Funcraft: 8 | I made a MEGA PERIMITER!

Datum objavljivanja: 3. Pro 2019.
Iskall decides to destroy the terrain of an area close to his base in order to attempt a massive perimiter dig out, inspired by MumboJumbo on the HermitCraft server!
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  • 0:14 accidental foreshadowing

  • Iskall: explains how his power generator fonctions Me: decides its too nerdy and turns the volume off

  • should we tell him that a sticky piston can void the fluid instead of a placer breaker system? Don't forget your vanilla in a sea of modded mechanics.

  • 1:50 Its not bio fuel its mashed potatos

  • I was playing mc and was at my mob spawner when he mined the exploding green stuff . I literally had a heart attack as i thought a creeper had exploded and accidentally jumped into the void as i was playing on sky-block .

  • pretty sure there is a liquid trash can lol

  • is there really no liquid trash can in this pack?

  • dig out a mega tree

  • U should have multiple power generators

  • Umm shouldn't you write down the coordinates of the witch huts?

  • Why didn't you just use vanilla pistons pushing blocks into the liquid to void liquid that would have been so much easier and cheaper.

  • is Mumbo on funcraft? because if not he so should be

  • Iskall Why didn't you use a void card from RF tools? it would be so much easier XD

  • The power cube looks like the nether reactor block that we used to get a lonnggg time ago

  • Iskall you must put curse of vanishing on your keycards for the Dragon bro’s bunker

  • Anyone got a link the funcraft mudpack? I want to play the mudpack but not on the server Thanks

  • mumbo: am I a joke to you?

  • Iskall:potatoes are useful Grian:okay,I'm gonna chuck some more potatoes in Sahara

  • "I want an area where I can dig out a Mega Tree " - Iskall85 2019


  • and i thought it was hard to make powered spawner in regular enderio

  • This is crazy

  • Hey iskall this is not a hate comment and I really enjoy your videos and especially fun craft. I do find all the current stuff you have been doing a little bit boring but did really enjoy the first couple of episodes with the four wheeler so of course you don’t have to but maybe try some of that kinda of stuff but you do you. I love what you do and enjoy every single video you make and really like this channel!

  • Dude void the water with sticky pistons pushing blocks onto the water

  • You should make a spoon counter

  • if the nether update isnt as spectacular as the funcraft nether, i will be very disappointed

  • Of doom?

  • You should play the sky factory modpack

  • I didn’t know that you were using a 1.14 texture pack.

  • My chemistry teacher be like:confused screaming

  • I miss hermit craft

  • *P O T A T O P O W E R*

  • Iskall should do a fun craft week where he does daily uploads of funcrafts for a week

  • Iskall: Extend border for mining also Iskall: "Why is there water there, I made sure there wasn't"

  • did anyone tell iskall that the centre of his underground lab looked like the control panel from the tardis?

  • still waiting for the modpack download or is it only for the. patreons?

  • what mods do you use for funcraft

  • That's absolutely tiny by sci-craft standards

  • U coulda used a piston instead of a block placer

  • Can’t wait for the next one!!!!!

  • if there is extra utilities in the pack there is a block called liqid trash can or something similar

  • I was laughing my ass off when he said tree instead of hole. Lmaooo

  • in the %90 of iskall explaining I always say hmmmhmmm

  • It’s spelled perimeter

  • 272 chunks is 69,632 blocks

  • wadda bout' that void pipe from mekanism try that 25:35

  • Is it possible to play the modpack yourself???

  • I like nerdy stuff most of the time

  • Now I might be a little late, but if you ever add (or if it already is in the pack) the mod "Extra Utilities", you can have access to different trash cans (Items, Fluid and Energy trash cans) Also, Extra Utilities is a pretty fun mod by itself so I would suggest it

  • I've been playing on his Sahara server for a week now and I make 2 MRF/t

  • This project is the pits.

  • Inkrediboll!

  • It's funny see how to discover the modded minecraft, for the next time I suggest you to pump the fluid into a "Fluid Trashcan" (exist a vrsion for solid and enrgy either obviously). I've seen that you use often the mekanism mod and itìs perfect for gas, but try to use even EnderIo amd see if you like it's conduicts managment.

