HermitCraft 6: 177 | BACK IN STYLE!

Datum objavljivanja: 13. Vel 2020.
Iskall has once again reached the critical point of getting 1000 diamonds in Minecraft, and as such, Richskall FINALLY returns. We also find out who won the demise auction, and the amount of diamonds auctioned are quite ridicolous!
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  • Anyone watching when iskall has treasure island and he makes this much in 2 days

  • Nice

  • poor stress i mean that literally and figuratively

  • Iskall in mid February: 1000 diamonds as a magical number Iskall early april: 1,000,000 subscribers as a magical number (He genuinely got like 2,000 subs per day)

  • Did anyone else see Mr. Roger's Nether when he changed back into Richskal?

  • Iskall: complains for a season because he has to build an island in plastic. Also Iskall: builds an island in plastic the next season.

  • Iskall: “Hey you all, lets meet” Stress: “Woop woop yea! :D” Impulse: “Sure thing! On my way!” Grian...: “yea in a minute” 😂😂

  • invite jeracraft to hermitcraft 7, please

  • Can you get thinknoodles on the hermit craft server plz

  • I love your videos. I think that Grian, Mumbo and Iskall make a great team. I haven't played Minecraft for ages but still listen to you guys talk away. I play ROBLOX more now, and have created a group named #ShopAtSharaha where people can buy clothes. Here it is: www.roblox.com/groups/5257629/ShopAtSahara#!/about. I hope you are looking forward to Season 7 as much as I am. Good luck!

  • Make the next season a new mod pack season with new functions and more tools with no one block solutions

  • In season 7 make Sonoran a sister shop of Sahara. Sonoran a Sahara and Artiquets Partnership

  • Will you ever play siege of doom?

  • Iskall: "As you can see, i'm clearly safe here." Grian: I'm about to end this man's whole career

  • Has hermitcraft end because there is no videos

  • In de intro

  • If impulse was given one week, the contraption should be done by now, and the new video will come out soon

  • Don’t forget to open the wither skeleton heads 🌚

  • Rich Bro!!!

  • Iskall!!! you NEED to do a tutorial of the cure machine at your base!!!!! the first one

  • grian and impulse are trying to kill you

  • No one realizes how rich TFC is

  • I mean iJevin thought it was worth 3 stacks of diamond blocks to get rid of mumbo's mustache, so...

  • I think you should make an entrance to the vault but make it annoying to open whether it is hard to open or you have to like go all over the base to open it.

  • Iskall should cross out his eye on the tombstone after his demise

  • Pretty sure the only use for the wandering villagers are the free leads

  • Could we get a trade with villagers to where u trade emeralds for gold

  • Ha, you can't even get full beacon with all of your diamonds!

  • Today is a big day... NEJ! Today is a MEGA day :D

  • 6:50 That looks just like Grian with the dragon head on

  • Some people: Happy stuff Keralis: Run Iskall: diamonds

  • 11 cubes diamonds ;)

  • iskall with the Rich-skall skin looks like a dragon Mr. Rogers

  • If you want to protect your diamonds from yourself, you need to have a 20 layer thick obsidian cube with your diamonds in the center. :)

  • Just check inside the wither heads

  • Full $ellout!

  • Almost 150 blocks of diamonds

  • iskall: guess ill die

  • U know season 6 is coming to an end if people are betting 64 stacks of diamonds to kill someone

  • iskall: im adicted to being rich

  • Mr. Richskall, Idea for your concrete shop; install a mini Grian-proof concrete blast converter either on top of or under the shop and have the item filter into the stock boxes. I made one before for iJevin's win a shop contest but you're more than welcome to it. Even got a block by block tutorial on my channel

  • Du sa nej i början

  • Oh how I miss FunCraft-

  • It's called a podium

  • 6:51 okay but you actually just look like Grian rn lol

  • STONKS! Your friends want you dead, Are they really your friends?

