HermitCraft 6: 176 | TIME FOR MY DEMISE!

Datum objavljivanja: 5. Vel 2020.
Iskall has survived 170 hours in the game of demise, but everything have to come to an end... Iskall comes up with a mega genius plan of doom for that.
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  • i made it blue instead of green

  • diamonds guessing:192 256 128 88 512

  • how can u like this fucking piece of shit deco for his new shop i mean its digusting

  • #Iskill Iskall + Kill

  • Richskall? More like RIPskall :P

  • Ummm... Isnt your voice similar of his? Jumbo ^-^

  • You shouldn’t let them get their diamonds back. Highest bidder wins, everyone else loses.

  • "I'm really excited to see whether or not we made a bunch of diamonds or not" -Iskall 2020

  • On the back of the tombstone you could also build the back of your head so that it doesn't look just grey and maybe catches the interest of hermits who pass by on the other side.

  • Scar thought it was a rubiks cube with snot on it

  • Someone got the mega jackpot from RUN, you're gonna have to restock. But you got a bunch of diamonds in the process!

  • id bid 32

  • About 128 diamonds

  • Almost feels like half the hermits aren’t playing season 6 anymore.

  • Almost feels like half the hermits aren’t playing season 6 anymore.

  • 3 1/2 stacks of Diamonds

  • I think you added boogers on it

  • Iskall at the Beginning of season: Pay to have me kill someone Iskall now: pay to kill me

  • Keralis won the mega jackpot

  • You got like a 100 diamons from keralis at run!

  • Bara dom som är svenska får like den här kommentaren

  • Iskall, one thing I have wanted to comment on for a while now (Watching Keralis)... The exits from RUN seem a bit... slow/poop. A tunnel with colors, and waterflows for speed might make it just the extra bit RUN-tastic?

  • I bid 4 stacks of diorite

  • Concorp giving a whole shulker box of diamonds

  • You should have 1000 diamonds now from keralis and stress

  • you should have made a bidding system where the second highest bidder also has to pay, so that they pay more to not lose money for nothing, and so on.

  • hrdown.info/block/video/w4KHpbWCe6WgoqM

  • Keralis dropped off 2 stacks of diamonds on run and got the mega jackpot

  • Hermitcraft looks so fun compared to other normal servers, where it’s basically a survival server without claims or without mods and all that, where you can build super grand structures like grian’s base or the super build battle towers

  • You're best customer has returned. #restockRUN

  • Grian was selling his mansion for 20 diamonds.

  • Iskall there is a glaring flaw in the shara jackpot. You need to put signs up there that say one at a time. Renthedog didn’t do it right. He only got one out of his 9 because the rules weren’t explained

  • Iskall how do they know what the top bid is if they can't see the other shulker boxes

  • At 16:25 what happened t o that gravel block?

  • Instead if getting to kill you once it should be you get one attempt to kill you

  • I found a fix for the blast chamber. Basically the input stream is adding concrete too fast. The blast chamber only works if it pushes all the blocks down before they can block where the TNT falls. I’ve found through a lot of testing that the delay used to push blocks down is long enough on a server that more blocks can get into the chamber and then block that hole. I added a hopper pulse extender with 6 items in it to lock the feeder until the downward pistons have fired. All testing so far has proven positive. I can post photos somewhere but I’m not sure what will be the best place for you to see them.

  • I'd say 1 diamond per hour survived is proper payment. :)

  • 44

  • Iskall: wins it all in demise Also Iskall: i'm poor, i need to bring back Richskall


  • Your concrete shop looks like a stone city trash can.

  • *Buy Grian's Mansion already!!!*

  • Ok I have my spam message ready 👉👉🤩🥳 [hermit name] 👈👈 🤫 you have been chosen for a free trip to the giant 😨😱😨😱😨😱😨😱 tome stone in the mini game 🤩 district 🤯😱👈👈 google.com ✌️✌️✌️😍 COOOOOOL🤯

  • Two stacks

  • Make a nother vid i hawe wacht all of your hermit vidios

  • 5 stacks of diamonds for your demise

  • hrdown.info/block/video/rIKAqcSlq91si5o haha

  • I really want to see iskall visit bdoubleo100's home

  • I would steal diamonds from every hermit so I could give you 1000000000000000000000000 Diamonds

  • The exact amount of your diamonds are 603

  • "I'm dissappointed that no one has been shopping.." have you tried stocking?

  • Hey iskall, when are you planning to do the seige of doom tournament?

  • Scar is going to be winner of action bidding at 237 diamonds.

  • ive watched every episode sense mid season 4

  • Iskall’s Demise Here’s my idea. Everyone that lost in the “Game of Demise” should all bid the same amount of diamonds to kill Iskall. Then since it will be a tie between everyone they will all get a chance to kill him. It would be something new to continue the season. All the hermits get to compete in “The Ultimate Game Of Death”!!! Iskall becomes fair game to all demised hermits. No warning. Iskall can be killed any time, any place, anywhere. The best death awards the killer with half the pot? maybe? Could be a new and really cool addition. Thoughts??? What do you think???

  • Grian Yes

  • oh no, iskalls building got corona virus

  • Make it so that you do not always get a box from each key

  • you should buy Grian's house.

  • I think Grian should give one potato and name it "Whole Sahara"

  • Buy Grian’s mansion he is trying so hard to get rid of it!!!!

  • Please like so I can annoy my sister xx

  • so.. basically iskall is now trying to make "to kill a tango" in reverse. instead of prizes going to the winner the winner pays to kill you

  • Stress-spends 1 stack and 44 diamonds on RUN Ren-spends 1 stack and 8 diamonds False-spends 11 diamonds "I should never play RUN again"

  • stress-spends 3 and a half stacks on iskalls auction

  • 16:26 did anyone see that

  • 170 diamonds

  • I know if I had a chance to set up your demise, I'd just line the bottom hallway of RUN with lava and have you play RUN. ;3

  • Good thing grian fixed the Sahara concrete maker

  • You will be demised for 2 stacks of diamonds

  • why don't you split the diamonds from sahara that would mak you 3 all a bit richer.

  • It will be grian or mumbo

  • 32 diamonds

  • So basically this is kill tango but you pay for it.

  • kill a tango: iskall edition

  • Rendog: 500 diamonds

  • Hey I am a huge fan I’ve watched all of your videos. When I get home from school I just watch your videos till I fall asleep. If I am having a bad day I watch your videos and I feel better. You are really part of my life

  • I wish I could be in the series

  • make a HERMIT CASINO

  • Continue funcraft series

  • I don't really like the iskallium dripping over the edges, I feel like the lime color clashes with the main colors.

  • Iskall grain fixed the Sahara concert machine

  • Ok for being Swedish you're surprisingly good at English

  • We just not gonna talk about the fact that at 16:25 gravel turned into grass??

  • Whoever wins the bid should release in you into the wild without items and hunt you down on horseback

  • I’m gonna laugh if someone wins for 10 diamonds now, especially if it’s grian 😂

  • 120 dims

  • flashbacks to "how to kill a tango"

  • 72 diamonds!

  • You could say that if the price is under a certain amount than you are aloud to try to escape or something

  • 20:15 those were all stressmonster

  • I know why it's not working! It's imitation iskallium!

  • I hope mumbo sees this and wins

  • Watch Grian dump Iskall into an infinity room again 😂

  • Let’s bring Richkal back 😂

  • Um... Who has made bids on this, and by how much?

  • Hmm i think 74 diamonds u'll get for your demise

  • I was gonna say suffocate him in diorite but some one already said that :(

  • 3 stacks of diamonds

  • mak it so you dont always win.