HermitCraft 6: 168 | The GRIM CHALLENGE!

Datum objavljivanja: 7. Sij 2020.
Iskall gets a VERY weird cryptic message from Rendog delivered in his base, and decides to create a challenge for Rendog to undertake, with the goal to get him to demise
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  • I feel like grimdog

  • Saw this on my recommended vids and finally knew why RD didnt wanna let bdubs sleep for a night :D

  • Yee

  • That moment when you realize iskall did trap ren in his own way.

  • Have you ever tried instead of lava a cactus so you don’t hear the lava bubbling in the background?

  • "Your head looks so big dude!" You're one to talk, dragon bro iskall

  • i got troug hall of em all except the night bcus phantoms

  • I love how ren stole grian's chair

  • Specify he needs to survive them!

  • Hey Iskal !I did the challenges and i owned them !!! And I made a video about, I hope you don't mine. But here is the video hrdown.info/block/video/sKlokKNqlLmAas0

  • It's not a gamble for rendog if he doesn't risk anything. It's actually a gamble by you, risking 500 diamond of your 900, despite the fact that you agreed to share the winnings with Brian and possibly Mumbo.

  • wheres the dragon head??? DID YOU DIE NO YOU DIDNT!!!

  • 18:50 grian left the game

  • To burn overflow. Get the output of the top chest, when full. Activate a hopper to a dropper+clock for a set time into lava.

  • I failed on dig straight down.i fell into lava when i was mining down a diamond ore

  • L

  • Wait thou, the challenge didnt say "and survive", it only said to jump in and get back up

  • New game: Five tasks at Iskall's.

  • when u were burning grim a ghast spawned, its very rare :D

  • I can do all challenges I think

  • Build an auto fish farm bro

  • I passed the grim challenge and in 30 min

  • Iskall.. dont forget potions ;)

  • Iskall be looking like he work at subway not gonna lie

  • Hey iskall at 1:37 those ink sacks you have give them to scar as a funny prank

  • You still have to give The Dragon Bros their cut of the Diamonds!

  • (PLEAS READ THIS) Hello iskall I whould like to make a cool suggestion to all the hermits, and I think it would be cool if yall made a huge scavenger hunt for everyone to play when you release the server publicly so when they get on they have to find everyones secret or secrests from all the people that join

  • I wouldve made a small Infinity Room (tm) and put observers around the light source connected to tnt minecarts so if he tried to escape then a giant explosion would replace him.

  • Iskall: I will give u 5 challenges Grimdog: he knows my weakness

  • For the first two you never stated potions can not be used. I'm guessing the dragon bros aren't getting a share of the demise diamonds.

  • Challenge accepted, Iskall! I'll make a video of it on my channel and post it on your next video!

  • *stop burning stuff* *Sell em* Make a random shop iskalllll Sell a stack of anything for like 2 diamonds Easy money

  • That was amazing; ps tried all the challenges in my world, performed all except hot suause lol 😂😂😂. Didn’t have any food with me lol

  • I did lava one , dig straight down,the deep but I died on the creep the creeper It's my single player world

  • i did

  • Thanks for giving us our Ren back!! Ummm, you might want to check on your diamonds that are in the hand at the Demise booth. They weren't there when False was there in her video yesterday. Oh, and you should hire someone to remove the bobble-heads when you get ready to take them down.

  • Moba Lisa saga part 4 confirmed

  • Hey but u have to share the reward with grian

  • ❤️

  • I failed on the first challenge oh god

  • Iskall: hey Ren, wanna do my grim challenges. Ren: *PTSD flashbacks of Grian dares*

  • Iskall u earned....the achievement called...."face the grimdog himself" hahaha

  • Emmm... You can survive the first 2 challenges just using potions

  • i tried. gravel done, swim in lava, nearly died but survived. creep the creeper done, i diged straight down and found 5 diemonds, and i survived the night, with only a stone sword.

  • You should put the book on a lecturn and when he picks it up he just dies

  • Did he forget about the deal he made with grian at the beginning of demise

  • You'd make my day if you check out and subscribe to my channel!

  • “Super cool bro spelling of doom.” What a way to say it 😂😂😂😂

  • Does anyone else love the way Iskall pronounces “off”

  • Minecraft is shutting down soon not good

  • Iscall: I think i found a new mini games for the hermits Grian(Dig Straight Down): am I a joke to you

  • 500 diamonds are too much

  • I can’t wait to try the grim challenge on my bedrock realm!