  • Can you make like a helicopter since you made a atv like on minecraft war


  • Iskall I want fun craft updated on twitch launcher I want more fun

  • Anybody else think of bannanas when he said ethylene?

  • Iskall should’ve said it digs a direwolf base if it is max rank

  • if you can make a water pump you con make a diamond pump and gold !!!

  • is anyone else having trouble launching the mod pack? plz tell me if u know how to fix it


  • I think it is horrible how hard you made it to get into ender i/o, it has a lot of cool things that are really useful early and will last you well into late game, but you're great love your vids, love your modpack, will it/when will it be realeased?

  • genius on the voiding of liquids

  • I'm not a fan of these funcraft videos, they're more of a tutorial on how things work than doing things. I'm not really a fan of mods that change from vanilla this much. As long as you are having fun though, that's all that matters. Congrats on 600k BTW

  • Where is the mod pack?

  • yiu should invite grain to your world and give him nothing but a potato and a modid thang and say have fun

  • Iskall zloyxp is playing the modpack on single player, he is alone, maybe it is a good idea to invite him on your funcraft server.

  • Hi. I have a realm that I started with some other people, but they aren't really playing that much. So my question is if anyone wants to join? In that case the 5 first people that comments on this gets to join. :-)

  • Would a lava generator be any help instead of clearing. Seem to have plenty of power though

  • Mumbo restocked observers

  • What is the seed of this world iskall???? And can you make it downloadable

  • Won’t the quarry take out the witch huts so you won’t be able to find the spawning areas?

  • yay i love this series

  • couldn't he just constantly place water into the same place? in normal minecraft that voids it

  • The title isn't right look it doesn't say 'of doom'

  • hey, uh dragon bro's? I would prefer if you not partake in a ritual "chant" when inducting new members. It has racist undertones mocking native cultures. I know it (hopefully) isn't on purpose, but for the future, please refrain from doing this. A new ritual idea would be to kill the dragon with only the hat for armour, or maybe doing various dangerous things.

  • Couldn't u use the lava and water for something you shouldn't waste good resources like that because u could make a cobblestone generated or something with Lava because wouldn't u need lava to make some fragments for the ultimate craft or you can use the lava for melt ore together I don't know much about the mods and modded minecraft but from what I have seen you need lava to make a bunch of things and maybe lava is apart of the ultimate craft u were talking about earlier in the video.

  • tiny flip flop

  • fun craft without flat bedrock mod weird 🤔

  • Iskall: uses potatoes Me, a Irish person; *I'm at your service*

  • A giant area where I will dig up a mege tree - iskall85 2019

  • You should have added a of doom at the end of this title mr

  • It was actually a baked potato that grian put in Sahara

  • Is there a way for you to share your hotkeys? I'm sure that I'm not the only one who just got the modpack and noticed that there are bout 20 hotkey conflicts... for a fellow swede... please..?

  • You should check for good ores in the walls of the hole (there might be something good)

  • you should get modded flight

  • Ethylene is pronounced like Ethileen iskall, all your chemist followers are hitting their heads on their desks

  • iskall: ha potatos can be usefull! me: he knows there usefull, here are some examples: he ate only baked potatis in the beggining of the season and do you remember the potato that broke sahara. Iskall (probably): what the... me: nej, håll tyst, du har fel is-kall grian vet att potatisar är värdefulla/användbara

  • Do someone have a list of mod use in this server?

  • Quick question, why does the mod pack you are using have more mods then the public one, are you ever planning to make the public one the same? for example in my pack i dont have the combination crafter and the rock cleaner is much cheaper...

  • Your perimeter is massive!!!!!!!!!!

  • Also potatoes can be used for villager trades in vanilla Minecraft.

  • Idea for new videos: There is no videos on youtube that show how to use the mods in funcraft, for they do not work the same as if you just watch each mod pack separately. Some mods are missing pieces in the game, as an example: the Thermo set of mods, is not showing me a single way to make a dynamo, which is needed at the beginning of crafting...

  • Now plant one tree in it to keep your word ;)

  • 600k soon my dude pre-congratz dude

  • *PERIMITER* Iskall 2k19

  • multiplayer through LAN doesn't work

  • No fluid trash cans in this pack?

  • Why are you deleting lava? Why not using it? I mean, obsidian is pretty usefull, isn't it?

  • Is there any way i can download this modpack? Just asking.