HermitCraft 6: 173 | BLASTER DISASTER

Datum objavljivanja: 23. Sij 2020.
Iskall decides he is worthy of a new MEGA Project (of doom) But things doesnt go to plan with the amount of TNT involved in this contraption, and then things gets even worse as iskall tries to bro it out...
Ilmango's Blast Chamber: hrdown.info/block/video/o3aZfsNjhaloeJo
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  • Either the build off or hermit civil war

  • Dragon bros!!!!

  • U should rebuild this in season 7 to blow up DIE-orite and fall into lava! (btw i names my flint and steel *DIE-Orite*

  • my 3 favourite moments in hermitcraft 6 were 1.) Build-Off @ New Hermitville 2.) That time Mumbo didn't wanted to attend the Sahare meeting and flew off in his chair 3.) But my All-Time-Favourit is your villager canon!!! Seriously I laughed for days about that. I still have to giggle just thinking about it again. P.S.: Just in general a huge thanks to you and the other 2 Archi-Techs for hours and hours of great fun and entertainment. Hermitcraft 6 was a wild ride and incredibly fun to watch! So thank you Iskall and thank you to all the other Hermits!!!

  • My favorite moments besides the ones already mentioned in the comments are when you destroyed diorite and when you went end busting with Mumbo!

  • 9:40

  • Putting curse of binding Dragon heads to each other's head and watching Mumbo escalating out of the Sahara meeting room's roof.

  • nobody will forget the civil war

  • For me the build off was the most memorable

  • Ar you swidesh

  • Anytime grain says SAND?

  • 9:19

  • Is Iskall your real name

  • You creating the bro bro :) And the build competition obviously.

  • My favorite moments were the golf game with Mumbo and Grian. The end busting challenges are also always hilarious. The build off was great too. And the Civil War. Can't forget that.

  • My favourite moment in all those episodes is every time you laugh😂

  • “I’m terribly terribly scary” -iskall85 2019 Edit: 2020 I’m stuck In the last decade apparently

  • Opening Sahara was the most memorable moment in my opinion

  • You were related to my channel but your not in my channel 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • My favorite moments are between the Sphinx and dio-cake or the quarry build

  • Favorite moment: buildoff

  • I cant choose because i like them allllll

  • Going Golfing with the gang

  • "I'm terribly scarry"

  • Favourite moment: Two words... DABBING PENGUIN Lol😅... nah would probably say dragon bros, build battle or Architechs

  • 3: Hermit war 2: any moment with mumbo you just end up laughing for hours ^^ 1: demise ? Like whole demise was fun. All the dragon head prank ^^

  • My favourite moment was the prank war. Keep making great videos .)

  • The concrete almost looks like it as dripping down when it hardened. Maybe the building could have like a concrete spillage dripping down from the roof down the wall..

  • my favorite moment: you brutally murdering villagers in your villager-blaster-of-doom whilst trying to remove guilt by saying that they're going to "emerald heaven"

  • Are zero tick farms allowed on Hermitcraft?

  • Yellow box- Fill it with rabbits feet renamed to be "chicken nugget", pop in a few baked potatoes renamed to be "French fries", steak to be "hamburger", one Redstone renamed to be ketchup, and a bucket of milk. Maybe add a totem of undying to be the "toy". Name the box "Happy Meal"!! :) 16 diamonds as the price?

  • i think schematica might help out a bit...

  • Ilmango is basically the Jesus of this server

  • The Civil war that happened and let me tell you that hermit gang diss track that team Star made was wicked! 🤘 Also when y'all found that potato in the system of Sahara because of Grian! 😂🤘

  • 1. Your laugh 2. Build War - Dabbing Chicken 3. End busting with anyone

  • He didn't fix the rates of the Sahara gifts thing...

  • Favorite moment: when you got the arcatech letter. You are the bestest of doom

  • im terribly terribly scary

  • my favourite moment was that you where hunting grian and u fell in a lava pit XD

  • i Wonder ,what would happen if Ilmango would get a Invite for the next Hermitcraft Season ? Nah , that would get out of control LOL

  • The blaster gaster master disaster

  • "I wonder who's going to buy that? --Go tell Keralis. Right now.--" I think that might be my favourite moment now. XD


  • Did you forget the Sahara concrete maker?

  • CHEK RUN🏃‍♂️

  • Procrastinating* I do this a lot too XD

  • Iskall you need to add more super poop and common boxes to run. If you keep the lower tier boxes supplied ittl help reduce the chance of someone winning the jackpot which means richskall can come back sooner without costing you more diamonds to fully stock run again.

