Datum objavljivanja: 5. Pro 2019.
RESTOCK SAHARA NOW, the biggest shout on the last few videos. Iskall tries to engineer a machine or factory that solves and automatically randomizes the content of Sahara Now boxes for restock at the Sahara shop front
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  • E

  • 16:36 did anyone else notice a creeper spawn and walk onto the building next to sahara

  • Anyone else notice the creeper at 16:28 coming out of the building and back in, as if it was just checking the surroundings

  • Let Mathew kenda join

  • Did anyone see the creeper walk-in and out of the black building at 16:28-16:32?

  • Iskall still didnt finish this

  • Imagine iskall gets a dog and calls him "beautiful puppy OF DOOM"

  • Did someone notice the creeper on the left at 16:28 ?

  • Hey iskall, why not build an overflow section on every farm you have and use all extra items for restocking sahara same with Mumbo's farms

  • Anyone else watching in 2023

  • Everyone has diamonds and no where to spend them.

  • 16:37 did someone notice that creeper just enter the building

  • what happed to the alive resort.

  • 4:51 nugget spotted!


  • pause at 4.52 & u will see a treasure token

  • Iskall should make a tutorial for the gardion farm

  • Umm Iskall... Grian died. False died. It's just You, Mumbo and BDubs.

  • Grain sees his head : oh god that’s no god that’s not good at all Iskal sees his head :oooooo you look handsome and ok redstone Whhheeeeseezzzz

  • Grian blew up😕

  • Dude! Come back to Hermitcraft! They’ve forgot about you! Not bro dude. Not bro!

  • YOU MISSED A MEETING GRian and FalSe are dead

  • no one: iskall: pRoFiT

  • At least raise the prices a little.

  • Iskall two bros demised and you didnt attend their funerals!

  • What happened to your demise vacation idea

  • grian died

  • ATTENTION: Grian has been demised! Architech Bunker has been compromised!

  • You and the Sahara boys should open a shop competing with cherry and call it SAHARA REDSTONE

  • Treasure token at 4:52

  • Looks like you've got a standard fee now

  • "grey skin" sounds like a slur for demised hermits.

  • RIP grian

  • Grian demised

  • GRIAN is dead

  • With your restocking system, couldn't you just hook the timer directly to the hopper clocks so that you get the same amount of items as is in the clock. My thinking is you have the hoppers under each chest, and they are locked when the hopper clock is off, then when you trigger the clock and use the output of the comparator on the 'on' side to unlock the hopper under the chest, it should then be pulling items from the chest at the same speed as the hopper clock is moving items, so when the hopper clock runs out and turns off, the hopper under the chest relocks. The hoppers could then just feed into auto-droppers that just empty their contents (or you could just get rid of the water stream and droppers and just use a hopper chain, you're limited by hopper speed to put the items into the box anyways).

  • hrdown.info/block/video/j2Ssrc-LmJ1nm80

  • @Iskall85 Grian is dead

  • Grian dead

  • You can get infinite emeralds(by that i mean you can get the materials for sale auto/semi-auto way) and 1)you can use bone meal on 2 block tall flowers, make dyes and sell them 2)make auto cactus farm and smelt it, then sell to stepherds

  • Iskall what have you done to grian!!!!!!

  • Grian is dead in Hermitcraft,the dead squad killed him and the bunker was completely trapped and destroyed

  • Grian not bro any more

  • Lol, just realised that the game of demise is just a race war between grey skins and alive skins

  • A Dragon Bro has died...

  • GRIANS DEAD !!!!!!

  • Be careful Grian demised error error !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @iskall85 is it just me or did yall forget to finish who won the best villager trader? I dont recall yall declaring a winner on whom had the best.

  • Grien is dimisd

  • R.i.p Grian

  • Meanwhile grian : the story of my demise

  • Iskal sees head on spike: ohhhh helo handsome and oohhh look free redstone

  • Iskall85 grian is die

  • Soon sahara wont need people at all and it will be all automatic

  • Don't go in the bro cave!!!!

  • more like sahara wow or sahara how!

  • We Lost a bro grin :(

  • Grian has Died

  • Who here to see if Isakal killed Grian?

  • you see that in 16:28 on left is gray guy lol

  • Grean died

  • I'm very very sorry, I bring sad news, daddy grain has been found dad in the Sahara bunker via excessive TNTidg, you might want to confiscate his punier pass

  • Grian is dead wach out of him dragon bunkur is destroid with grian in it by dead team theres too many traps in bunkur love your vids♡

  • Iskall grian has demised. Warn mumbo

  • Griean is DEAD


  • Time for hermitcraft season 7 1.15 is out now. But you can wait for demise to finish before season 7

  • Restock Sahara! NOW Lol that's what I heard


  • Iskall you must put curse of vanishing on your keycards for the Dragon bro’s bunker

  • 4:52 there’s a nfg nugget on the floor o.0

  • Add the option to decide the price by having a pointer

  • Ep 151 to 162? Are we missing a chunk or what Iskall.;)


  • Make an idea shulker box called idea ... and sell all the blue and yellow wool for 5 diamond. Stonks

  • if they continue to buy Sahara's stock, then just buy their stock and sell it

  • Took him long enough to see the rest of the NOW extension that Grian only put in with the rest of the mod that he did see.

  • 19:57 Is what idea has yet to make

  • This is a very long way around to just stock shulker boxes with good deals for S-NOW. 🤔 Don't get me wrong, but I don't see how this saves more time. :(

  • Lower the prices to stupid low, let idea but you out, the buy the items from idea

  • scar is after the dragon bros! he has a TROPHY ROOM just for the dragon bros

  • You know what would be bro??? Finally build a waiting song for #SAHARA 😂

  • Yea my brain's (restone system) is broken

  • And a machine calculates how much it would cost

  • Just make it a little bit more expensive

  • You should make a section in Sahara now where you can have a custom shulker box

  • 4:53 Did someone notice that golden nugget in the floor?

  • “I will fix it up later” *forgets it ever happened*

  • You should sell redstone

  • Iskall! You should clean up the Sahara campus. The torch spam is really annoying.

  • You should also stock sahara with redstone blocks instead of the dust

  • I cant believe it was almost just grian and mumbo

  • When he said “profit” I think we should make that a new version of the stonks meme

  • So now it really will be a box of chocolates where you never know what you’re going to get

  • That dragon bro’s remix.

  • Vote who the best company is Concorp Idea Sahara

  • Tou should put the dragon head on you in title

  • Why does mum look like this! ~opens villager GUI that says Mum-Master and doesnt say anything~ XD

  • burn the ikea in front of sahara

  • Is hermitcraft played on windows 10 or java edition?

    • Hap gracias

    • Luke Rosen Java