HermitCraft 6: 164 | They TRAPPED ME!

Datum objavljivanja: 17. Pro 2019.
The Dragon Bro got trapped! TNT Minecarts galore... Also, iskall builds a redstone factory on his island, it's a mega project of doom!
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  • while i know im late to this episode uhhh , about the tnt minecarts blowing up cause you broke the rail, dis-aligning the stacks of minecarts made perfectly stacked together before simultaneously powered, they start colliding when they fell off, and that caused the explosion

  • oh man, what a psych out

  • 16:15 is when the actual trap is in case you were wondering

  • Why didn’t you make the base underwater? You can’t place redstone or minecarts underwater

  • iknow this is a old ep and not really needed but i have a programable pusle extender i came up with for my shop and u can get it set to do 1stack at a time or 2 or3 and up its super persise. u could make a few set for diff number of stacks and then wire there out puts to all of them so then u can just hit a button and chose your stacks

  • Hi iskall how do you make just the storage system part of this build do you have a guide for it I've watched you and mumbo since hermitcraft 2?

  • Iskall: I need an easy way to restock redstone components. Also iskall: let's build a giant redstone factory that's made of redstone. Irony?

  • While watching this video, I was experimenting with some screen recording and video editing. Now I have a lot more respect for these kind of channels. And for SSD drives.

  • Mumbo: Ice is useless Iskall: Cobblestone is useless Mumbo: I'm sorry Iskall, I guess ice isn't so useless Iskall: I'm sorry Mumbo, I guess cobblestone isn't so useless

  • How does one find a mooshroom island, with mycelium and mushrooms?

    • I have never found one in 7 years of playing Minecraft.

  • Iskall: terraferma

  • how trigger? when tnt minecart derailes it boom

  • they patched the book exploit


  • 10:18 great xp

  • I am here from the future CONGRATS U WON DEMISE

  • GG, you won Iskall

  • the tnt exploded from the redstone block powering the rails

  • 19:07 "A dragon bro never blows up" Spoilers - Mumbo blows up.

  • I love watching mumbo. And I love watching you! But lately you start sounding a little bit too much like him. But I want Iskall ,the stupid idiot, back so bad 😭 please be fanfreakingtastic again. Would be just absolutely gorgai!

    • I loved you singing the the dragon bro song, though. That was really you 😍

  • 23rd december. Got notification now. What da fuck. Thought i was early when it said 1 minute ago.. Also realised that i got notification for episode 165 before 164

  • the minecarts triggered eachother

  • 'Mega Redstone Factory of Doom'

  • The tnt minecarts blew up because they sat on top of a redstone block, yeah?

  • Iskall forgot that tnt minecarts can explode on impact, lol

  • Get well soon :)

  • Dragon bro’s should be name dragon blow Since Grian and false got killed by explosion Iskall almost blow up Mumbo almost blow up too So bdoubs is left

  • 10:30 he is level 69 (like if u noticed that)

  • I think the reason the minecarts blew up is because there were multiple in one block, when they slowed down they all “bumped into” each other and exploded.

  • put the redstone factory in mumbo's industrial district because he already has a lot of iron and redstone.

  • False is a secret bro!! Watch her video and Mumbo’s too!!

  • Iskall: Fixing the Dragon Bros Base, at the end of the episode, no music at the background Me: Oh no, I'm already seen this one

  • The redstone block18:10

  • He's building another Sahara!

  • Hey iskall, you should go and look at Bdubs castle *Snickers*

  • Level 69, legend

  • Iskall. The reason the minecarts blew up was because when you broke the minecarts the redstone block was showing, it went on top of it, and then got triggered.

  • just use mumbo cobble stone generator

  • U need to stock Sahara now

  • False said that she was a secret bro, so she wouldn't be trapping Bdubz or Mumbo Soooo I don't know if you're safe or not

  • should have broke the rails with a water bucket so the TNT minecarts don't destroy stuff if they explode

  • It exists Iskall:...of doom

  • The redstone block triggered it

  • 17:40 you exposed the Red Stone block and it triggered the tnt minecart

  • The minecarts exploded because they hit each other.

  • Iskall: Does intro Impulse: *talks about capturing ghasts* Iskall: Imma pretend I didn't see that.

  • the redstone block in floor triggerd it

  • Hey iskall, you know someone created a dragon bros song (remix)?

  • Rip

  • The tnt blew up bc when it past on top of the redstone block it activated

  • Iskall went *PoP* into the wall

  • Spiderbro

  • Iskall remove the yellow platform at idea or else they will counter charge for MORE diamonds per 10 days

  • I would remove what you built at idea if I were you they are trying to charge 2 to 4 stacks of diamonds for it

  • Use a shocker chest unloader system and loader system you can load the proper amount to specific colors of shocker boxes

  • Iskall had 69 levels and was 69% of the way to 70 when Keralis. Coincidence? I think not

  • That ain't bro/bruv

  • What happen with Sahara fuel and the Hôtel for the living


  • How does Iskall not know that tnt minecarts go boom when they run into each other/a hitbox? That's the best way to make a huge boom! The new dragonbro base does look great though.

