HermitCraft 6: 163 | SECURE NEW BRO CAVE

Datum objavljivanja: 14. Pro 2019.
The grayskins got Grian with a massive mega TNT blast in the Dragon Bro Cave. Iskall decides it's time for a new head quarters and comes up with a very unusual but very secure defense system
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  • iskall85 :Grian died me: once a dragon bro always a dragon bro

  • The destruction of the bro cave was uncalled for

  • It is BROken

  • Iskall : our end is a mess 2b2t’s end:pathetic

  • grian died to save you well he didn't know

  • the cave was BROken

  • CK ckckckc DRAGON BROS?!

  • That's very bro, bro

  • iskall: not impressed by crazy redstone also iskall: that is pretty smart they connected it to the pressure plate

  • Grian has access to the dead team base before he died because he got challenged. He did the first floor and survived but died before he had access to the second floor. If he made it through the third floor he could see all of the traps on the server.

  • U would buil a diorite torture facility

  • New dragon base is taking tips from Cleo who was almost traped by and invisible creeper...

  • Puffer fish

  • I like how it took 8 dispensers of TNT to kill the master prankster.

  • The greyskins could capture invisible spiders and put them into the bro cave

  • Iskall I agree will you the base is safe from tnt explosion and arrow dispenser but there is one thing that can trap this base very easy take a guess It yellow it live under water and grow if you get to close to it answer.

  • 80% PUFFERFISH 19%OTHERS 1%me why pufferfish poison? poison does not kill player!

    • puffer fish does deal some damage not only poison

  • Why don’t make the bro cave (new) in the old hippie’s base thing.

  • Iskall "how did they get in". me " did you forget about the button.

  • Trap it using slime block machines

  • Iskall: theres no way to trap water Pufferfish: observe

  • False is a secret bro she said it when she killed Keralis (spelling?)

  • It can be trapped if you took a redstone signal from the door pressing and have tnt be disnenced into the room because take damage from tnt even in water

  • Can we just appreciate his swedishness for a moment? Like , you can't say that he's English but it's just so good!

  • lol youre gonna blow up sahara xD

  • The button you placed in front of the door could trigger tnt

  • Seriously iskal? Carpet on table - redstone ore and quazi conectivity Entrance like in a previous bro-cave And pufferfishes in walls so you will have to change the cave

  • Iskall!!! It's possible they'll sneak in some named mobs with invisibility, which was an idea of Cub when he was trapping Cleo's "untrappable base".

  • Keralas is dead Watch ur good friend Mum is video

  • Flush double piston extender plus arrow dispenser Dispenser >##=|#=|#< glass

  • Whatever you build just cover the outer wall with obsidian. That way everything is tnt proof

  • underneath the table can be trapped

  • consider the fact that Redstone can be placed on glass and its one-sided which means you cant see the Redstone on the underside of the glass

  • Puffer fish 👋 and invisible zombies/mobs

  • Iskall: leaves diorite in the wall Me: WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO THE REAL ISKALL?!?!

  • You should make it a glass table so you can see under the table

  • Dont use redstone so you'll know if theres a trap

  • The Bro cave is BROken

  • False is a secret bro

  • I’m pretty sure Mumbo has built a replenishing wall that’s almost impossible to mine through. That’s be ultimate safety

  • Grian has trapped an exit in koralis's base and koralis has met his demise

  • Maybe if u didn't everyone know by the video. Bcs obviously the grayskins watch over ur videos to locate u and get to u. Maybe if u kept everything absolutely secret, it would actually work so good luck with the next death on the brand new bro cave.

  • Grian is a secret bro: he won't demise any dragon bros

  • Pufferfish.

  • It’s called they watched your vids and made their own key sad life

  • Should of built an underwater base with a conduit because red stone won’t work down there and nor will tnt.

  • Iskall=water bro confirmed

  • this is very easy to trap

  • Next bunker will be built using ender chest

  • Why dont you make unbreakable walls?

  • Please make a relative door

  • End Bust Yeeeeah dude

  • You can’t see under the pressure plate when you are walking in

  • Well, look who's there!

