HermitCraft 6: 178 | THE RIDE OF MY LIFE [FINALE]

Datum objavljivanja: 22. Vel 2020.
The end of HermitCraft season 6 has come, after 580 something days of playtime iskall presents his finale, it includes him finally demising after over 7 days of alive playtime!
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  • Iskall:*made 100 diamonds at the end of season 6* Grian season 7: *barge quest BIG success*

  • Grian: Ends at ep 110 Iskall: Is still going strong at 178 Me: depressed goat noises

  • those soulless eyes have no pity -Technoblade -Probably Iskall

  • Diorite is da best

  • i think he would be able to do a hardcore series if he can survive 170 hours of that

  • I can't believe this was earlier this year. 2020 is so crazy I thought this was at least last year.

  • 6...…it's always the six that seems to show up the most...

  • 44:08 iskall was not the imposter

  • its the mycielium menace

  • aah

  • This is the end of my life!

  • Demise at 21:09

  • Wait what...

  • When I was looking at this video everytime i do at the end I think impulse is you and i have to check the channel its on to make sure of who it is and then i see the gamertag lol

  • Is anyone else stuck in quarantine but then rilising I have 2 more seasons to watch of iskall!!!

  • lol when iskall died i thoght he said what is my school cerial😂 then i watched again and i saw that he said why is my score 0 😂

  • RIP yt

  • The end was sad but happy. Thanks for a wonderfull season Iskall!

  • man h6 was the best.. even after so many episodes of h7 it still can't beat it. Needs more collabs with grigri and a proper civil war and even then, h6 will still probably be better. so many things have happened

  • "I want to know if you were here for the start of the season or later" - Hallo from Nov 2020!


  • Iskall: Dies Iskall: Laughs Also Iskall: "Why is my score zero?!" Priorities, Right?

  • My favorite part was from 19:00 to 22:03

  • Cant stop laughing

  • The DRAMA. The SUSPENSE. The MUSIC.. That last, "Enjoy the ride...Iskall85....to your demise." I got CHILLS.

  • I literally thought about that episode of The Office when you said how many minutes Hermitcraft 6 has been going for

  • yes

  • grian and iskall in s6: talking all the time grian and iskall in s7: barly ever talk

  • Its funny to come back and see that the bargemakes muhmore

  • Who else comes back occasionally just to rewatch Iskall's demise?

  • people in 1.16 be like: OMG ARE THOSE DIAMOND TOOLS

  • Noo

  • I started off season 7 with you. And then went back to watch Season 6!

  • i feel like i’ve gone back in time …………………i’m from S7 ep.61

  • Dang this kind of made me sad to re-watch... I love s7 but I miss s6 so much too

  • Hey Iskall from the past! It’s That Chief Guy here from the future! Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been watching your channel and have LOVED the content you put out and have been taking inspiration from the way you tell stories, narrate your gameplay and I’m so impressed by it! I’ve been taking lots of notes for my channel and hopefully I’ll be able to reach the big leagues and get to ply with you all at one point! But until then, I gotta say well done sir, well done I have greatly enjoyed this season ❤️👌🏻

  • Sahara: Makes 5 dia blocks Grian's Barge: YEAH LOTS OF STACKS OF DIA WOOOOO

  • Is there a bedrock version of the copy of hermitcraft?

  • bruhh, grian and iskall both made way more diamonds now in season 7 than all 3 of them combined for the whole of season 6. xD


  • Lol plus HALLO!

  • Who's watching in season 7 It feels so weird THERE'S NO GRASS!!

  • This is THE OMEGA episode

  • That music had perfect timing

  • 38:38 did the arrow turned into a boat?

  • NGL i watched this whole season five times grian's pov iskall's pov mumbo's pov impulse's pov falsesymetry's pov

  • 22:09 Iskall: "Why is my score zero?" Me: "Why is there an armor stand with a phantom head on it?"

  • I am so sad that season six is ending:(

  • RIP console players

  • Oml, I almost forgot all about SAHARA!! That was one of the best memories of this season for me n_n

  • Yes

  • 17:21 is when the final death starts!