  • Kära Iskall85 Vänligen ta Sahara-påminnelseboden från IDEA-fastigheten eftersom vi kommer att använda den för att använda ditt trick mot dig. -IDEA-team ------Comment In english below------ Dear Iskall85 Please take the Sahara reminder booth off IDEA property because we will use it to use your trick against you. -IDEA team

  • worshiping the snowball bumbo was awesome

  • 9:15 Yes, Iskall. You are very scary.

  • The war

  • My favorite and most memorable moment is when Grian dragon-brod you

  • BOX IDEAS (Sry if these are actually boxes, but whatevs) 'Who would buy this?'OR 'Burn this now...' 2 Diamonds Full GRAY shulker of diorite, except for the center slot, with one flint and steel 'Nether' 10 Diamonds 6 Stacks quartz, 3 stacks magma blocks, 3 stacks soulsand, 3 Stacks Netherack, 3 buckets of lava, 3 Nether mob heads

  • Kan inte du göra en svensk kanal?

  • You NEED ilmangos shulker duplicater........ of DOOM

  • When is hermitcraft 7?

  • Diamond shower

  • Stress cheats on the yellow section and the blue rendog sprints on the blue

  • iskull: crime:scamming/stealing diamonds by making hermits gamble and addicted and make himself become rich (u r into the economy and know that gambling makes the most money out of all other industried)

  • You should use greens machine that takes mumbos moustache away

  • You was mum mowing

  • My faveroute part was when the message docm77 tried to swim in lava came in the chat

  • you should add signs to each part of RUN, too many people forget you're not supposed to run in certain sections

  • Working on Sahara because there was nothing like it in the previous seasons!


  • The hermit war was the best

  • Forsure the dragon bros creation

  • Don’t make people pay for the de-saturator, that’s such a scam

  • Mr. Beast has notesed your "of doom"

  • Iskall is extremely entertaining, but if anyone still wants to claim he's a better builder than Cubfan this video is exhibit A. Love your videos Iskall.

  • 20:24: I feel a bumbo coming on.

  • my favourite moments was the civil war and demise

  • Make the redstone were house look like a old computer on each side

  • My favorite moment is still when you Grian and Scar realized you all tied. I was watching all 4 of yours episodes to keep up and the big finish was worth a trillion words. 💛💛

  • Why don't you do a system where people sell stuff to Sahara for diamonds like red stone or shulker boxes

  • Sahara Box Suggestion- Mustache Box

  • an idea for a box: the hitlist box: a box that has all of the hermits heads... lol

  • sorry about the hours it took you to make the concrete machine... oh btw grian blew up the one at Sahara so have fun fixin that

  • Buy Grian’s house. You could make a good negotiation episode.

  • My favourite moment of the entire season is 9:54 of this episode

  • Iskall: "Making concrete has never been easier." Grian: "Hey, Siri, how do I get to Iskall's base?"

  • For me, it was when you played golf with Grian and Mumbo.

  • Your Dragon Bro, Grian, has a Shulker Box problem that you may be able to capitalize on...

  • Tip: place a backwards stair against were the concrete powder powder is converted (turns the powder into concrete)

  • I just had an idea for a sahara now box called the chocolate ice cream box. It would have various ice blocks, buckets of milk, and cocoa beans for 4-5 diamonds(?).

  • The Dragon Bros should be paying the other members of Dragon Bros like BDubs and wasn't the other one Stress dont they recieve a percentage lol it's only right since they were on the same team

  • My favorite moments were when you won demise and when you had some difficulties trying to open Sahara

  • I can't really pick out a favorite moment, there's too many of them. But my favorite build was the dabbing penguin on top of your build off house lmao. Sahara Now idea: "Did you diorite?" box. A box full of diorite.

  • Sahara NOW idea: A beacon... kinda... [3 diamonds] -3 wither skeleton skulls -4 soul sand -1 furnace -1 coal -5 sand -3 lava buckets -1 water bucket

  • The Randomiser token thing at Sahara is a little broken, Stress took one of the stock keepers out of the chest and put it back, but repeated this prosses 6 times, only bought one shulker box of redstone and got 6 tokens from it!?

  • The villager head for sure

  • For one of your common boxes in R.U.N. you can give someone a skyblock starter kit (sapling, ice block, bucket of lava, and however many blocks of dirt and grass)

  • Did you ever get your Christmas gift from inside the giant mob on mooshroom island?

  • I'd like to see your team capture the flag and of course we need to see you play boom box

  • What if you resaturate and desaturate, It could help

  • Hail our lord grian and all of his fellow sahara members. I usualy just watch those three and they joined up, it's like fate

  • When is season 7 gonna start?

  • There is a problem with RUN if te person just runs fast they can skip it without being stamped of by the piston because there is a beakon close so they are to fast

  • That moment when grian makes a concrete maker in less attempts than iskall, with only one explosion

  • Rendog cheated at run