HermitCraft 6: 171 | WHAT HAVE WE DONE

Datum objavljivanja: 18. Sij 2020.
Iskall decides to try and build a de-saturator press to get his normal colourful skin back, but during beta stage MumboJumbo interupts and everything goes terribly wrong
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  • ive been binge-watching your episodes the whole week, love all your content so much

  • Iskall: *presses button* HRdown: I like advertising PS. It was because you and MumboJumbo were in the de-saturator at the same time

  • 14:27😁🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  • I can’t look at you. Immediately presses F5 to look at Mumbo

  • Am I really the only one that thinks that Iskalls jumbled skin look awesome? It looks so cool. Mumbo is the creepy looking one

  • I DONT UNDERSTAND HOW THEY ARE DOUNG IT. I mean they probably change skins at the same time but its so anoying that i dont know it 100% :( what if its smth like mod on the server ???

  • Best episode ever!!! 😆

  • "I've got an idea" *Idea sign behind*

  • 16:38 Don't you mean.... FISHkall85?

  • 15:07 The funny thing is that Grian doesn't even look out if place XD

  • Iskall: *calls it de-saturator 2000* Me: ISKALL! YOU FORGOT TO SAY OF DOOM!

  • should call it "The UnMumbler"

  • For the un jumbeler he should make sticky pistons grabbing the the wrong parts of their body :)

  • How much did idea pay him to get sponsored 4:48 19:02 19:49

  • Well it de saturated him soooooooooo

  • Iskbo!!!

  • Grian can now take mumbo’s mustache from iskall

  • 7:31 of doom

  • "Look who is talking!" ;)

  • anyone else notice that IDEA is in the background both times when iskall says " idea"

  • "I've never been so uncomfortable pressing tab" -Grian

  • 18:27 they said “it’s just” at the same time

  • Every time iskall said idea at the end he flew by the idea building.

  • Funny how he said that he had an idea for something at Sahara, and the Idea sign was visible in the background

  • 14:44 Chickenskall confirmed. I guess we now know who the poultry man is

  • "Unbo-Jumboler"

  • Hey Iskall, Stress put like 10 petabytes of storage in diamonds into run

  • 12:05 anyone else see the skulls in the concrete powder?

  • they got mumbo jumbled

  • Mumbo says we all don't have stacks of diamonds lying around. Also Mumbo. Has a stack of diamonds given to him by Iskall.

  • We got mumballl and isko

  • Red silk luxury pyjamas.

  • 4:47 Iskall: hears the idea *looks at idea*

  • 4:48 So heres the idea, shows the idea store

  • at 4:48min in the video iskall said “so here’s the idea” and soon as he said that you could see “idea” in the background XD :D

  • check sahara fuel

  • Unjumboler

  • It looks like Mumbo is loosing a lot of blood.

  • Iskall looks like a bartender

  • I think the presser would probably have worked had you two not gone in together.

  • Doofenshmirtz voice: Desaturatorinator

  • Saturated Mumbo: Sunburn Saturated Iskall: The Sixth Doctor Desaturated Mumkall: *Nightmare fuel*

  • Mumbo85 and IskallJumbo

  • Mumbo do the redstone... Now HE is the redstone.

  • Iskall has a Clark Kent look.

  • I think season 6 should end soon seeing as you guys are just stretching for content with the skin things

  • Do more enigmatica and moded Minecraft as a whole.

  • *IskallLaugh.wav*

  • hearing these two giggle hysterically at this is the best.

  • Tell Mumbo that he still has the eyelids

  • ISKALL! you can make diamonds out of your machine. Just u and limbo entered together and messed it up

  • New monster in my nightmares!

  • 19:01 I had a bit of an “idea” as he flies past idea

  • Right when he said, "so heres the idea" he was facing idea. Like if you noticed

  • mumbo's new costume for halloween this year

  • Oh you just wait, the second karalis gets here, richskall is commin back!

  • Iskbo Jumbo and Mumskall

  • You look horrifying

  • Mumbo: "What colour was your tie again? Yellow?" Iskall: "HOW COULD YOU FORGET IT'S BLUE!?" Also Iskall: "What colour was my tie again? Yellow? Blue?"

  • are you ever gonna do funncraft vids agian

  • iskall: makes a new machine called un-uglyfier. iskall and mumbo try it together. :\

  • I love you! Great Content!

  • Iskall Jumbo and Mumbo 85 xD over saturated :p

  • The desaturator worked perfectly, the problem is that only one person should go in at a time. Lol

  • Did anyone else see how iskall kinda looks like Tony Stark (Iron man).

  • Mumbo looks like he fell in a pit of strawberries :D

  • Ur skin is so awesome now Iskall85!

  • Iskall to get rid of the moustache just go to grians moustache remover machine. problem solved.

  • it is because you both went at once so it combined you two

    • like so iskall sees it

  • nobody has ever used sahara fuel iskall

  • You should introduce Etho and Mumbo to each other

  • Machine for one... You put out some disclaimers it's a one-person user machine only. Charge away.

  • Where have the funcraft episodes gone? I watch in the background whilst at work or school and cant wait for it to come back

  • 2:00 realy iskall realy

  • When Grian is the only "normal" person

  • Mum-all and Isk-bo or Mumbo85 and Iskall Jumbo 16:44

  • But it did work! You just need to get in there by yourselfe, so it is not mixin the skins.

  • It only messed up because y'all both went in it pressed you two together

  • 14:42 oh that sudden AaaAaAAH killed me

  • did the colors actually change in game or did they just cut video and change skins to make it look like it did?

  • Iskall the machine is working u and mumbo just enterd there and the machine just can not back 2 guy skins in 1 seconds

  • You could make the surrounding area slow Change colour to show that colour is getting pushed into the land

  • No need to fix the machine, just don't have more than one person in at a time! xP

  • The machine looks like a bumbo.. like the tubes are the arms

  • It's a willy wonka Juicer...

  • where is funcraft???

  • How do they even make the saturator? Im genuinely curious how they do that

  • Hey iskall, you could turn the ground around the desaturater into rainbow colours. As in when the player gets de-over-saturated the ground is more colourful due to different colours pushed out

  • Iskall looks like my Spanish teacher

  • I guess he still took Mumbos moustache away

  • I'm pretty sure the machine works fine just two people cant go in at the same time

  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Don’t shut it down, instead why don’t you put a disclaimer on the front that says “one person at a time”.

  • Am i the only one that thought that Iskall had a bulletproof vest on??

  • 16:00 Mumbo and Iskall make out, but don't enjoy it.

  • you said here's the idea while looking at idea

  • nice to see old mans are

  • hello iskall85 do you know of a way to turn your super smelter into an xp storage system ? well i guess you could have more than one but im talking about the one with double bamboo zero tick that you have a tutorial on

  • Rainbowskall Yes.

  • love you