HermitCraft 6: 172 | SAHARA'S JACKPOT!

Datum objavljivanja: 20. Sij 2020.
Iskall comes up with a brand new diamond scheme for Sahara to get as many customers as possible by introducing the SAHARA JACKPOT! A jackpot filled with diamonds, he also... restocks sahara!
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  • Iskalls so poor that he has 1 stick in his richities box

  • You’re telling me I wasted 20 minutes and you wasted 6 hours making the diorite thing and you just destroy it and that is just why I love watching iskall during quarantine

  • First Mumbo finally stocks his ended chest and now you make space for redstone projects beforehand. Not to mention , Grian is doing redstone and saying that it’s actually quite simple. My gosh, you’re all turning into each other!

  • what if people just use their own gold nuggets

  • 8:33

  • 1/3 chance times 1/3 chance times 1/9 chance is a 1 in 81 chance

  • 1/81

  • 1.234% chance of the jackpot


  • When you are in your Redstone testing world put on a dragon head and armour

  • Make a chance that you’ll get another token in the Sahara jackpot machine.

  • I think shulker box’s from grian in the junk he calls storage then advertising to idea

  • Iskall: Does good math to know the chance of getting the jackpot Me (and idiot): its a 50/50 chance, you get the jackpot, or you dont 😂

  • A box of white concrete ◻️ UwU and a box of GOLDEN💛 carrots🥕

  • Is it just me or are the diamond block textures different in some places, more so on the top of the pile. If they are they should find a way to fix or change it because it looks odd.

  • A box of like 64 tokens

  • A Sahara now box filled with booshes. Targeted sales

  • NOW BOX IDEA: Beaconator 5 Beacons 10 stacks of Iron

  • jackpot like whaaaaaat. Me be like: im depresed

  • I think u should make some Sahara boxes that are all light source’s like torches, end rods, glow stone, sea lanterns

  • Fucking great video

  • @iskall85 As a redstone luddite I've no clue how it would be achieved, but I'm sure there's a way to combine what they're buying with the payment and, if both criteria are fulfilled, then the order is placed. It may require balancing the quantities ordered to all equal one cost, say 5 diamonds worth of goods, but I know you fine folks could figure that out after enough trial, and error, and digging. If the order is not placed after 30 seconds-ish, maybe it kicks the items back out? This could also help with the next time Grian throws a fork in the system... Also, just a thought, but what would happen if you used the Mumbo Moustache Remover? [Edit]: Fixed a typo. should have been in bed 2 hours ago. ^^;

  • A Sahara Now shulker box FULLL of shulker boxes.

  • My daughter suggested a box of redstone!

  • a coupon box

  • Do 5 blocks of diamonds for the jackpot

  • Iskall😎 your redstone is awsome

  • There is a 1.234567% chance of getting the jackpot

  • If my math is correct you have 3.7% chance to get the shulker box

  • its not 33 percent its 33.333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333................................

  • "Bric-a-Brac": Trash from fishing mixed with Bricks. Joke Box. pay in composters. "Gambling Addiction": Various Tokens e.g. Sahara Jackpot, Run, NFD, etc.

  • super mega exciting shopping of doom and/or death

  • Living proof that all the rich aren’t the same

  • u could build a TNT firing range and make the hermits pay when they use it

  • Next time you make a mega contraption of doom make sure to write some documentation.

  • skip from 6:28 to 20:45

  • #keraliswillgetaddictedtoshoppingatsahara

  • Iskalls I think they might think that the jackpot of doom is gonna blow up or something ;-;

  • Should put some run tokens in the now boxes

  • You should name a blue shulker box the time lords express and put a compass beacon buttons map colored concrete and what ever else is needed for a Minecraft time machine

  • can you put multiple tokens at the same time because grian might

  • You still haven't added the take ender pearls thing.

  • Do an End Busting Box for Sahara Now: Introducing: A shield, 3 Potions of invisibility (8:00), 5 Buckets of Milk, 8 Enderpearls, 2 Stacks of Rockets, an enchanted Elytra, a Bro Head and a Looting III, Sharpness V Diamond Sword For roughly 15-20 Diamonds

  • You need to lose the dragon head

  • 1.2% jackpot Mumbo: you spoon! Me: lol

  • make a jumpscare in the jackpot chance if possible just a terrible idea

  • Check run!

