be thaumcraft nodes? Not sure if thaumcraft is in this pack.

  • Nobody: Iskall: kLoRiN

  • Hey iskall I got fun craft and it’s a lot harder than it looks but it’s fun I know you will not see this

  • am i the only person who noticed the over 9000 pieces of diorite?

  • honestly that thing looks dangerous

  • 3.3 kK means 3300 kelvin that is around 3002 Degree Celsius. Very Hot

  • 3:33 isn't hydrogen chloride an acid HCl how it can be a gas

  • its pronounced ˈklôrēn (cloreen)

  • Chlor - een

  • If you want the Mekanism Machines to be quiet, you can put in Muffling Upgrades.

  • 3.3 kK = 3 300 Kelvin = 3 300 - 273.15 = 3026.85°C

  • 3.3kK = 3.3 thousand Kelvin = 3557°C

  • 3.3kK = 3300 kelvin

  • all that green made all my walls glow from the monitor because its so bright and i have the lights off in here.

  • 3.3kK is 3.3 thousand Kelvin (the scientific measurement for temperature), so 3.3kK exactly means 3,300 Kelvin

  • If u haven't picked gifs for the tv screens u should find some industry smelting gifs


  • U should put the uh oh stinky meme on the tvs 🤣😂🤣😅

  • 12:21 tie fighter

  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but does kK stand for kalvins

  • Dexter's lab gif

  • kK is kilokelvin 3.3kK is 3026.85 °C

  • I love the struggle to say Chlorine.

  • I think 3.3kK means 3300 degrees kelvin, but im probably wrong

  • Iskall, the kK on your brine making machine is kilo-degrees-Kelvin, where kilo means thousand, and degrees Kelvin is basically the same as degrees Celsius, adjusted because Kelvins never goes negative.

  • kK = kilo Kelvins?

  • Washing machines don’t go in the kitchen

  • kK stands for kiloKelvin, 1000 kelvin per.

  • The way you pronounce chlorine just... upsetting, I'm trying not to judge but hearing it every 2 minutes oof lol

  • Hydrogen chloride? Gaseous hydrochloric acid.

  • It looks like eyes 7:54

  • Make a GIF of Grian dying in demise.

  • Have o been saying valve wrong? It's vALve not vOlve right?

  • 3.3kK is most likely 3300 Kelvin

  • 3.3kK means 3300 Kelvin wich is 3127 °C

  • Chlorine is pronounced (Clore~een)

  • Could someone tell me how to make the item information box bigger under the minimap? for some reason the text for me is super tiny and I dont know which mod deals with showing that information.

  • kK stands for kilo-kelvins

  • Hydrogen chloride (HCl) is what creates hydrochloric acid or muriatic acid.

  • I hate that buzzing sound is there a muffler in the modpack?

  • iskall: chlor-rin me: I t s. p r o n o u n c e d chlor-reen

  • scp gifs

  • Man, I just don't have the patience or imagination for these kinds of things.

  • Can you explain how your power producer works? I tried to make it in my test world but I don't gain any power.

  • 3.3kK stands for 3300 degrees kelvin. It’s a measurement

  • It's pronounced "VÆLV" not "VAALV" or "VÅLV"

  • How to win in demise Dont play on the server

  • Iskall why do you have diorite in your system?

  • btw, 3.3kK is about 3000°C (k for kilo, K for kelvin which is ~300° less than celsius)

  • At 12:18 kind of looks like a little TIE fighter

  • anyone notice the patch of marble shaped liked paper? 0:29

  • kK is 1000 Kelvin, so 3.3 kK is 3300Kelvin

  • kK is for Kilo Kelvin

  • Iskall: how to name something. Step one say its name and add of doom to the end

  • disnone,g_1:art:AONrbFxd1wc%3D&usg=AI4_-kTNuTrqrjsyXPjGrfD9n2Z4_aEMTw&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwijp_GBzr3mAhUunuAKHRx9A6EQ4lYILCgB&biw=1366&bih=665&dpr=1#imgrc=0MhoZqh2f35upM:

  • 14:18

  • kK means kilo Kelvins

  • kK stands for kiloKelvin

  • How about a GIF of Grian's demise in Hermitcraft?

  • The temperature K is for Kelvin which is basically temperatures much colder or hotter than used to on Earth so when it says 3.3kK it means 3,300 Kelvin

  • i think the 3.3kK is 3.3kiloKelvin

  • Is there a list of all the mods included in this pack available?

  • Iskall's priorities: Iskall: This machine fits in with the base so well! (and it also quadruples ores.)

  • For one of the tv screens add a dabbing penguin

  • i think kk stands for 1000 kelvin

  • You need a gif with a cartoon iskall in a lab coat in center

  • For the TV screen, you can use a gif of Grian taking Mumbo's mustache away.


  • Are all the mods in this video included in Funcraft? Or do you have other mods too?

  • Dodging demise aren't you

  • Use a gif of the water cycle

  • *Guys, could you leave a like under one post on instagram? It's small competition but award is awesome. I want to give best gift for X-max. It's RTX 2080 Super.* *He made awesome Modern House with Yacht, and for me he should win. He did great job

  • 4:17 it probably means 3.3k (Kelvin)

  • Loving the streams iskall❤️

  • kK would probably mean kilo kelvin, which is the SI unit of temperature

  • Hydrogen Chloride I think is salt

  • Pls play attack of b team with the hermits

  • Hi iskall85

  • kK stands for thousand Kelvin

  • Why should be a washing machine in the kitchen

  • kk is kilo kelvin i think

  • iskall it is a “lab-rhu-tor-E” not a “lab-ore-uh-tor-E” 😉

  • I see that I have been enslaved. Hmmm... enjoy the haste, I suppose. ... while it lasts 😈

  • my vote is for a ricardo milos gif

  • More funcraft please!!!

  • me at 12:22 *star wars flashbacks* (pause at 12:22 and search for what i mean ;) )

  • The 3.3kK probably means 3300 degrees Kelvin (aka 3 026.85 degrees Celsius) So Iskall just opened a chamber wich was at 3 026.85 degrees Celsius. NICE.

  • Iskall: look mom i just finished this GIANT hole! SciCraft: made a quarry in vanilla minecraft making a giant hole that expands itself infinitely and automatically mines

  • 3.3 kK= 3300 kelvin or 3130 °C or 5666 °F

  • from 6:40 to 7:10 iskall trying to language

  • Put the Mumbo head in the middle screen (24:07) then make a moustache around the screen. It would be so weird!

  • "Washing machine of doom" xD