HermitCraft 6: 174 | A NEW ADDICTION

Datum objavljivanja: 26. Sij 2020.
Iskall finds himself with a new addiction, hopefully it will eventually lead him to richity and diamonds beyond. With the Master Blaster chamber completed iskall spends time on making it a proper concrete farm
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  • Blaster Master 2000 of Boom

  • Luke TheNotable at the start of the video: ARE YOU CHALLENGING ME!!!!??????

  • I’m addicted to using my guardian farm, although I play on bedrock, so it isn’t as good, although I send the guardians to the nether

  • The creator of RUN can’t run anymore 😂

  • Can't believe iskall didn't say sAaAand the entire episode

  • I expected this title from Keralis, not you

  • Iskall build the concrete duplicater it is really helpful 👍🌹😍

  • Open your own shop

  • For Richskall to return you need 1 stack and 47 diamond blocks plus an extra diamond

  • Iskall: so today the plan is to build a storage room... Me: *OK BOYS TODAY THE PLAN IS SIMPLE* Ludwig reference lol

  • Either idea seems great both would make so many diamonds

  • Hi

  • I like the idea of a personal shop for concrete

  • You should rank the concrete dyes to what due is harder to find and what is more common to find and price it higher if it's harder to find and lower if it's more common.

  • Build that concrete shop, Mr Iskall :-)

  • yes....

  • Do like run!!!

  • iskall can u do a series where u talk swedish, please! iskall kan du göra en seride där du prater svenska, snälla!

  • As I have somehow watched the next video before this one, I am really confused as to why his skin normal in the Thumbnail...

  • You should sell it for Sahara please please please

  • its acualyly 575 diomonds

  • Yes I agree for shop

  • You can sell the extra concrete to the other hermits and make some diamonds

  • i always find funny when people say they're mining sand instead of shoveling it in minecraft


  • Something something 'RUN' something something something………. Keralis.

  • Do a shop and name it 24/8. TRIBUTE FOR KOBE.

  • Do the concrete shop iskall!!!

  • Concretskal

  • Take a look at the double speed hopper by ilmango!


  • You can sell it in sahara

  • Did you spill some concrete on your keyboard?)

  • Sell at Sahara, NO SOLO VENTURES.

  • Iskall, there is an unfixed loophole in RUN. Because the speed boost from the beacon in ravager RUN, you can skip the blue section by simply RUNing. Rendog already abused the loophole, and the viewers are trying to lead Stress into doing the same.

  • Iskall. I can;'t believe you put 3 wither heads in a superpoop box at run....that's like giving a beacon away! Tha'ts not superpoop.

  • Rendog: I'm terrified with lava. Iskall: I'm terrified with water.

  • Enigmatica!! :D

  • Mumbo made thenskin unjumbler

  • Make your own concrete store n charge a lil extra for it lol. Or have it so they can grind it themselves for a" BRO-FEE?" or something. LIKE if u agree...

  • do the shop

  • 0:39 *Aww man*

  • Iskall if you open a concrete shop you should make a giant cement mixer as the shop

  • I am up to 3.39d of no death on my survival server

  • Hello viktor

  • I too love stepping on sand. Almost all of my builds use concrete powder for the floor just because I find the sand noise soothing to walk on.

  • You should fill run with all the hermit themed boxes each box could represent what they're about and they could be determined to win their own themed box!

  • Whatever you do don't let grian use the machine

  • What’s in the RUN mega jackpot chest?

  • Buy ice from stress

  • Make the new shop rich- iskall

  • Run boxes?

  • Iskall plz give the fans of fun craft a update of why your not playing funcraft anymore or streaming it on twitch I miss it and I am pretty sure every one else misses the streams

  • Don’t JUDGE guys. Jk, it’s a unique addiction. Seems weird to me tho

  • the idea for the concrete shop. It Would be cool if they could choose how many stacks of concrete they want, and then in a window, the tnt machine blows that many stacks of diamonds and delivers to a chest in front of them

  • Iskall: I have survived 6 days without dying! Me: Ive Survived my whole life.

  • how do i get into hermitcraft

  • A concrete store could be cool if you do special orders, and you can also set up a buyback system where you buy the sand/gravel in the same shop as the concrete.

  • Iskall should add a shulker box buyback system at RUN so he doesn't run out the next time it needs a restock!

  • You should call that machine "The Blaster Master of Disaster" lol its catchy.


  • When it Funcraft coming back?

  • 21:14 Here's some code that demonstrates this concept; dotnetfiddle.net/j17ayu

  • Anikan: ''I hate sand, its course, rough and irritating Iskall: stepping on sand and mining sand is satisfying

  • Wanting to betray Sahara by opening up your own concrete store? THAT IS NOT BRO!!

  • iskall: amazed at having survived 6 days people who have played hardcore: only 6?

  • Iskall where is experts

  • Anakin skywalker did not enjoy this video

  • Put a fish tank the empty window space

  • Concrete shop: smart idea. Openly competing with Sahara when you're on its board: I dunno.

  • i like the idea of a concrete place, you could have it like a big multicolored block of concrete and inside there would be chests matching color patches on the wall

  • Iskall you should have two hoppers going into the dropper in the blaster master otherwise the dispenser will dispense items faster then the dropper will input them

  • open a concrete shop pls

  • A concrete store in the Shopping District is a great idea! You can label it with the Sahara logos for free advertising! Love you, keep it up!

  • 3:41 ...and we are going to need.... Just so we're clear, Iskaal does remember he already did all that once in the back of the Sahara building right?

  • You should be banned from the architechs #joke

  • I hope your shop idea is concrete

  • And I mean restock

  • I mean it should

  • I small it would be a good Idea to stick Sahara now

  • I just saw a sombody with a bag with a dabbing pingwin on it.

  • maybe you could make a new box for run: "mumskall jumskall and iskbo58 box": a mumbo head on top of a millstone thing *(hermitville flashbacks)* with a sp00n and an emerald, an iskall head on top of red wool with a stone hoe and a piston.

  • Love it also. I will do it till my inventory is fool.

  • you said in the 'end chest'... I thought u meant ender chest and rewatched the clip 6 or 7 times until i relied he meant the chest at the end! XD

  • Do it I want richskall back too

  • Iskall ur so funny! I lOvE MiNiNg SaNd too

  • im thinking gold hoppers for faster push and pull

  • you should make a winter cleaning store were someone can hire you to clean their base with it being almost the end of the season and all it will make the big profit which makes richkall also what happened to the monocle in the mumbo jumbo

  • 17:58 That's Minecraft telling you to use shift instead!

  • i just want season 6 to end and i can play on the world and look at things that i watched

  • Beside making a more convenient diamond colection room in RUN, you could neaten up the exit corridor and pitfalls a little bit.

  • Rendog cheated in RUN! He jumped in the blue section!

  • Make a concrete shop

  • Plz upload funcraft

  • Good idea iskall85 on Shop named concert of doomed maybe can repmap a key near movement keys make you until your other keyboard comes in

  • You should build a concrete shop but with the architects, cause i think ,that you three make crazy things

  • The title sounds like a Keralis video after RUN reopens

  • Please give mustache to Grian's chest monster x)

  • blaster master, when it breaks its a blaster master diseaster, when that happens multiple times its a blaster master diseaster caster, to fix that you need blaster master diseaster caster plaster

  • Is stepping on minecraft sand asmr like for you? :O