Datum objavljivanja: 7. Pro 2019.
HALF A MILLION GLASS is what iskall needs for his perimiter to create a mega fog effect in Minecraft using stained glass - and so the automation starts!
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  • Wow! A brief cameo of a Swedish Keyboard letter (chiselö)

  • 0:01 Allright its a mess... WAIT is that a mumbo head

  • iskall should make the bottom life concrete

  • Were's grian?

  • You can layer different but similar colors of glass to achieve the same effect with the same efficient amount of layers, but less actual layers.

  • White stained glass trapdoors with the coal corners on the glowstone-up-flowy-thingy would look best IMO

  • Ive never seen funcraft before and..., WTF?!?!?

  • Half a million? You're starting to get into sci-craft territory :P

  • (me seeing my name in the last sec) * happiness noises *

  • Iskall: the plan today is too clean up a little. Title: ** HALF A MILLION GLASS**

  • Watch that fun craft have a foggy glass block and all he done was essentially worthless

  • This must be called project glax!

  • Iskall: It looks awesome. Iskall the next day: This looks awful.

  • who else is upset that the perimeter isn't square?

  • I might go death because of you laugh

  • Iskall you put in the title “half a million glass” when it’s meant to be “half a million glax”

  • *Hermitcraft Demise game starts Iskall: IMA HEAD OUT OF HERE. *plays funcraft

  • I thought it said half a million *GRASS* not glass XD

  • does the pack have morph mod i was thinking of downloading it

  • First : Mumbo destroyed 1.24M blocks in vanilla Now : Iskall builds 500K Glass blocks in modded Me : **enter illuminati music**

  • Yo upload again


  • where are you Iskall? I miss the ultimate dragonbro

  • That looks like sponge on the minimap

  • when are you gonna post new video

  • @iskall85 Gladly remove yourself out of the demise competition, all hermits I've asked thus far mentioned you're barely on the Hermitcraft server anymore. It's easy to win demise that way.

    • @Aleksandar Ninković Simple, I asked what hermit they thought had the highest odds of surviving and 3 streaming hermits replied Iskall since he's hardly online anymore on the Hermitcraft server. It's just a matter of time before the rest dies since nukes are happening on the server. Also among the hermits there'd be doubts and questions if he were to win as he's been online thus far. If he enjoys funcraft more there's nothing wrong with him spending more time on that but atleast do something about the active event he's participating in on the hermitcraft server (like conceding?)

  • Your base is soooo good not lying!

  • Half a million GLASS! Thumbnail: *GRASS* Edit: I realize it’s green glass, but I thought it was grass in the thumbnail

  • what is the modpack? I want to get into modded minecraft servers and I enjoy watching funcraft so I thought i'd ask.

  • Why didn't you use normal glass?

  • Iskall I don't know if it works in this minecraft version but there's vanilla cobble farms that can get you 120,000 cobble and hour

  • Good bye grian R.I.P.

  • Iskall: over half a million glass, but it's worth it, right?


    • @Aleksandar Ninković Nothing wrong with that, but if he's only once a week on the server because of that then he shouldn't be going for the demise victory itself.

    • Don't worry, he's hardly online anymore on the hermitcraft server spamming funcraft

  • GRIAN DIED!!!!!!

  • Dude the dragon bros are dying while you’re over here having fun! That’s not bro! Signed -OG dragon bro

  • He has like exactly the same voice pattern and style as mumbo jumbo just different accent

    • He picked that up last year tbh, if you watch his episodes at the start of hermitcraft season 6 he didn't have that :D

  • u have only boots as armor,u should put maybe at least diamond leggins or cap to have more

    • @Rabid Skiboy whats soul bound?

    • He is not really worried about dying because his good things have soul bound

  • btw, your hermit cave series has episodes 3 and 4 in wrong order and its missing episodes 9 10 11. I think your latest video is best place to notify you about it :D

  • Your dragon cave defense system just killed grian, that's not bro, bro

  • I am going to write Glax half a million times. Here we go... GLAX GLAX GLAX GLAX GLAX ... Okay no. INSANE

  • When you finish the series would you be up for adding a world download as I would love to play this!!