  • You know it's hermitcraft when Iskall has the dragon head

  • Did you make that "POP" outro sound with your mouth


  • Isn’t that how he died in the first place

  • I'm pretty sure that "The Night" Was the easiest by far, just because you can climb onto trees and parkour around. No rules against parkour :/

  • Did anyone else realize that, for challenge 5, it said Ren could "choose any location", meaning that Ren could've chosen a location on some hermit's build that he knows doesn't have lava in it to dig down? Now, yes, Ren wasn't able to hear the descriptions of the challenges, but I'm just pointing out loopholes in Iskall's challenge.

  • Beacon, potions, food, conduit, dolphins, waterbreathing blocks(doors, ladders etc).

  • iskall85 Hermitcraft Season 4: *Build a prismarine shop. Season 6: Burns prismarine right on the ground.

  • “I really want to die” Ren just realized that it’s 2020

  • Groan already did dig straight down

  • Imagine you in the forest just do a little walking and suddenly a bear came to you and say "can you build a trap for me?"

  • The night is easy! I've done a similar challenge with a stone sword! An interesting one would be a bow and no arrows, you'd have to kill skeletons to get anything.

  • Finish The Sahara fuel extention

  • I tried all of them and I only died in hot sauce. I’m on bedrock, Xbox

  • I did tue challenges and succeeded

  • For challenge 3 he could have done it on a mooshroom island

  • He will probably use potions for all of these

  • Just sauce, hot sauce, no k... I think you get it

  • Sahara NOW?

  • 13:30 did rendog swear

  • 21:48 That’s not bro

    • But it’s still not bro

    • Oh wait he in a different world

  • Survive a night with a diamond sword and food, sounds like my average 1st night, minus the diamond sword

  • 7:48 that villager in the back just pulled off one of the greatest prison escapes in history😂😂😂

  • I did the Grim Challenge... and made a video of me attempting each one.

  • Iskall had the grace of Water Sheep. Rest in peace JEB__

  • Trick of hot sauce is to not jump in with full hunger so you can eat and quickly trigger regeneration

  • hey iskall about that grim challenge game make some kind of shrine with a book saying the following as an exemple "since I ISKALL acquired the soul of the reaper the new ISKALLIUM REAPER has been born and for the power given to me by DEATH it self i create "THE GRIM CHALLENGES" wich is a game were you pay a diamond to do or add a grim challenge that has the possibility of death and precise the prize for it and who ever does the challenge gains it but beware if you fail it you have to pay the amount you had the possibility to win and the challenge stays there until someone does it (NOTE:IT SHOULD BE POSSIBLE) NOW THAT YOUKNOW THE RISKS MAY THE GRIM CHALLENGES TEST YOUR WILL TO LIVE" and that's it that's what i suggest if you like the idea please do it

  • Hi

  • I failed at starting the server

  • What about posions

  • Challench

    • Well why would i share it if i don like it right

    • I liked my own comment yes

  • Do u have a tutorial (i have monument

  • Rendog: *Dies again to become unsaturated* Mumbo: Am I a joke to you?

  • Yeh, Ren didn't hold space because you told him he couldn't dip his toes, which is kinda what you did :P

  • The first challenge I did with my friends was the night and I ended up in some pilleger base camp thing and died the other challenges where ok I was close to dieing on hot sauce but everything went well we had a lot on fun

  • how about make a system that cycles everything through so when you run out of the materials it refills it for you so you dont waste items.

  • You should hide the book of grime challenges. And any who find it and complete the challenges in it get a prize. Or maybe have the book be like an urban legend where people are not sure if it still exists or not. And then you pick a hermit and have then take them and give them a prize if they complete them but the rule is they can't talk about the gime challenges (don't even show them in videos but do hint at them. things like you leave them a note to meet you somewhere and when they get there and meet you their screen blacks out and then comes back with them going about their day normally back where they were before they met with you and they have a new prize or lost levels).

  • ren: I really wanna die :( ren 2020

  • Hot sause

  • The kill tango competition am a joke to you

  • You can put on the Crown (if u die ofc) and u can change into Reaper!

  • Guardians can't drop salmon, so you probably don't need the salmon chests

  • #grim challenge you have to forbid potions

  • iskall we still want to see you build a trap though...

  • but he said he would split the diamonds with grian :(

  • Next episode is ep. 169 🤭🤭

  • ... There was no rule against using noobjuice in that challenge, was there? :D