  • The Richskall suit looks like a business Grian

  • Podium. Its called a Podium. I'm pretty sure.

  • Did you ever look inside the mob structures on top of your buildings at your base for possible gifts?

  • He should of used the diamonds to build a terrain and has diamond trees

  • scars is still flexing on his diamonds

  • you should change your skin and put on the wondering traders head and get 2 lamas to fallow you and go to other hermits and jut bother them.

  • Cant spell

  • And curios

  • Look inside the withers head you never did im exited

  • Iskall: Yay richskall Creeper: Blows up him and his Richities box

  • Hey I predicted the winning bid and bidder! So... What do I win?!

  • Make sure impulse doesn’t kill you with lava or you will lose the dragon head and your trousers

  • I am so ready for hermitcraft 7

  • Vadå NEJ? Prata engelska

  • Siege of Doom? Redstone Factory? Sahara restocking? Island terraforming and building? I'd like to see you do these! :D

  • you keep saying nej sometimes and its hollarious to me (a swede) i dont even think you notise!

  • You should write ur name with diamond blocks

  • "Stress, impulse grian." *stress: nyhash*

  • why the trader

  • Grian and Impulse are working together to kill you in HermitCraft

  • 15:32 I have a llama skin in minecraft. was kinda sad seeing this ngl (the skin is the white llama from the wandering trader)

  • I was hoping you were going to make a vault out of diamond and gold blocks, then use it to protect all of your cobblestone.

  • Wow du säger hela tiden nej istället no.

  • they are not diamonds anymore now they are diemonds because you'll get demised

  • What if u die now when u promised Impluse to wait for a week

  • I just thought of something.. does that make netherite the currency in season 7?

  • Iskall: Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Grian: (Jumps onto the podium)

  • No one: Iskall: i wANt Ot DIe.

  • By the way.... that was only a third of impulse's diamonds........... he had 3 stacks.

  • I just hate when i get addicted to having loads of money!


  • Why do you still have that big pillar of diorite in the base? I mean in the 3 heads.

  • _What should i do with all of these diamonds? ♩_ _♫ What should i do with all of these diamonds?_ _What should i do with all of these diamonds?♬_ _Early in the morning! ♪_ 13:36 Someone remix this pls.


  • Iskall85: How many diamonds are you going to bid? Impulse: Yes.

  • Rich In Peace nice lols

  • id suggest building a mall (storage area maybe) and have the diamonds as a statue in the middle

  • 5:57 Mr.Iskall, you are now the proud owner of 1,331 diamonds.

  • 2:55 3 stacks and 53 diamonds. Pretty close

  • Friendship is Magic....... not in Hermitcraft tho.

  • What's up Swedish meatball Lmaooo

  • Lol everyone does hollow diamond piles but scar is the only rich that can afford to have the space filled.

  • Iskall should now tru to get 2 0 0 0 diamonds!

  • You should make the gray stained glass light blue to go with the blue diamonds

  • Iskall: *I'm rich* illmango: gathering 103,000 diamonds in one episode you have no power here

  • Silky touched diorite slaps so it must burn at the stake

  • I surguest you spend some diamonds on a Speedy vines garage, you did sponsor the track, and its only 50 diamonds

  • Why is iskall not at 1mill subs? I believe you deserve ot iskall you are one of my favorite hermits and cant wait for season 7 and i hope you bring back the earlier seas9n bases with a sean 6 twist btw ive been bing watching your seasons keep up the content iskall and i will be buying merch if available (not sarah related) please iskall keep up the content

  • I think its the dragon head getting to you. You are turning into a gold hordeing dragon!


  • Iskal85 you should try to reach 3 stacks of diamond blocks aka a double chest full of stacks of diamonds in each slot.

  • Iskall: *Kills a wandering trader* Also Iskall: Hmmm I "wander" what happend here? (Pun intended)

  • When will this season end ??!!

  • Iskall still didn't checked what is in the wither head if i remember correctly