  • You should do a box full of netherack and Quarts and call it "Feels like demise all over again"

  • Well after I did the maths to get the ULTIMATE SAHARA JACKPOT OF DOOM (the lime shulker box ) is 1%

  • i think the chance of getting diamond should be low by putting the diamond in one block spot

  • ISKALL A Sahara Now idea; Enderman’s Bounty (Enderpearls, shulker boxes with dyes, a dragon head, an elytra, and popped chorus fruit)

  • "The Great Deal" Box 1 diamond Prize: 2 diamonds

  • This feeling when you do the maths for creative test machine But Iskall changes prizes in Hermitcrafy If someone wants here it is for creative 1/3 of diamond output Which gives 1/3*1/9=1/27 diamond block and 8/27 diamond 1/3 of nothing on first 1/3 of jackpot output wchich later is cut 1/3*1/3=1/9 And 2/9 of getting nothing In this 1/9 we get 1/81 of Jackpot 2/81 of diamond 2/81 of diamond block 2/81 of redstone block And 2/81 of gold block What gives outcome of Diamond block - 5/81 Diamond - 26/81 Gold Block - 2/81 Redstone Block - 2/81 Jackpot - 1/81 Nothing - 5/9

  • Box idea that will explode Iskall's brain if he's reading this: Box of DOOM - shulker box full of diorite

  • add elytra boxes!!!!!!

  • Sarahara now stock, Honey combs, honey blocks, honey bees, etc, Maybe some duration 4 rockets, some maxed out enchanted diamond armor (Thats level 5 everything)

  • Sahara now idea: Grian's did you die box. Also add some more features for Sahara now as people payed 100 diamonds for it and they woud want more than just deals. Do a villager trading area which costs one diamond to get in. Or a faster version of already existing sahara. Or even an area of activities/minigames

  • Fill the remaing slots of the Sahara Jackpot of Doom with sand. It is sahara

  • Golden apples for Sahara now?

  • Sahara now box idea: ‘Do it for the Vine!’ - Box full of vines 😂

  • The best Sahara now box’s would be red stone, if you can sell red stone components you’ll muscle out cherry!!!

  • concrete

  • Sand and gravel

  • do your math you're making 0 profits now

  • this is a realllyyyyy dumb idea you need to stop giving diamonds away in literally everything you do this is such a bad idea you're losing Sahara profit by giving diamonds away

  • It seems like 1/81 for the jackpot right?

  • Try to sell off grians chest monster through Sahara now

  • You have a 1.23456789% chance of winning the jackpot, or a 1/81 chance

  • you should make a sahara now box with sahara tokens in it!!!

  • The chance of winning is way to high if you aren’t gonna raise the prices at Sahara.

  • people are already buying sahara faster than you can restock! whats the point

  • Sahara is now run

  • Redstone Sahara now boxes

  • The number of tokens should match the number of diamonds they pay. So, you should connect the token dispenser to the payment system, not the purchase. Because one can buy 9 stacks once, or buy 1 stack 9 times. The number of tokens should be the same.

  • how about a mystery box

  • You always find a way to lose diamonds I don’t get it

  • Mumbos redstone box

  • 1 in 81

  • *you know your business is bad when have to give rewards to people for shopping there*

  • Hey look it is mumbojumbo

  • my my my, it’s cactoni!

  • A did you die box for Sahara now

  • Make a Sahara now box white Sahara shance coins

  • Iskall jag är svensk så jag tar det på svenska du borde ha en box med helften brick helften concret

  • Sahara not restocked, Sahara now rarely stocked, Run rarely restocked. Let’s do a Jackpot! That won’t last long. 🤣🤣

  • Sahara Now box: OK Boomer Full of TNT and explode-y things.

  • It's a 1/81 chavnce to get the shulker

  • 1:53 he said nej wich is swedish for no

  • Now: observeres, red stone, wood, did You die box

  • you are so cool iskall85

  • About 3 % to get mega jackpot

  • 32 diamonds for 12 beacons Sahara Now idea

  • The shulkerbox-box, it has 9 shucker boxes inside in the form of chests en shulkershells

  • You should have a 1/4 chance to get a token

  • You should make a maintenance door because you keep breaking into the same spot to get to the wiring. Copy this on all sahara videos for ease on the sahara founders

  • Iskall trying to get 1000 diamond... 1 video later..... Throwing diamond out the window with the jackpot-er

  • For Sahara now maybe an end-buster box? Where you can get items to assist you when you to end-busting.

  • Box “The end of the world” One elytra One stack of end stone One stack of shulker shells 8 - 16 stacks of eyes of ended Sixteen ended pearls One stack of rockets Price: 25 diamonds and one Sahara token

  • Hey, I have an idea to make your game run better, make a mini game of it in sahara while the player is waiting for Their order.

  • Add a refund system