HermitCraft 7: 19 | I NEED THEM ALL!

Datum objavljivanja: 15. Tra 2020.
HermitCraft 7: 19 | I NEED THEM ALL!
Iskall continues the in between base for his omega tree, and doing such he decides he needs to collect ALL the micro blocks of HermitCraft. Rendog also delivered A LOT of logs, and MumboJumbo judged the Hermit Challenge!
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  • For railing u could do a minecart

  • Iskall: "The Nether portal has to be one of the most important parts of a build!" Alos Iskall: hides it in a corner...

  • stop with the doom😤

  • Iskall: he manually chopped all these logs.. *sad quadrachopper noises*

  • Lower the floor a block or two. :)

  • I appreciate that you remind viewers that you guys are friends and that everything is okay

  • Ethos smells like beef smells like dog smells like zombie smells like zedaph

  • if you converted all of the logs that iskall got into planks you would have 1,080 stacks of planks xD

  • "Terracotta? Terracotta!"

  • He should have a garbage chest labeled with a diorite block.

  • Am I the only one that thinks the sticky piston micro block is adorable

  • My favourite part of the video: keralis1 went to bed sweet dreams keralis1 left the game keralis1 joined the game

  • Man you are wasting your diamonds

  • Iskall: I will be browsing through the comments Everyone: JOKES

  • if there is a mincart little block i am 8 and a bad speller so i did not spell a lot of things really good sorry

  • I can imagine one of the hermits playing a single player survival world and forgetting that fire tick is on and just accidentally burning down their entire base.

  • “As long as they don’t exist” really makes no sense at all

  • Could someone remind me whT iskal’s bird’s name is please my iPad doesn’t let me go back in the video PLEASE

  • "Where are you?" "I'm up in the tree, obviously." -Mumbo and Iskall, 2020

  • A cobweb

  • Why does iskall need to buy logs? He has a monstrosity!

  • Did I miss plummeting mumbo?

  • I did not know you could change signs texts color. Thanks IskallMAN85

  • also show the guardian shop

  • That 360 at 17:04

  • iskall when i see the sides and corners of your chest the striped logs it looks so nice and its so cheap it only needs alot of wood but its so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so worth it w

  • A minecart on the item frame

  • Binod

  • "Super Bow of Doom" xD

  • good luck with your 10,000 diamond challenge XD

  • iskall is like me calling everything doom in the end

  • Aw no

  • Ok lol. Like i f you agree!😀

  • they should make a moded hermitcraft

  • A minecart

  • Trunk cave that leads below the surface to make a dungeon.

  • “I wouldn’t be surprised if this turns into prime real estate so I can sell it for more than 1 diamond block”. SMART STONKS

  • "Turns out I only had 10 more blocks" Dude that's 90 diamonds!

    • Less than two stacks 🤣

  • yes but its a big hole in you tree lol

  • Enderchest for random wooden things


    • LTN: Imma burn another one

  • Ren has basically been given free pranking permission on Iskall by Iskall

  • ik that it aint gonna burn but its still giving me anxiety lmao

  • 1:10 ibss

  • Anyone wanna count the times iskall says «organicly» in this vid.

  • i know that they weren't out now but you could replace your regular lamps with the nether ones now :D

  • richities

  • he shoud get a stack of diorite micro-blocks from the chest th ing

  • Does anybody know what the minecraft head mod is called?