  • Cobblestone generator... 🤣🤣🤣🤣 who needs this??? And puffer fish activation traps can be placed outside.

  • Iskall: sorry I have to go or I'll lose my voice Me whose voice has dropped about 3 octaves due to a cold: Growls sympathetically

  • I bet iskall, grian and mumbo were once one and the same person, but they were magically split into common sense, confusion, and malice.

    • @TheGeNoSys, let's say it like this: mr. Potato grian definitely isn't common sense, and stumblo jumbo isn't malice. Mr. Iskall laughalot is the most ordered one of the bunch, so he may be common sense.

    • So who is who? XD

  • When iskall starts listing materials from all the farms mumbo has in his industrial area

  • Iskall85 you should make the cobble gen then split it in half, sending half to storage and the other half to either the supersmelter you already built or a new one built specifically for the farm! This way you can have a cobblestone and stone farm at the same time. It may take a bit less efficient. Or, you could make a cobble farm and a stone farm built into one farm. This would be harder but probably more efficient. Now I have no idea how to make a stone generator but I know it exists, so basically if it’s the style of farm where you look into a tube and they generate, you could make a cobblestone gen on one side, and a stone gen on the other, then use pistons to push them into the tube. Just watch ilmango I know for a fact he has a stone farm and a cobble farm so you could combine them. This way you can get stone and cobble at nearly the same rate. Please like so iskall can see

  • hey iskall whith all the traps the dead are leaving on the server why not work with the other living to make some traps to put the dead to rest. Sure you can't kill them with the trap cuz they will just come back but the rules never said you couldn't seal them away.

  • who is the man, who conquers death, it's Joe Hills

  • Mumbo is restocking bone blocks, ice, string, red stone so don't stock those lol

  • The problem with having 1 dropper/dispenser being monitored is that due to randomness of items being dispensed it is possible to get the monitored 1 emptied and the rest still have items in it. However, since he has the room for it, he could have monitored all of them pointed into a block with a redstone torch on top of the block, a block above each torch with dust across all the blocks leading into a repeater. That way if 1 gets empty but the others still have items it would still work until ALL of them get emptied.

  • Iskalls exp 16:00

  • 1:12 you completely ignored mumbo

  • Iskall: *Has 69 levels* *smack* Noice

  • It's Three Bros and Joe left. The Final Four. And I'm sorry Dragon Bros, but I'm betting on Joe for this one. He's throwing off traps left and right.

  • Love your Hermitcraft stuff Iskall!! Your projects are super mega and I really like how you make episodes, always interesting and funny :))

  • For both Mumbo and Iskall Gotta point that making dispensers is not really hard in hermitcraft,there's an equivalent like in modded(doing the bow recipe with a dropper in the middle) So you dont need bows really

  • 11:12 I love how ur Xp is exactly 69

  • the redstone block activated the tnt, maybe.

  • The sleep at 2:12 ruined keralis' spawn set

  • Iskall: Here is a solution for your contraption... you could put an comperator in front of the droppers and run a redstone line above it. So then you can decide how many droppers are powered when you activate the clock. Then you only need a clock for 64 items and then you have your model... I hope you see this comment and enjoy the idea. I hope that everyone that understands my idea give me a like that iskall probably will see the message.. (I'm from german so maybe my english is not that good...)

  • *Anyone* *else* *a* *Big* *Fan?* 👇🏽 *I’m* *gonna* *śuß* *to* *everyone* *that* *likes* *this* *and* *sußs* *to* *me!* 🌹

  • just fill it all with woter an yos a notlis

  • level 69

  • I think iskall and false have some issues with each other or maybe they are not friends but only kinda colleagues

  • Yes Etho XD

  • Illmango has a really nice tutorial on crafting machines!

  • FYI: when TNT minecarts crash (stop suddenly, fall from a distance, hit a player, etc...) they explode

  • I just resubbed I love hermitcraft!! ❤️❤️

  • The minecarts triggered because they hit the redstone block after you broke the rail in front of it

  • “It ain’t bro to blow up a bro’s bro’s” Iskall 2019

  • The mine carts may have collided with each other from being misaligned, which caused the explosion. It is a VERY good thing that the entire structure was surrounded in water (and you're so lucky you were behind the water wall when it blew up), or this might have created another giant crater under Sahara.

  • 3:36 every step u take every breath u take she'll be watching u lol

  • each time you break a block, my heart stops (what if it has an observer below it)

  • yes

  • Hey Iskall, this may be more complicated then necessary but I have an idea. So let say you 1 stack Redstone and 2 stacks sticks. You should make a panel for each amount. Ie, a panel for 1 stack of items, a panel for 4, and so on. The just have a button to send the signal for the items. Hope this was useful.

  • Wasn't there once a hotel for the living? This seems like the best time for one

  • Correct me if I am wrong but I'm pretty sure that the TNT minecarts exploded because it went over the redstone block

  • Sahara members invent all these contraotions that only get used for a hour.

  • When I was six I could never beat bad ice cream 3 on hudgame

  • The number of iskalls xp bar haha 69 lol

  • Mumbo's farms can make almost all of that and you can do the rest with your villagers you already got