HermitCraft 7: 10 | I GOT GOLD, LOL

Datum objavljivanja: 20. Ožu 2020.
HermitCraft 7: 10 | I GOT GOLD, LOL
Iskall decides to invest in the future, both in the shopping district and in a secret plan of gold. The head hunt game is also under ways and so is the new TAG 2 Electric Bogaloo, which iskall also signs up for.
Hermitcraft Season 7 SEED: -2143500864
Gold Farm used: hrdown.info/block/video/uZWAaZh8htCspMk
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  • Plz buy me a 350 dollers mobile

  • 13:27 insert Giornos theme

  • What glass texture do you use for the server?

  • It's good it is literally overflowing with iron

  • Iskall: There is nothing more satisfying than speed mining Me: Oh so blowing up diorite isn't satisfying? Hmmm...

  • Iskall killing diortie is the most iconic thing in the world

  • "hahahahaha, e" ~Iskall85

  • RIP zombie pigman 2010-2020

  • E

  • if i know you need to wait 5 minutes i heard that from pixlriffs

  • Did he just use silk touch instead of fortune to mine diamonds?

  • Mumbo says i got good, iskall says i got gold, whos better?

  • Pigskal87

  • Now I understand what is the origin of the big E in Grian's map.....

  • laughs evily

  • *Aggressively blows up diorite* SATISFACATION

  • A guest appearance by silentwhisperer. :-)

  • Iskall: I won't tell anyone Also Iskall: Proceeds to put it in a video that will be watched my millions of people, and maybe even other hermits

  • No no no nuh no way come on no way. Non.n.n.noono

  • there only spawning magma cubes

  • Grian made electric ⚡️ b...

  • 15:34 why does a random zombie fall out of nowhere? I didnt think there were zombies in the nether

  • looking at the omega tree after completion and the shopping district now (after episode 50), everything looks so different

  • Iskall - "pesky bed" Grian - "pesky bird"

  • who saw his minecarts just flying out

  • Who else was screaming PIGLINS! at their screen 😂

  • So that’s how the E that has now been turned into etho smells like beef came to be

  • Iskall should need around 157 diamond blocks to have 10.000 diamonds

  • You are aware that as long as one pigmen remembers that you hurt them they will tell the others to attack so kill them all

  • Their called piglins iskall

  • Piglins Iskall not Hoglins although they are one coming

    • Pre update

    • And we won’t tell ether

  • Came here after the Diamond Throne hiest cause I remembered Iskall said he wanted to know the amount of diamonds in the pile XD

  • If he didnt make the land idea then he would have 3 stacks of diamonds

  • Hi Iskall Buddy why do you hat e diorite this much????

  • Does anyone else think that Iskall85 talks a lot like Mumbo. Not the accent, but the way he talks

  • He thinking that ge will make money with gold in 1.16. BUT every single hermit creates their own gold farm. SED

  • I love how while ISkall is building the gold farm he just gets random visitors XD

  • Mumbo shouldve renamed the diamond bamboo

  • Props to the man that took the time to craft 3 pieces of tnt to blow up some diorite.😂😂😂

  • the e is the Etho?

    • sry i am from the futrue

  • I just figured out why theres an E in the jungle

  • 4:10 i loved that

  • did no one else see the minecarts go flying at 20:00?

  • Why are there zombies in your gold farm?

  • Your discise has a flaw


  • iskall and mumbo’s friendship is the best thing, never fails to make me smile, or cry laughing

  • Solent Whasperer

  • Poor root, he didn't deserve this :(

  • Who else is here because of Mumbo ?

  • 1:20 that's soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cruel to diorite

  • Iskall: *explodes and burns diorite* satisfaction Me: *burns and explodes spider eyes, granite and rotten flesh* satisfaction

  • 40 episodes later he is still placing leaves and wood...

  • Did anyone know iskall is a secret diorite lover

  • Put E in the replies for the letter he left is the sky

  • Good job iskall keep up the work

  • pigilins

  • Lol I hate diorite too it’s so uglly that was so good

  • When he laughs and talks he kinda sounds like mumbo

  • He needs one of Mumbos K.G.O.O.M.R

    • You're about 5 months too late to the party i'm afraid

  • 5:52 *E*

  • This guy is a living swedish mumbo

  • thanks for uploading this video iskall or if you did not make a gold farm it will be hard for me to make your videos are helpfull love u iskall man

  • 10,000 diamonds are almost 3 double chest full :0 (so 156,25 stacks)

    • @Deccs ahh

    • @Name Jeff with diamond blocks

    • 10,000 diamonds 10000/9 = 1,111 1111/64 ~ 17 stacks about 1/2 a regular chest

  • You missed the diamond shop

  • They are called piglins

  • Scar: meany bears Grian: pesky bird Mumbo jumbo: its really simple Iskall85: of doom My favorite lines said by the heits above

  • me suffering on the inside when he let the zombie pigmen kill him at 57 levels cause I can barely get to 30: 🤡

  • How to ward off a possessed Iskall85 Hold up diorite

  • Iskall85 : This is disaster! (this is not bullying but a joke )

  • 18 stacks of daimond block = 10000 daimond

  • E

  • Such a complex way too burn a small amount of diorite

  • I know I’m really late but I’ve been watching everyone’s perspectives. I love seeing the slime balls falling constantly in the background! 🤣

  • 5:52 happy Markiplier noises

  • Operation Inskallnito? Operation Blend Inskall? Operation ZombIskallman?

  • *zombie pigman falls off iskall: oh that’s weird

  • Wow you hate diorite a lot.

  • Hehehe EEEeeeeeeeeeeee

  • 5:50 haha EEEEEEEEEE-add about Tostito chips

  • E

  • at 17:34, how did that zombie came there???

  • Sorry

  • So no ones gonna talk about the firework shop on fire at the end? : l

  • man once again I am asking for carets


  • Imagine if mumbo just gave you 12 bamboo renamed to diamond

  • I love watching hermitcraft from different perspective

  • Why does Iskall hate Diorite so much?

  • Why does Iskall hate diorite?

  • Oak end is illusional, my eyes hurt

  • Iskall: One day I might have enough diamonds to buy this whole puddle Buys impulses plot for 200 diamonds


  • I love how this is still just his “starter base” when literally this is a main build project for me

  • Why is iskall naming the pigmen?

  • Kerilas did not kill you wandering traders sell players heads and he got the heads from the wandering trader

  • 15:35 did any of you see the zombie falling in the nether?

  • oh, I know you are the short one

  • EEE

  • hi