HermitCraft 7: 12 | THE GOLDEN TICKET IDEA

Datum objavljivanja: 25. Ožu 2020.
HermitCraft 7: 12 | THE GOLDEN TICKET IDEA
Iskall waits in Grian's smeltery room for a bit too long... Later iskall finishes the mega gold farm's big storage system, and comes up with a brand new way to earn lots of DIAMONDS!
Hermitcraft Season 7 SEED: -2143500864
Gold Farm used: hrdown.info/block/video/uZWAaZh8htCspMk
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  • Yeet

  • That is a mystery... Me: He said it! Minecraft mystery’s someone call Dream!!!

  • I thought he said '' thank you for 800 Million subscribers''

  • iskall: trying to squeeze everything in this 11 by 11 platform. me: my house is 7x6 ;.;

  • Iskall you are sooo funny

  • His laugh makes me laugh.

  • Iskall some episodes ago: this is my secret gold farm and no one should see it Iskall this episode: im gonna make tickets for people to use my gold farm *and this is big brain iskall*

  • Iskall, the only human being in the world who started a video with the word "and"

  • Make a storage system and link the rotten flesh into hoppers then they spit them into junk . Then the swords go into a super smelter

  • Golems don’t take fall damage like cats and ocelots

  • You should bring mr bobby back to the overworld


  • Iskall: Names Pigman Mr Bobby Me: Goes into minecraft world Also Me: Names Pigman Bobby 1 hour later... Iskall's head: I love you Mr Bobby :D My chat: Asho69 killed Mr Bobby Me: MR BOBBYYYYYYYY NOoOoOoOoOoOoO

    • Just saying guys i killed Mr Bobby on accident :(

  • That noise at 11:00 I've never heard in in Minecraft before.

    • @michelleboom83 No listen to the background. There's a rattly sort of synth sound. It starts at 11:00 but it's most noticeable about 11:04~11:06

    • when iskall say, "ss" ? um :/

  • You should grind off the swords you get loads of XP

  • if you are in need of a good fuel source for a smelting system at the gold farm dried kelp blocks work rather well for that ive found just an idea

  • OMG when I heard Grian’s sad voice talking about Mumbo I started crying 😭 I feel so bad for him

  • Ffffffffffff

  • jack the potatoe haha @jacksepticeye

  • Iskall85 accidentally whistles in 19:14

  • Iskall85 accidentally whistles in 19:13

  • 19:13

  • Imagine all of Hermitcraft replacing his Omega Tree with an Omega Diorite Tree.

  • Anybody else think whenever he says it’s fast thinks of his new one

  • bobby does weird noises

  • 9:26 did anyone notice what Iskall called chicken? 🐓

  • anyone happen to know what he did in the hoppers to get it to work? I'm new to this :|

  • Iskall : 1 diamond Me screaming : 1 diamond block!!!

  • God I love Season 7 Hermitcraft.

  • Iskall, i have a question. where do you get your "english names" ie Mr. Bobby

  • Lol hilarious 😂😂

  • In Which ep of grian got trolled from this troll I really wanna watch it

  • I love watching you grain and mumbo I thought for a while but you would be too advanced for me to watch and I wouldn't understand but I realized it's more in the fun and the games and interesting things and also how you make it fun to watch. so thank you I'm watching all the seasons from all your perspectives for fun thank you so much for making this.

  • We could just toss out these gold swords, its not worth the coal. (my thoughts) Iskar - you could trade with Mumbo for Bamboo :D

  • I like how just after he siad knock on wood he put his helmet on

  • 14:47 Mumbo

  • 5:48 pff..poor grian..pff hahahaha traitor beck!? HAHAHAHA

  • Ah.. why did you buy hoppers when you have unlimited wood from rendog and infint iron from mumbo

  • Iskall: This is a gold farm of doom Also Iskall but from the future: Pathetic.

  • Let's give thanks to Mr. Bobby for using his intelligence for the betterment of the gold farm

  • Mr. Bobby needs to be saved!