  • Are u okay bro it’s been 4 days since last vid

  • Iskall, remember when you didn't even know where to start when it came to using Redstone? Then you took some lessons from Mumbo, and others, and now look at you, automating fog!! XD

  • Grian got *DEMISED*

  • 4 by 4 quarts and nether bricks

  • Iskalll griiiiiiaaaaannnn is on the dead team now

  • Griannnnnnn demised

  • Use the circles in the wall.

  • When are you streaming funcraft again iskall bruh


  • Grian died in hermitcraft

  • Iskall urgent warning RIP Grain

  • Make the wichfarmwalls the neon cat running! Its just realy easy to do and its fun!

  • *This here, is the 666 comment...*

  • iskall grian died in hermitcraft no joke no pranks

  • rip grian :c

  • Iskall grian is dead the demise bunker has been rigged becarefull

  • Iskall grian died


  • grain deid iskall on hermitcraft so watch your back

  • I watched all your funcraft videos ! Is there an option that I play funcraft and record videos for youtube ? I supposed i will make a small singleplayer world with the datapack.

  • Factory like walls?

  • Checkout new dragonbros song by elybeatmaker to iskall

  • iskall was right it turns out about the dragon bros song

  • rip g-

  • Who is here after grian has demised

  • Another funcraft today? :)

  • Rip grian

  • Iskal Iskal Grian died in hermit craft because xsumavoid traped dragonbro bunker

  • Iskall the dead team trapped the dragon bro and architech bunker and Grian got blown up BE CAREFUL


  • Iskall85 grian has been demised also don’t go into the bro quarters it’s trapped


  • I am here to warn you that the bro bunker was trapped and they got grian

  • Iskall here's a tip to winning demise... watch tango's newest video it tell some places where secrets are hidden goodluck

  • iskall all i got to say is be careful

  • Grien died on the hermet craft servar

  • 2 days later after the upload date of this video. To iskall and others that watch grien. Grien has been Demised!!!! (the evidence neer the end)

  • Iskall no one likes your hat, burn it. Also love this series and have even started watching the full vods on twitch as I can’t catch it live! Keep doing what you’re doing. It’s pretty bro.

  • It looks like One Of Member of Dragon Bro's has turned into The Dead Dragon's

  • Grian is dead, do NOT go into the dragon bunker DO NOT

  • Is this on twitch launcher?

  • Ok. I know this isnt hermitcraft but 1) Grian died 2) DONT GO INTO THE DRAGON BUNKER

  • Grian died

  • grain is demised and dead team brock your bunker

  • Grian died hes not a bro

  • hey iskal in demise ım gonna cry but your buddy died is dead grien ı must warn ya the dead team has traps every where and BE CAREFULL pls pls pls pls

  • iskall i love you

  • Grian is demised Dragon Bro!!!! He isn't DRAGON BRO!!!!!!!!1\

  • Iskall you must put curse of vanishing on your keycards for the Dragon bro’s bunker

  • mumbo's roof design from the villager buildoff on the wall edit: and make pipes with lime glass out of the walls yeeting the green stuff in there so it makes sense why the ground is green


  • I’m so sad I can’t have “my own funcraft” cuz my laptop is not a new enough version for me to download mods R.I.P. 🥺

  • Do a slime theme

  • Hey iskall, where can I download the pack?

  • Iskall: Remind himself of mumbo's perimeter... Con+c, Con+v

  • 16:20 how did he just type that character casually on a keyboard?

    • Believe it or not there are languages and thus keyboards that use äöü etc

  • I need a tutorial for this mod. It looks realy fun. But i find it a bit difficult. Like i dont know what anyting does. Or how i can make them work together.

  • This puts mumbos perimeter to shame XD