Datum objavljivanja: 10. Sij 2020.
Iskall finally meets up with Grian to announce him as a winner for demise, at least that's what iskall thinks when he meets up with Grian, but Grian is a trickster...
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  • when iskall has an actual intro

  • Iskall is the man with many bases

  • I predict in season 7 u will make a mega tree (of doom)

  • Creeper at 8:07

  • *gets free diamonds from iskall* great now I've lost a bet with Scar sooo...

  • I know that I'm really late but... Nice

  • I see you have bobble heads around your base. The wither one has diorite in the right side, lava in the left and a giant observer-powered block of TNT in the middle. And yes, I downloaded the map just to say this.

  • 0:16 Corona Virus

  • Someone *keralis*

  • Don't forget false and bdubs!

  • Money money money

  • Iskall CEO of “ok lol”

  • I wonder if iskall hearts comments...?

  • You get sick a lot for a grown man...

  • nice

  • Nice

  • Honestly surprised it is only 4.77 days playtime, that is at most 1.6 hours/day

  • Grians heavy breathing

  • 16:00 you actually lost half heart but you got it back immediately At 15:25

  • Can you retexture the totem of undying to be really tiny? Like 3-4 pixels tall? So that way it doesn't obstruct your left vision

  • Bumbo diamoni

  • It did 1 heart damage😄😄😄😄😄😄😂😂😂nice try Grian

  • It did one hart

  • Give mumbo MORE DIAMONDS It's your fault HE DIED😂

  • shouldn't iskall give 2 blocks to the other 2 dragon bros?

  • tbh others had an influentails make up than others but I'm a fan of yours otherwise pls keep oing whagt you are doing. I faileded you in eneral

  • I'm a fan of yours im also a fan of chaos I hate your all over happinesss of our foloowing showing that you dont understand our pain I will show you how much wee have suffered at your demise in general

  • Bdubs was a faithful dragon bro too. He dragoned mumbo.... :(

  • Call him Bumbo richtoni

  • Bumbo diatashio lol

  • Me irl: I know where everything is even though it's messy. Mom says clean. After I clean. I have know idea where anything is. 😔 Anyone else?

  • Mumbo Mumbo bro Mumbro Bumbo Bumbro 🤔

  • I'm gonna be honest and say I'm not here to watch the video but I am here to comment Nice


  • Wait i just realized that iskall dosent have 1 mil subscribers that needs to chang he to good not to have 1 mil

  • No cold gang

  • “I want to restock run” Excited “pum pa pum pum”

  • "Has he entered his base with bad omen or something?" Yes. That's exactly what he did.

  • Loving all the base fix-ups!

  • episode 169 *noice*

  • B-double bro

  • Rich Boy Iskall

  • Can you make creeper farm tutorial?

  • U healed from the damage it was 1-2 hearts

  • Can you stream more often

  • Yes mumbo did enter his base with bad omen... and knowing it.

  • Open the Wither skeleton skulls

  • 104 playhours and 104lvl xp. Coincidence?

  • Iskall: I don't want to be that guy that lags the server Me: cough cough "mumbo jumbo" cough cough

  • Grian fixed the concrete maker

  • What about your dragon sister

  • I cant believe they never got around to actually using the bro names.... "MumBro, BDoubleBro, GriaBro and FalsSymmeBro, and IskBroll85"

  • There were 18 people who signed up, and they each payed 50 diamonds. 18 x 50 = 900 When it's made into blocks, each block holds 9 diamonds. 900 ÷ 9 = 100 That means there was supposed to be a 100 diamond blocks in the pile, 64 + 36. But Iskall only got 64 + 35, which means 99 diamond blocks. He then gave 45 to Grian, 45 to himself and 9 for Mumbo. 45 + 45 + 9 = 99 One diamond block is missing, and I think JoeHill's took it as a joke and he will return it, or it went missing some other way.

  • I kinda feel like he could have given some diamonds to False and Bdubs, because they had to play demise with a dragon head and after their deaths they didn't go after the bros. Also 45 diamond blocks to Grian seems like an overly large amount, because the only reason was that he's a bro and an Architech. No other reason really besides the "pact"... which means Mumbo should have gotten about the same amount and False and Bdubs should have gotten a bro-bonus.

  • I like the vibe of the crafting area but it is VERY bright and I think it’s a bit jarring against the rest of the build/builds

  • About 9 shulker boxes of gunpowder Iskall: that is absolutelly absolutelly insane Ilmango and Gnembon: HoLd mY MechaNiCs

  • nice

  • All hail bumbo

  • I’m trying to debate on witch shirt to get I know I want the powered by iskallium but I might want another.


  • you should use some of that gunpowder to do some griefing

  • That jump cut to call out Keralis. Fuck, that was hilarious.

  • Change your bass’s ground to grass

  • Iskall: I don't want to be that guy who crashes the server Mumbo: sorry

  • Lol 69

  • "I don't want to be the guy who lags out the server." Mumbo with the chorus farm: o_O

  • Iskall: “I don’t wanna be the one that lags the server or crashes the server” Mumbo: *Laughs in industrial district*

  • 169 nice

  • The first dragon has become the last dragon.

  • Your character in the thumbnail is not over saturated

  • I love the swedish accent in the word ”filter”

  • Play volcano block

  • When will season7 happen alota hermits don’t know what to do any more

    • Give me the hermits names, because the only one I've noticed is Grian.

  • "I know nobodies trying to trap me" grian stands in silence

  • "104 play hours" 104 xp coincidence I think not

    • This comment is a copy of the one above

  • 6:04 2 hearts

  • What kind of display res is 1920x1017 1:15

  • 169 nice

  • Bumbo Richoni

  • If you Restock run make sure you explain the rules to keralis again because He cheated a lot at the start

  • I come here because it's 69

  • Iskalls levels: 104 Play hours since last death: 104 Me: Coincidence I think not

  • 0:52 he literally has 104 xp!!!

  • *bumbo diamondoni

  • Iskall: I don't want to be that stupid guy who lags up the server. Mumbo: Is that an insult?!

  • mumbo richoni

  • “That’s twice I’ve been in this hole” TMI lol

  • I dont wanna be the guy who crashes or lags the server. Me:Stares at Mumbo's Thumbnail

  • Yeah... Woke up with another cold today... Back to back!

  • Bumbo Diamondi mustachi

  • Grain ain’t a real one. Real niqqas would split some for Dey other brother. That’s why ion fw with fakes. Gotta eat witchyo your brothers always. Real niqqa vibes.

  • 5 diamonds were in the chest in the alive section and 4 other diamonds were taken by grain by mistake

  • *Everyone else*: Ignoring the fact that this is episode 169 *Me*: JDHJHhjHJHSJHDJHoiPOISOUYAUSDTu

  • If you got fire near any of those gunpowder chests the hermit craft server would go nuclear

  • Nice 👌🏻

  • 69 noice

  • Is hermitcraft a realms server? Just wondering

  • 0:48 lol he was on for 104 play hours and he has 104 levels of xp

  • Nice

  • Maybe your sickness was related to demise and leave crashing the server by having too many items to Mumbo