  • I think everybody has the boblem, need something, never find. Dont needed, founds everywere

  • ISKALL nobody's gonna see this... but light it up with flaming netherrack, magma blocks, red carpets, maybe a little soul sand and a magma pool? (iron bars optional). You can also add a couple lanterns on CHAINS (1.16) and magma blocks on single iron bars! A little obsidian could be mixed in nearer to the portal, eventually trailing away to decayed grass and wood.... (the gravel and acacia) Edit: I forgot to mention, I'm talking about the decor of the nether portal area. the grey could also extend upwards out of the little alcove too... (it would also help you identify it from afar a little better). WAIT YOU MIGHT'VE ALREADY MOVED UPSTAIRS BY NOW IN REAL TIME T_T

  • Whaaaaa I thought fifteen challenges for INITIATION not twenty seven

  • I know I’m late but for the railing block put a Mumbo head because he fell from off the top of the mega tree

  • Make a automatic storage system

  • I think you can rather just put the rails in the redstone chest I guess because powered rails need redstone, I would really like to see your response

  • Random, but if Rendog mined 10 wood blocks per second, it would take 28 hours and 48 minutes to hand chop that much oak wood.

  • Diorite, ummm...

  • zombie: Argeeeeee Iskall : hellooo

  • Not every one wachis streems

  • I love how happy all the hermits are to be in this together and the genuine fun and laughs they have but iskall takes the ball as the giggliest and it's great!

  • R u ok You are looking for wandering traders Roll the Star Wars meme : You have become the very thing you swore to destroy

  • 3:11 I LAUGHED SO HARD 😂

  • 3:29 this got me, he pretty much bounces down the tree lol

  • I hate that block in front of the nether portal,it just makes me uncomfortable

  • Iskall when he sees a creeper: Hippity hoppity this is my private property

  • You could use lava in concealed in glass to light up the nether ports room. (Instead of lanterns). Just a suggestion!

  • Even though fire is off the blimp gives me anxiety

  • when the nether update drops he should make the wood around the nether portal around nether wood, so it seems like the nether is infesting that part of the tree.

  • 7:45 definitely getting stranger thing vibes😂

  • Shara vibes

  • the fire might not cause damage, but that random creeper will!!

  • Is there a cake microblock for the food chest?

  • in 1.16, change the lanterns to soulfire lanterns

  • Aren't rails part of the redstone parts? Cause that might give'em an extra chest for somthing else. Any how, loved the vid, love ur channel can't wait for u to reach ya goal.

  • How do you get the like micro blocks in like a normal survival world?

  • Use backwards looms with the bookshelves; they look like empty bookshelves.

  • If I just put a random video time here like oh I don't know, 6:42 will it get popular? If it does it would be absolutely awesome

  • Rails r considered redstone

  • You should’ve built a treehouse in Mumbo’s hermit challenges tree with a balcony where he always stands

  • Don’t take people’s stuff without asking first. Always ask first, regardless of relationship.

  • Diorite is bird poop

  • Can't you pay micro block of diamond instead of real diamond block

  • you can use looms that ju turn around to look like empty bookshelves

  • With the yellow and gray for the shop I am getting Sahara vibes

  • Is it just me or is 2 blocks a box of logs expensive since he had a tree farm? 😂

  • Du är grym?

  • How do you get the micro blocks? I try to search it up, but I only get “the command block”.

  • You should hook a load of fireworks to the 15th lamp. You will get a show when the board is complete

  • Isacall85 are you aware of coronavirus

  • VintageBeef didn’t like that he wants the piston

  • piston, technical stuff Magma, nether stuff Hotel, trivago

    • @Toxic_GG and second to you, again someone who doesn't know how to use that joke, it's not funny if everyone uses it all the time dumbass, also i'm literally 13...

    • @Lola Genee thank you i've never heard the hotel trivago thing

    • Ian Barcellos no boomer

    • Ian Barcellos he said that pistons where for technical stuff same for the magma head so hotel trivago, is a joke used by many lol

    • Can you please explain this joke to me?

  • Minecart. Diorite.

  • Season 7 boosted up iskalls subs like crazy

  • a minecart i guess

  • FYI a barometer measures air pressure

  • 10:40 You can dye signs!!!! Why didn't I know that before! Thankyou Iskall!

  • Imagine getting gifted 17000 wood blocks

  • I like the "Click of color." lol

  • 20 blocks for wood... Riped off hahah

  • In the new update, Minecraft should make it so you can double click on an item with a shulker box and it puts the item in the Shulker box.