HermitCraft 6: 175 | THIS MACHINE IS CURSED!

Datum objavljivanja: 29. Sij 2020.
MumboJumbo has left signs in iskalls base to check out his brand new UNJUMBLER machine in HermitVille. Iskall wastes no time, wanting to get rid of the mash up Mumbo Iskall skin, and heads over there, but it turns out it is cursed. Iskall later creates a brand new concrete shop, and it looks... very weird.
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  • why is my pickaxe named silky too

  • Mumbo always used different colored wires.

  • Cube*

  • It’s a rubix cuve

  • 2 for 3 diamonds

  • 1.00000.0000

  • 2 diamonds for 1 stack concrete is the best Option i think

  • Love the De Stijl look of the concrete shop!

  • 7:11 at least you are now in Iskall-ish color :D

  • You should really talk to someone on the server that really knows redstone to fix your concrete maker. Bc thatd be annoying to have to fix that every time. Id eventually give up on it.

  • 5:14 Grian wasn't in need, but man, the result was hilarious.

  • iskall couldve taken a loophole and used the unjumbler while he reset it

  • 1 stack diamonds per concrete block

  • Button panel panel selection panel of doom panel

  • Your concrete shop ended up looking so "de stijl", if you will

  • this new shop demonstrates just how over complicated Sahara is

  • Make it for 7

  • 6 diamonds 4 stacks, you have no competition.

  • I like the face it's cute

  • iskall: it's just me and mumbo right? grian : *used it 3 times

  • Ummmm. . . . . . Did anyone notice the sound at 16:38? It sent chills down my spine while doing hw. . .

  • when will you finally complete ur base?

  • now yall neede a re-detailer for skinfixing

  • Silky! That’s the name of MY silk touch pic!!! ⛏

  • Iskall: is a genius Also iskall: *a fourth*

  • 79d 1 stack

  • Its not cursed Its because someone used it and forgot to push the button to Jumbled version

  • So Iskall Built A Rubix Cube This Episode

  • the dragon bros were like the mandalorian

  • 20 diamonds for 4 stacks

  • missed a couple of vids good to be back keep up the great work. now its binge time

  • Iskall: this skin is alright You should see Grian…

  • so now the iskallbuilt sahara concrete autocrafter is useless :D noice

  • 4 stacks for 12 diamonds

  • Iskall saying shoap instead of shop new subcriber btw

  • 10 diamonds

  • Get a speedy pines membership, would love to see you play!

  • 7:26 Omg 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


  • Hello Iskall! I sent Cubfan the request, but thought you might be able to answer this question just as well. I am looking for advise to give my friends on the ecomonics of multi-player minecraft. What are the most helpful/useful shops to set up in order to foster a healthy multi-player economy? Also, do you have any thoughts on price structuring for common goods that might help servers like mine gain a better understanding of a "good trade?" I would love to see your take on this concept, and honestly believe it would produce some popular content should there be enough in these questions for you to explore. Thank you!

  • when is Hermitcraft season 6 going to end?

  • you can do like 7 diamonds for 4 stacks

  • Iskall:makes a concreate shop Grina:ill take your entré stock

  • Totally off topic, but I'm currently playing through Crackpack 3, and it features your Mega Loot mod. any plans to finish it?

  • You need to get grian to fix that concrete maker for you ;D

  • 3dimoands


  • You should have cept the other chest

  • Iskall's accent and laughter genuinely makes my day.

  • Four stacks for 16 dimonds

  • Dont forget about the gas stations... there are diamonds there.

  • Iskall, you should use Grian's tailor services to fix your skin!

  • It worked with mumbo's skin

  • Isn’t Sahara selling concrete soon? If so, why is Iskall creating a concrete shop?

  • Pay more for the white and dark gray concrete (5 diamonds ever two stacks) because people use it the most, and less for the rest.(5 diamonds every three stacks).

  • Is it me or does iskall and Mumbo sound like brothers :l

  • it worked for mumbo

  • Also you could build a secondary concrete maker in an upstairs of that shop to auto-restock by going up into the “employees only” floor. Well that and/or make glass colors too

  • You should make the color that is selected become and remain retracted (or extruded?) from the wall until the box goes back

  • Iskall: ‘becomes concrete man’ Poultry man: first you steal my win in demise and now you have the courage to call yourself concrete man! I will crush you

  • 12 diamonds for 4 stacks, up an extra diamond for sure

  • Iskall: It can’t get any worse. *Iskall uses Un-Jumbler.* Me: At least it wasn’t a diorite skin.

  • 3 diamonds a stack for White, Light gray, gray, and black. 2 diamonds for everything else.

  • 4 stacks for 10 diamonds

  • 2 diamonds per stack is a very reasonable price.

  • 3 diamonds per stack

  • Iskall: sahara takes upp 25% of the shoping district Me knowing sahara is in the futuristic district: What did u just poop out of your mouth?

  • Hey iskll u should sell villagers at Sahara like if u agree

  • Memers be like:"SHREK!"

  • you should sell them for 4 dimonds per four stacks as a sale and then rise prices

  • For the concrete shop can you make 2 note blocks to say thank you? So every time they shop the store itself say thanks you to the costumer. Also made a few Concrete tickets to place in RUN boxes and you give away a few stacks so is there a nice way to advertise the shop and is a win bcs they play run and pay diamonds and an advertising for the shop so everything is connected in the end.

  • you should also consider the prices of sand and gravel, because that's what takes most of the time when making concrete (at least with your concrete-making machine)

  • I believe Double00 made a thing to fix your skin.

  • Ice is restocked!

  • 4 stacks for 5 diamonds

  • CHECK RUN!!!!

  • Make so tall than call it a claysrapper

  • 10 diamonds for 4 stacks of concrete is good I think

  • I think the best price for concrete is 12 diamonds for four stacks

  • We need an Architechs Redstone Royal

  • Charge 2 diamonds a stack, like you said iskall I think that is a good price

  • Awesome skin iskall i love it

  • 6 dimond per stack

  • Iskall if you see this you should add another branch to Sahara called Sahara casinos or Sahara gambling were you pay for a membership to play gambling games like run or the Sahara jack pot an other idea for this is you could have ranks of casinos and you pay more for a membership with higher stakes. You should put these around populated places so people just stop in and spend a few diamonds

  • The dragon bros have the same code as the mandalorians

  • Love the build, personally I'd change the sandstone for brick

  • Put your skin on the un-jumbler

  • 4 per stack

  • You are a walking greenscean

  • I think you should sell it for 5 diamonds for 4 stacks

  • Day one of reminding Iskall that Sahara Fuel exists, and has 6 diamonds. also the instructions book says SHARA FUEL...

  • Stop the skin game already it’s played out

  • you didn't reset the machine.

  • 4 stacks for 10 diamonds

  • 3 diamonds per stack

  • 4 diamonds per stack

  • 4 stacks for 10 diamonds

  • 16 diamonds for 4 stacks

  • No he didn't trick you; it worked perfectly fine for mumbo.

  • I think Demise has left a curse on the Hermitcraft server.