Datum objavljivanja: 19. Pro 2019.
Iskall runs out of ALL HIS DIAMONDS and needs to come up with a clever way to create more diamonds. Well, COAL = Diamonds, in masses, so why not build a MEGA Wither skeleton farm!
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  • Bring back fun craft!

  • RIP Funcraft? :(

  • I feel like this is a seasonal anime that only has 10-12 episodes that'll never get a s2 no matter how popular it gets?

  • Where did funcraft go it was such a great series

    • we can spam in hermitcraft

  • where is funcraft

  • I miss funcraft :(

  • Iskall what happened with funcraft

  • Rip

  • When will you post funcraft again??

  • what ever happened to this series

  • #bringbackfuncraft

  • Why did you stop playing fun craft

  • Please do more

  • Ummmmm any updates???? Ep 12 ?

  • What happened to this series?

  • Next fun craft episode?

  • Where's episode 12?? It has been 4 months!!

  • F

  • I can now conclude that this *Y o u t u b e* series is in fact, very dead.

  • this just stopped

  • this just stopped

  • Iskall: The Industrial Machine Chassis is a crazy recipe! You can still craft it with the Alloy Smelter!! Scalda, please fix!

  • what happend with the series?

  • Did u forget Mr. iskall85?? You said u will have at least 3 series in ur channel. Where r they??!?!?!?!?!????!!!????!!!!!

  • Hi iskall. How do i get rid of those stupid tombstones??? I cant do anything with them. Everytime i die another apears there. They are annoying...

  • Man I want more

  • Bring back Funcraft


  • #rip fun craft Iskall confirmed in stream he hadn't end funcraft and it will come back soon

  • Is this still on going? 😭

  • Bring back Funcraft or we're starting a revolution.

  • where did funcraft go??

  • Iskall when's the next episode I don't really understand everything but it's good fun mate

  • More funcraft!

  • iskall could also just make big perimiters everywhere on the world just to easier get ores or he could upload more funvraft

  • No more fun craft? 😭

  • am i the only one who saw him say two crossings at 7:30

    • Shane Bailey Do you mean you heard him? And yes you are the only one.

  • Where did funcraft go? 😧

  • We want more funcraft!! >:(


  • Iskall it has been 1 month since u didnt stream fun craft

  • #ask What is that elevator mod

  • Hey Iskall. I love your modpack and been having a blast so far. However, I have been taken a break as my pc has real trouble running it after a couple of minutes. I have been experiencing hard freezes every couple of seconds... This may just be my potato pc, but do you have a chance to add optifine to the pack, as it may help with world gen? Just an idea, don't know if anyone else has the same problem as me... Have a great day!

  • Why did u stop this series

  • F

  • Iskall where the hell i can palladium on the mod pack, i cant create rt machine frames,its to expensive recipe

  • Iskall, love the pack but why is there no bonsi pots

  • Name your shears *'Nailcutter of doom'*

  • Is there a way to get "Funcraft" mod? other than subscribing to your patreon? @iskall85 Would like to play solo minecraft

  • Is it 1.14

    • No, many mod developers are still writing the code to update their mods. It's not Iskall's fault.

  • You should call your secret elevator the Iskallator

  • I thought was gonna lose it watching the first minute of this vid

  • having mumbo jumbo's skull in your house is just creepy af 0:16

  • Does anyone know how to get a Inscriber logic press in funcraft? My meteor compass is not working...

  • When's the next fun craft ep?!?!?!

  • 19:15 Iskall: "Come on Moss Bobs!" Me: Bays of hale! 😂

  • what mods you use?

  • what is the modpack?

    • CallMeKianFT lol the series is literally called funcraft...

  • Iskall u won demise

  • I can't help but think that the vector plates are a Soul Eater reference.

  • how do you use vein miner in this modpack?


  • 1:27 "So what you can do in FunCraft is you can compress coal into blocks of coal." REALLY?!?!? THESE MODS ARE CRAZY!!!!!! :P

  • what is the health mod he uses

  • Never watched a video from this guy before, but 14 seconds in and I like him.

    • Yup, I was right. Great channel. 5 minutes in and I subscribed. Looking forward to seeing your content on my feed iskall85!

  • The bibimbap thing is a korean food where yoy just slap stuss together with rice. Its called 비빔밮

  • iskall you won demise you won you won

  • iskall you spell the farm name wrong it is A MEGA WITHER FARM OF DOOM


  • The perimeter should have a 256 blocks radius from the center. I always make my perimeters something like 300~400 radius so I can build a little base in the center and walk arround without messing with my farm rates.

  • When is the new video of funcraft on your channel

  • İskall there is a liquid trash can for liquids

  • Iskall: saying he doesn’t have a lot of diamonds Also Iskall: Literally uses like 10 diamond blocks in construction

  • Did anyone else hear him say f*** in 18:42

  • Iskall: Automate coal for diamonds! Me: Automate subs for diamonds!

  • I want more funcraft!

  • iskall do you need to stream for the funcraft pack to work it looks really f u n

  • does the miner not have a fluid miner void card

  • Wich modpack is it

  • *U CRAZY PSYCHO* :)))))))

  • Mentally prepare for the “who’s watching in 2020 comments” just a warning

    • Nope coronvirus stopped that thankfully. Prepare for "wHO's HeRE aFTeR tHe ViRuS"

  • Why didn’t he use the auto miner and make it mine coal

  • Iskall chek out the atomic disassembler

  • I like it video math I also meant to make me happy all the time give me a laugh this is why the other videos like this keep doing what you do you're the best

  • I am 1000% sure he won’t pin this considering how many comments there are😂🤣

  • iskall you should add a way for people to get traders in funcraft

  • What a wierd Minecraft 🤨

  • funcraft redstone 6:40 lol

  • This hurts my head

  • Guys, how do u get funcraft?

    • @ruairidh williams Isn't it on curseforge/ftb?

    • No, not with iskall. It's just I heard there was a public version coming out.

  • Start rl craft series plz

  • At 18:41 did he say f***

  • You forgot to get fuel for your ATV

  • Fluid Void pipe, the modpack might have it. Does what it says it does

  • The mod tgat adds the f7 button which shows where mobs can spawn feels like a must for me nowadays

  • iscal wach ths vedio they made a auto eater maybe u can make it?

  • Iakall the fun craft download doesn’t work it just keeps crashes can seem to get it to work no matter what I do please help

  • Iskall, I dnk if U know it already, but H should take a look at the quantum entangloportal. It can transfer heat, liquid, power, items and gas through space and dimensions

  • More plz More

  • Why haven’t you been streaming sad face