HermitCraft 7: 32 | TREEHOUSE MEGASODE!

Datum objavljivanja: 16. Lip 2020.
HermitCraft 7: 32 | TREEHOUSE MEGASODE!
The Treehouse of Doom, the OMEGA Tree, The OMEGA MEGA TREE or just iskall's base gets itself a 4 day MEGASODE episode, with the base canopy getting a lot of love
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  • Really nice flooring in your studio! Really nice!

  • Iskeagle, yw

  • So I'm currently trying to catch up in the series well with iskall in general but would it be possible to copy the server and go into a modded version and use the timber mod to chop the tree down or vein miner just for the content value and to see what would happen? My theory is that vien miner maxes it block limit. And/ or timber doesn't work because it's not a player placed tree and not a natural grown tree?

  • Can somebody please count how many times he goes “granted”

  • O A C W U D

  • Iskall build huge tree Me places sapling and waits for it to grow

  • Who was getting so anxious that when Iskall was in his invntory and saw his elytra is almost broken.

  • It's good after so long to finally have a studio by the way it looks great

  • the setup is cool and all but that is a sad chair

  • This reminds me of the Gigas Cedar from SAO. Except it's an oak tree.

  • If you ignore the fact Iskall designed the tree then LOGZ is his IKEA

  • You should make it so you can go in the branches

  • Iskall: I am not interested in things like cars.. Mumbo: Well, that escalated quickly..

  • He have forgotten bout the tre farm

  • World: save the trees Iskall: can't talk crazy

  • Someone make a schematic of the omega tree please

  • Iskall85: there's a big hole in the back of Grian's base, and the mountain is floating but this is OMEGA!! Grian: no one will get see the back.... Iskall, no one sees the back!


  • 6:54 TreE

  • Your new studio looks soooo amazing and I am so happy that your dream come true now😊😍

  • i really love the work space a lot

  • “Laaand on da butterfly! Landdd on da bu- don’t die, good."

  • 23:40 what if he said “Eagskall”

  • 22:48 he said moyang instead of mojang lol

  • why dont you take wood from the middle and use it


  • Are those diorite pillows in his studio?

  • Use the bottom as a dimond storge

  • Iskall:E Me:happiness

  • iskal eagle = iskgle lol

  • "Time, it is a thing that takes a lot of time" OK LOL

  • Awesome!

  • Dont leave neon sign turend on a lot bcs it is not stable and may end up burning!

  • Grian killed all the parrots

  • “REN has hand cut these logs”. Ren off cam using the monstrosity 👀

  • Wow Iskall, you have amazing taste in interior design.

  • HRdown: HermitCraft 7: 32 | TREEHOUSE MEGASODE! Me: of Doom

  • One flat-pack IKEA Charrot.

  • How much hdd do you have

  • I thought he was about to say one on one with the great one

  • That creeper is fast 18:33

  • what if iscalls tree is hit by lightning

  • “Moyang”

  • I have that same creeper figurine he has on that shelf

  • Anyone else think he should have named the parrot "Chicken"?

  • You should add LED lights in your studio

  • if one of the hermits die irl You should Cut the E Into A F

  • Me trying to hear the timelapse music: 🧏‍♂️

  • can you make a day in the life and do a tour/vlog of your studio? Please?

  • Why didn't he call it the omegasode of doom?

  • Instead of HRdownrs doing of camera mining trips they should just say their hard drive ran out

  • The amount of times iskall says oak logs

  • i have beat endermen with a wood axe and no armor

  • About that enderman question i usually fight him with no armor and an iron sword

  • bikini haul

  • did he miss the 11th boxz?

  • why not use the monstrosity??

  • What HRdown comments used to be- “I believe this” “Well You’re wrong and...” What HRdown comments are now. “E”

  • Iskall : is looking for a parrot and walks right past one

  • Every like on the video is the amount of logs Iskall placed

  • Whens the next episode

  • It hurts my heart to think about how a stray bolt of thunder could ruin days and weeks of time

  • 1 misplaced flint and steel 🙁

  • 🎵🎶I'm gonna fly like IskEagle to the tree I'm gonna fly like IskEagle Let the Charrot carry me 🎶🎵

  • Iskall + eagle = Isgle

  • I killed an enderman with just my fists wile also fighting an iron golem

  • Like an eagleskall.

  • Like and subscribe to iskall85

  • Me in my survival world: builds a simple small house Iskall: builds the biggest tree known to man Mr beast: 👍 (approves)

  • that carpet behind the chair is gonna be a pain in the ass mate

  • Pesky birds are all heads now 😂

  • Iskall: *stares into my soul* "Grian. Where are the parrots."

  • I am immensely disappointed that it wasn’t called *TREEHOUSE OMEGASODE (of doom)*

  • I have that issue with endermen losing aggro all the time, and lots more quickly as well. I’m standing in water or under a two block gap, and they will just stop coming at me. So then I get paranoid... *help me*

  • 2:38

  • Is that a drop down ceiling in the studio? Looked very nice with multiple smaller lights spread out across it.

  • 6:54 "EEEEEEEE-"

  • All of the furry pics on his computer took up a whole terabyte. XD

  • You should move your diamond pile to the place where the rest of your diamond blocks are


  • its mega cozy what your in a tree :)

  • Iskall needs time lapse music

    • Yanche that’s what I thought, but he hasn’t had them for the past couple

    • Didn't there used to be ?? o.O

  • As I went to minecon in Sweden in 2018 I also have a green sheep plush like you! And it's signed by multiple swedish youtubers! :D

  • Photo of the new desk? The hype is real since you've been talking about it a lot!

  • Who would you actually trust? A random dog, or a smart IskallMAN?

  • Mumbo's base can't really be finished without iskall's personal touch

  • 32 is a great number

  • Omg! Iskall your studio looks amazing -w- 💕

  • I still think the tree is kinda weird

  • Can you please stop saying smart

  • Call it the world tree, yggdrasil

  • Like an EEESKALL

  • Iskleagle?

  • Super omega tree house of the omega tree of dooooom

  • That is an awesome office!

  • Plot twist! The tree is just decoration for his house


  • 5:50 all the jungle bases in one line with Stress's directly behind him Grain: Sad mansion noises

  • Mumbo thinks of fighter jets for his build, Iskall thinks of boats

  • I have recently tried watching other hermits as I never watched the series before and is all you definitely deserve a sub so I did