  • You can pass the water by a sand launcher and the glass can be broken by tnt

  • You can use a launcher that shoots sand to remove the water and shoot tnt which will blow a hole in it like in factions

  • Invisible creeper and a bunch of them too. Like what cub fan did

  • they will trap the entrance... you have a very limited view from the iron door

  • Creepers with invisibility potions

  • Try making a security system that keeps track of when people enter the new bro cave, that way you know if anyone has been snooping around.

  • Get a button put tnt underneath it and wait for grian

  • Now that's clever! Water and glass to make the room. Great job Just thinking, I think puffer fish can hit you if there is only one layer of glass block so maybe do two layers.

  • They can trap it by making a flying machine on the side of the cave activating using a timer and the pufferfish mechanic outside of the base so the machine will enter inside (cleaning the water where it enter) and then tnt slime block tnt duplicating/throwing machine throw some tnt and timed to explode mid ait in the bunker. And some 2 block piston extender blocking the only way out. Or they explode the ceiling, lava fall and transform water into cobble and just spam tnt from it. Or plenty of piston and cobble stone duplicator pushing the walls and demise peoples from suffocation.

  • Iskall,you can actually trap the cave with Redstone ore under the table carpet and then put tnt right under it

  • By the way false said that she was a secret bro

  • To trap the bunker you made, we can use slime blocks to remove the glass in the upper part and the remove the Glas from the slime block so you can block the water to let some tnt drop is really simple if you think a little

  • False is a secret bro aswell

  • Idk if showing the location of the "secret" bunker is a good idea, but you do you iskall

  • Make the base of obsidian and have it filled with safety precautions

  • U can trap it tnt can hit from Glas couse is not a full tube

  • The table needs to be glass too.

  • Iskall, showing both the location and how it was built in a video is EXACTLY how the last cave was trapped

  • Hoo that is why grian survived to get the bro meter up and then died

  • 1 day later "Cub there is a new bro cave!" "Grain! there is a new bro cave!!!!"

  • Ummm grian is still a bro but he is a secret bro

  • You should use a wooden doors. Buttons and pressure plates can be trapped.

  • Invisible puffer fish

  • There IS a list of traps in there, but you have to survive their traps to earn it.

  • You shouldn't show the location of your base in video Iskall.

  • I think a wooden door would be much more secure than the iron one, since it can be used without deliberately activating a pressure plate or button.

  • Invisible creeper

  • False is a secret bro

  • Wait wouldn't guardians work because you could have a hole in the glass which isn't visable so you fall down and land in a pond of puffer fish and guardians

  • “This can’t be trapped!” *puts tnt under table*

  • #endbust

  • The best part of hermit craft is that the server mates don't just break blocks wherever. They'll do things the way that is expected of friends, and not mess with someone else's builds.

  • Can't be trapped cause we see everything..... Builds giant obscuring table

  • Iskall grian and false are secret bro so they wont kill a bro :D

  • not to burst your bubble, but somebody could use the pressure plate to acticate dispensers which spit out pufferfish and block the doorway. they could also put a potion of blindness on ya' and block the doorway. there could be tnt traps waiting in the main room or the corridor and you wouldnt know because you have blindness. it took me maybe 3 mins to think of this. please fix

  • They can trap under the table maybe

  • Make it fully underwater so it cantbreak And use a conduit

  • you can put soul sand around the water that has the bubbles going into lava

  • Don't make the walls black concrete, maybe obby and also they could try to drown u with puffer fish lol

  • Trapping that would be easy just create a water splitter remove some glass with piston then push out some dispensers using pistons. I'll test it out in creative if I can lol

  • invisable creeper is a weakness

  • If you take the door out there would be no way to trigger a trap

  • Iskall, here's what you missed .That big wood thing was the celebration of Grian's death. .Grian upgraded his chair. .Grian put a chart of things that are re-stocked. .False died from mining a block that triggered a observer and blew up. .And mostly... Grian almost died 3 times during entering the secret base and the 4 block hole was a lava pit. .Keralis died from tango's DEADLY minigame.

  • What about puffer fish

  • i may be wrong but i believe that whenever you go to the end anything on the platform is deleted so it would be impossible to trap it without using wireless player detection

  • Im still waiting for someone to make a factions base ;;