HermitCraft 6: 166 | Demise, Demise... DEMISE!

Datum objavljivanja: 24. Pro 2019.
This is the craziest and most intense hermitcraft episode iskall has ever made, and hardcore minecraft makes it really really tricky.
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  • That escape from the pufferfish was clutch and iskall was lucky he had ender pearls in his hotbar And I agree that ender pearls are useful but if it would be grian he would have just flown into the wall

  • Dat puffer fish head be looking like Koro sensei

  • mumbro jumbro

  • Lessons learned from Iskall: the proper reaction to an attempt on your life is to laugh hysterically

  • How to win demise: 1.Always carry a Totem of Undying 2.Carry any potion and drink if it is a trap 3.Funcraft 4.Don't trust The Gray Skins 5.Be Careful

  • Hi I'm grian

  • mumbos pov of this is his episode 143

  • Mumbo owes u a new trident

  • Wow that was close, except 3 times

  • Saaaannnd!

  • oh man Mumbo went out with a bang! that was such a good end for him ahah

  • Iskall purposely trapped mumbl

  • what are you gnna do with 999+ dimonds and are you gona give some to grian or mumbo

  • Cheaty.

  • Instant logout ^_^

  • congrats you won!

  • YAY he can split the diamonds with mumbo and grian

  • U won

  • Hmm grian needs to know about this

  • So, will we be seeing more from you now that Demise is over? Have you even signed in since Doc did? Don't you think it took a lot of courage to sign in knowing what he knew was supposed to happen? Could you? I will say this, you sure can sign off quickly, probably the fastest I've ever witnessed. It really would be funny if you blew up or landed in lava when you sign on. You wouldn't be the winner then. You would be tied for second place. So, when ya gonna sign on again? Livestream would be nice.

    • technically speaking if the same trap was laid for Iskall he'd have died before he'd have had a chance to close out.

  • He is about to be richskall once again.

  • Iskall u won demise

  • I need to do this cause am i messy

  • Mumbo is wearing diamond armor.

  • iskall pls bring the bumbos from season 5 back it would be hilarious

  • Iskall85 congrats you won demise

  • Omg after Demise there are still going to be traps everywhere

  • Iskall you know ur the winner of demise

  • Iakall where's your friend RenDog ? Is he ok ?

  • YOU WON DEMISE YOU DID IT grian exploded doc YOU WON

  • Hej hej iskall

  • You keep loosing shulker boxes because of sahara now!!!

  • Someone dies: Mumbo: OH! Mumbo dies: Grian takes his place

  • BTW congrats!!!! Not about escaping three traps though On winning Demise!!! Grian trapped Doc after stalking him and it worked. P.S. grian only did 2 traps one for kerallis and one for doc

  • Boo! Log out permanently.

  • Oh well the fun that was the try not to die challenge is over. Even if I don't like how it ended, it's not up to me as to how it ends. GG

  • You haven't won already poultry man hasn't devised yet

  • I am making a hermitcraft server and would be joyed for you to join

  • Yay Iskall

  • Doc died. So happy for you iskall

  • The first one who got the dragon head is the last one who will still have the dragon head

  • Iskall:are you dead?! Mumbo:yes Iskall:* loud incoherent mumbling*

  • I swear if demise went on for another week iskall would have had a heart attack

  • You won demise

  • You won

  • I think you won demise

  • Bro u already one

  • Mumbo would have won demise if iskall went into the portal first

  • Where is EP 167??!??


  • Iskall won demise

  • Iskall... you won

  • Went to the End expecting End busting, but the End busted you

  • Welcome back Rickskall.

  • Iskall and Poltry man are left lol

  • Plz whasct this recap epesode hrdown.info/block/video/w2R9isScpMukpM0

  • So Grian is embezzling shulker boxes from Sahara? Sounds like a job for Sheriff False

  • # you won

  • u win!!!

  • Funny how iskall was the first dragon bro and the last

  • How to win Demise: Just leave.😂

  • ThEy TrApPeD tHe LiL uNs AsWeLl

  • you won demise!

  • Iskall you won demise

  • X actually showed building this main end portal trap in one of his episodes...

  • yes bro back to richskall congrats on demise

  • Bro, Iskall deserves to win Demise. His reaction time is so quick, both with the End TNT trap and Ren's Log shop with the pufferfish. He just reacts so quickly. And when you think about it, the last people in Demise (Mumbo, Doc, and Iskall) all have reasons to be the last people. Doc is very particular and precise with his moves, Iskall has good reaction time with getting out of tricky situations, and Mumbo, well, Mumbo's just a scaredy cat who takes everything way too safely. GG Iskall

  • I literally shot milk through my nose it was so funny even in mumbos video 10:28 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • "I've never bought head" -Mumbo 2019

  • Its one thing putting it on the board. You need to actually get it in then system.

  • Why do the hermits not steal anything instead of buying it for diamonds? I mean you could take the things out from the chest without having to put diamonds in .?


  • If Spurt can live 11 days, the local idiot can certainly do 4.28.

  • 🦀Iskall won Demise🦀

  • But... You won . . .

  • U won demise btw!

  • The end Busting BUSTED HIM

  • Damn iskall almost didn’t win

  • I guess you can say Mumbo's lost his Jumbo Dragon Head! EH?

  • I hope you had a happy holidays too iskall

  • 0:16 many autotune

  • You owe Grian half the diamonds, you promised that you would split them in the beginning

  • Those dragon heads. I love how the mouth opens and closes. Why? 4:40

  • i knew one of the dragon bois will win the demise!

  • You won you won dimise

  • You win DIMIES well done

  • Wow iskall won demise

  • iskall we need you to make a video of you realising you won demise dragonbro!

  • Did Iskall say he was gay?

  • Jeez so many close calls

  • Is the no loyalty trident a java thing??

  • Iskall you know you won wright

  • I need to make fan art of a five headed dragon bro. The legendary... Hertiamit? Broamat? Something like that. Mumbo as the black dragon head, grian the red, iskall green, bdubs white and false blue (purple fade?)

  • Hello crash bandicoot! 17:55

  • You won!!!

  • Who are left in demise??

  • Iskall you won demise

  • It’s was a cheap move to log out and in. If you get trapped you have to escape legit.

  • first episode of this guy, moved over here since i've mainly been watching the other architechs. what does iskall really... do?

  • Anyone: *dies Mumbo: OH! Mumbo: *dies Grian: OH!