  • Why Bobby here? Why not Bobby here? Who am I to judge why Bobby is here? Maybe if Bobby could talk it would ask why iskall here

  • hi hi hi hi hi

  • he really did buy an entire barrel of hoppers having STACKS of iron blocks. stonks

  • Iskall was really underpaying

  • my name jeff

    • dead meme i know right

  • The whole episode I was holding my breath to see if someone was going to come after the tag.

  • Iskall: *explains his gold farm plan* Me: Wot

  • Iskall:The golden ticket idea Me:Charlie and the chocolate factory

  • I looooooooove the movie Charlie and the chocolate factory!

  • Aww i feel bad for grian :((((

  • 6 minutes into the video Iskall "Ok lets get started with todays episode."

  • Iskal: My grandma died, but she is remembered. Also Iskal:Hahahahaha

  • You deserve like 50 million likes U r the best HRdownr ever!

  • I haven't laughed as hard as I did for the "Tag 2: Electric Boogaloo" trap in a long time. Thanks for that Iskallman!

  • you should afk in one or the obsidian towers in the end with the tag.

  • I just subscribe 😊

  • Hermit craft challenge idea for mumbo : send grian daily mail

  • Has wood farm and partner for iron...buys hoppers

  • i dont understand anything from the redstone

  • Correction: the butter ticket

  • Tshck tshck -Grian 2020

  • Ur channel brings me despair :(

  • Grian: makes message system Mumbo: KGOOMR GRIAN:ONCE THOUGHT I HAD A FRIEND

  • Balls

  • lol i get so scared hes gonna die when he takes his helmet off

  • its funny that the white glass on top of the crafting table makes it look like a gumball machine.

  • hi i


    • Thank you for the like I know it’s only one like but still

  • “Hopwalking” should be a new minigame.

  • Grian tried so hard to make his suppressed laughter sound like he was crying, but his “I am disappointed that that message wasn’t even from Mumbo” made me feel really bad for him XD

  • Boom 2 electric boogaloo

  • 1.3M Subscribers Now

  • 22:10 it's so annoying😑

  • Um how is there chicken in your gold farm

  • wait how does a gold farm produce chicken drops?

  • Anyone else re-watching this out of boredom? Or is it just me?

  • Iskall's insanity was the best part. Rodney the fish and Jack the potato

  • Hold up, the potato was called Jack right? Jacksepticeye is called Sean but has the nickname of Jack and he's Irish and people usually associate the Irish with potatoes. Aha, I have solved a mystery

  • Golden ticket idea hmmmm Michael Scot has entered the chat

  • 3:50 progressive iskall laughter

  • speaking of golden tickets, you could also make a shop selling 1 hour afk tickets to get diamonds from other hermits looking to invest in their future as well

  • Can someone explain how to do the sorter for the items ??

  • 1 Diamond each? Shouldn’t you make it two or three

  • Iskall you should start a shop that only sells gold swords, you have too many and some people may want them Like so iskall sees this

  • 2 months later + half a million

  • Aww poor baby Grian just wanted a message from Mumbo XD

  • I feel like the “Golden ticket” is a refence from Charlie and the chocolate factory although the hermits that got the ticket didnt cheat and are not the “4 rotten kids” Edit: yup made this comment too early

  • Omg that was so funny 💀💀💀💀

  • Is it just me or whenever Iskall cuts the video he comes back laughing

  • my favourite hermits are: #1 grian, #2 iskall85, #3 mumbo jumbo

  • 2:19 is a reason to live

  • My favorite part of rewatching everybody’s videos is you notice the little things. My favorite thing is when iskall was looking for the tag, he hesitated to throw out the potato or the fish.

  • Poor grian though He was happy he got a message from mumbo then he died after opening it And it wasn't even from mumbo

  • I literally watch this to fall asleep, iskall puts me in a good mood, hes always in such a good mood lol, thanks iskall

  • bro 800 000 to 1.28 mill

  • Now he’s at 1.27M and it’s only been 2 months

  • when you think of things, iskall started the whole mayor thing...

  • day 5 of Quarintine iskall:meet my friends rodney the fish and jack the potato, i got a new Exirces

  • Two points: 1. Kelp block smelts 20 items, and kelp can harvest and process itself with virtually no user interaction, and 2. those swords actually produce a hell of a lot of gold... (2b. the main nuisance of the swords is running them through and out of the collector rather than smelting them)