HermitCraft 6: 167 | I DID IT!

Datum objavljivanja: 3. Sij 2020.
The HermitCraft MEGA Game is finally over, DEMISE has ended, and the winner is..... kall! Iskall gets a very explosive surprise and gets very colourful when inspecting MumboJumbos new machine
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  • Architects

  • It almost feels like this video was uploaded 2 years ago

  • pretty sure u had covid tbh

  • 3:07 6 months later, downloaded the world, broke the head... "GoldenStars14_YT was blown up" good move, iskall

  • Sell them to grain

  • HE WON 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • what if he had corona???

  • OMG That skin looks like peef the magic bear!!!!! Anyone else know what peef the magic bear is? (it’s either magic bear or christmas bear. Not 100% sure)

  • Honestly you got to be the most invincible person in the world during this challenge

  • Holy sh*t i cant belive i havent been on this chanell for 5 months! Thats like half a year.... god have i been busy with school...

  • ah... the exploding tree trap. that one's a classic.

  • Me when iskall wanted to take down a tree in front of the demise board: "FACEPALM" iskall this is a trap!

  • I think the only reason Iskall is still alive is that Grian didn't make traps for him bc of the split the diamonds deal.

  • Iskall burning prismarine. Blocks while standing on them

  • The one reason of why I watch Iskall is from his squeaks when he laughs

  • Cubfan got shot by a skeleton into his own lava

  • iskall: I'm gonna see how long I can stay alive now also Iskall: I've been alive too long. time to have a bidding war for my death

  • No waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy That is amazing So coooooooooooooooooool

  • I believe the final word was all Surviving dragon bros... which would just be you...

  • 7:04, that was the moment that he knew... He f***** up. (Already Saw that coming xD)

  • Congratulations Iskall!

  • When does this season end?

  • Gg, man! :D

  • Iskall: I still wanna he real careful and try to survive for as long as possible. Also lskall: *triggers classic and obvious tree trap*

  • Iskall: I haven’t came over here in a while because of all the traps Iskall:[ literally seconds later ] hmmmmm what’s this tree doing here? Why would you leave a tree right here? BOOOOOOM!!! 😂😂😂

  • What do you mean no stupid deaths cub got shot by a skeleton into lava!

  • "Mumbo! What have you done?" Mumbo: i TOLD you it was for DEAD PEOPLE

  • I see why you won. You're the only person who actually grabs another totem right after you use the first one.

  • Mumbo died in front of you so, share it with him

  • I KNEW that would happen when the tree blew up!

  • mumbo: base cleanup episode! iskall: lets do some base cleaning this episode!

  • I love his laugh 😂🤣

  • 20:24 hahahhahhaaa

  • Hearing you laugh gives me life. Love the content. Thanks for sharing.

  • wow thats cool now i wanna play minecraft!

  • Be a man of your word and share the diamonds

  • Iskall: I’m over saturated! Laughs for almost 20 seconds without breathing normally

  • That is from your secret santa. It's SCARRRRR!

  • You Won demise! *THATS BRO!*

  • Don't open the right head it's really deadly

  • Hey bro Can you build an auto fishing farm on hermitcraft

  • Twas 50-50 to grian my friend

  • Just give a stack of diamonds to every bro

  • This is how many years season 6 will go on for I I I V

  • U should help mumbo because it was your fault he died

  • Well grian is the one that killed the last one so he knows you won

  • Congrast on winning :D

  • Santa: What would you like for Christmas? Me: The flu. Santa: I can do that.

  • i am happy the swedish guy won that means respekt for 2 weeks

  • You should split the diamonds with Mumbo, because technically you killed them.

  • The Unkillable iskall85

  • I had strep on Christmas and now pneumonia

  • Mumbo didnt save him he left da game so he would have been fine without mumbo not saying he dosent deserve the diamonsds though but the deal was just grian and iskall

  • Just grian even though mumbos cool

  • “I don’t think anyone had any of those stupid deaths” -iskall Me: rendog literally won a demise dare then jumped of the edge and died

    • Seth you mean flew?

    • and ijevin ran into a building

  • Someone play the intro at .25 speed. Yourwelcome

  • 6 year old thinks the desaturator is real. Jeez

  • Ren’s death was stupid.

  • Since demise is over use your camera account to look inside the wither heads it's not cheating because the game

  • Congratulations to Iskall85, the winner of Demise.

  • “I was shaking by it” - Iskall85

  • I personally had my doubts about the base but it looks amazing and I love the style.

  • Boat > minecart

  • Scar made the heads

  • blew up! not worthy of the diamonds! LOL

  • Jag är iskall

  • Sahara Now? HMMMMMMMMM?

  • I think you’re gonna survive the next 3 episodes without demising

  • Mumbo need toe get somting

  • That bro

  • The wither is legit

  • Mumbo because u killed him

  • 7:00 I saw it coming a mile off

  • The little squeak after his laugh kills me lmao

  • Lvl 100 tf

  • Saw the tree explosion coming! :)

  • share to architecs

  • Arcitict

  • Congrats! Just don't forget to thank your bro for setting the trap.

  • the heads were secret santa

  • You should share it with grian as he was who killed doc

  • Just with grian

  • How did the saturation change his skin? I’m so confused lol

  • Please share it with mumbo... he's super broke...

  • Apparently the first Dragon Bro was the best Dragon Bro.

  • hol up but how did it actually change his skin

  • How did he fall for the tnt under the tree trap? It is one of the traps that Mojang put in the book

  • Just share it with Grian and Mumbo.

  • Give like 20% to both grian and mumbo, and then give each dragon bro their 50 diamonds back

  • Congrats for winning iskall!!

  • Real props to you for faking that laugh when you went into Mumbo's machine. You deserve an Oscar

  • 6:45 That iskall is the 🌲 of life... I mean it's in front of Demise a game of death. Edit: Correction it's the 🌲 of death.

  • Anyone triggered at it is the secret Santa like oooofffff

  • Be well Iskall and have a fabulous year ahead x💜

  • Please Spread awreness of type 2 Diabetes Please.

  • 7:10 Icee now Icee now Icee now... 🤣😂😂 I think Iskall wants an Icee.

  • i was sick twice too and the second time was on my birthday, OOF

  • You have to share it with the Architects

  • To iskall85 %60 To grian %20 To Mumbojumbo %20

  • the heads are your secret santa gift from grian