  • 22:21 Iskall sounds like a chicken

  • High quality content creation with multiplayer enjoyment and reactions... ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?

  • I'm sorry, but with the Demise thing, my computer died right before he died XD Couldn't stop laughing, it was perfect! Thanks Iskall I know this vid is old, but I Hope y'all have a nice day

  • incredible

  • When those diamonds making their way into season 7?

  • I know it's a bit late, but I just watched the full season, and I want to say thank you, it was awesome! My favorite episode was the civil war, when Iskall chase false to retrieve the flag, that was hilarious!

  • Bigger and better,,,,,, Season 7 : THE BARGE

  • his laugh is priceless when he dies

  • had to come back to see this AGAIN!!!!

  • "Next year we can make something better than this" INITIATION

  • Imagine if everybody came just to see him die

  • 21:30 What's this music called?

  • Why does the title say you are impulseSV

  • I know its been a long time since this has been posted, but when grian said "Enjoy the ride, Iskall85, to your demise". . I had goosebumps.

  • i'd really like to see that from an impulse/grian view... i'm sad they didnt record it.(i mean, i'm just assuming for impulse)


  • grian: *in chair* iskall: *in chair* mumbo: *spoons belong on the table*

  • I am at season 7 but I completed your episodes from 0 to 178 and season 7 ep

  • i kew what you want 17:23

  • That was sequence was amazing! I might have to watch that again! Thanks for an amazing season!

  • Season 7... *SAHARA, DELUXE*

  • Your score was 0 because of an integer overflow integer overflows have caused some of the biggest disasters in recent history and also some of the funniest glitches

  • Famous Last Words: “I’m invincible!”

  • 22:05

  • 15:00 I hope so! :D

  • Iskall85 was slain by his hatred for diorite.

  • I hope you had the time of your life (Green Day reference haha)

  • The music for hi demise was so scary just like a horror movie

  • 21:12

  • 829600 minutes

  • 22:05 This is the greatest laugh of all time

  • (21:57) I'm invincible! I'm invincible! I'm still alive! *whack*

  • sad tears

  • I have proof that iskall. Did not Demise. In the rules, grian specifies that you CAN NOT be demised by other players. No pvp kills. Iskall was killed BY GRIAN. My point stands firm.

  • It got scary at the end when Grian, sitting in the flames. Slowly raised his head among the flames, and stared at Iskall with cold empty eyes and just stared into his soul. Scaryyyyy

  • Ahh iskall is a man of culture I am a fan of dunder mifflin

  • God dang it I wanted him to end at 69 days played

  • I love Iskalls laugh

  • 14:57 something bigger and better * literally makes a raft and a barge *

  • iskall's demise 17:29

  • 22:04

  • 19:20


  • Yes im 6 + allot of months late........... well i didnt know of you / your channel till season 7. i did know of hermit craft for years but i was too caught up in Moded. i just finished all of season 6. i enjoy the way you make your videos. i actually learned allot. especially the work that goes into making the videos. and i actually enjoy your redstone bits most. you explain allot of how they work (in more detail than allot of others). and how you have fun with your peeps is great. hermit war was great. you didnt get too serious about it. it wasnt OMG gota win!!. you were even trying to get mob heads in the final battle instead of worrying about the battle that was priceless. its clear you like your job you have fun at it and your good at it. i have watched loads of MC videos. you have by far taken the top spot (pst. need some redstone tutorials) as i will not be doing any moded for a long time thanks to you. yes i know you have moded content as well and i can follow that. but my eyes have been opend to the real MC mechanics. i to love digging sand but not so much the sound when walking on it :-) the hermit craft community is great. you all respect each others stuff/builds sure there are pranks and what not but you dont need plugins for protection / griefing. i could go on all day but great season MR85.

  • iBow OF DOOM

  • RIP diamond blocks that never arrived

  • Anyone else recommended this several months later?

  • When you realise season 7 is about 6 months old and he hasn't finished a single tree