Datum objavljivanja: 4. Srp 2020.
Piglin bartering is very powerful! It's too powerful! the piglin farm we made last episode is overflowing heavily and needs a LOOT FACTORY in order to function properly, turns out, it's a BIG job.
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  • The piglins are being given their relatives leftovers to trade for good stuff

  • Wait did he stay west? I legit thougt that it was a backpack... Sorry for misspeling english is not my first langueges

  • was I the only one that thought his vest was long hair

  • Me finishing a super easy iron farm in 3 hours: I did it!1!!!1! Iskall: *allow me to introduce myself*

  • you can only get a netherite hoe in bedrock edition

  • I just noticed that he called the villagers charles and henry. U know What i mean by that

  • Go ask grain for zoom he has and now how to get it

  • Me when I see the gold farm 🤨

  • netherite hoes only bedrock

  • Your farm is just too slow i am just getting 2000 items per second

  • Last episode can’t find bedrock breaking service This episode flys right next to it in first minute

  • Netherite hoe is only in bedrock

  • Now I realize that piglin farms are Really OP

  • Just make the plates on top of the dropers

  • Your suspenders are gone!

  • Hallo 😂

  • Me: *brushing teeth* Iskall: *uploads* Me: ok I’m not staying up for 20 more minutes

  • 5:39 - sad ghast noises-

  • Who else immediately noticed his vest missing?

  • First comment

  • You're makin so many monstrosities you should dress up as Dr. Frankenstine for Halloween

  • Its your vest

  • Charles,Henry, U Get Me? S.T.I.C.K.M.I.N

  • The reason why piglin trading won't be named from the game is cuz only mega pros can make useful farms all the other players can't use them in an efficient way just like villagers

  • i broke my wrist... f

  • anyone realize he just made henry stickmin and charles stickmin :O

  • Try not to feel too bad about locking creatures in 1x1 spaces. Mumbo builds 1x1 bases for fun. It can't be that bad. And these piglens are going to be surrounded by their favorite substance for all time.

  • Iskall: And the LAG Bedrock Edition players: Imma 'bout to end this man's whole career

  • Iskall: there is no water in the nether Me: Cauldrons

  • Charles and Henry......he predicted the Henry Stickman Series! just......late

  • There is no such thing as a terrible Charlie

  • You are really friendly

  • Iskall: Builds a incomprehensible piglin trading farm. Me: Gets one piglin and adds a hopper and a chest

  • You know at the beginning of this episode I thought I was gonna build one of these... never mind

  • When I watched this u have 1.42 million subs

  • 3:31 heh charles, charles calvin 3:37 henry stickmin it's all coming together

  • What are the chances he most likely doesn’t know about *The Henry Stickmin Collection* any he names both of the villagers *Henry* and *Charles*

  • CHARLES, HENRY??? completing the mission, villager edition.

  • Next time. Ask mumbo xD

  • you named two characters without knowing in henry stick man colection

  • your lag is at 60fps an mine is 5 fps lol


  • Charles and Henry.(stickman)

  • Iskall: It may look confusing and yes it was. Mumbo: It may look confusing but its pretty simple

  • Zombie pigman: DIE! Iskall: Oh right... (Hint: Read it fast)

  • Iskall: in the end I got it to work Me: I thought it was in the nether

  • @ 13:58 Somebody has been hanging out with mumbo too much. You're starting to sound just like him lol

  • iskall: I actaully havent been useing the monstrosity because Ren has been such a good deliverr... delivrr...deliverer.

  • or crying obsidian

  • or obsidisn

  • also a ender pearl store

  • iskall needs to make a quartz store. Or a fire charge store. or gravel store. yeah

  • Someone actually called all of the flaws in the last video

  • POV: you came here from the animation

  • iskall: I was hoping to see a netherite hoe Me: bruh that's only in bedrock

  • Wait, would it be possible for him to make a separate item filter for the netherite hoe because it can’t burn? I don’t know if it would be possible to have the items pass through fire without stopping, but perhaps if they’re shot into lava with tripwires and/or hoppers, it could detect and pick up netherite items by detecting when they float on lava

  • Post a tutorial on how to make this farm

  • V.E.S.T. is BEST

  • The song just like mumbo-jumbo and how you say it look at this here hopefully I did not offend you and your Irish accents

  • He said the game is not a good idea for the first time since we have been able to find out more about this is unexpected journey to get netherite ingots and the University of Michigan State University in the UK's largest of its first time since we have been able to find out more about this is unexpected journey to get netherite null and void of course I do not have been able to get a new phone right now and the end of this month in a wall of shape or something like 👍

  • You do realize that trading with gold blocks wall sometimes even get you netheright ingots

  • Imagine that any food item or any item with gold in it you know piglins will actually barter with you instead of just consuming it into their void or pocket Dimension or whatever and never giving it back and always having an infinite amount of space of inventory if you give some something with very little gold or very little value will give you something really stupid like dirt wait not dirt like nether rack because dirt isn't found in the nether and then gold blocks can work and what if Fool's Gold is the thing where it acts just like gold and is slightly more white so slightly more pale it doesn't really look like nuggets it looks more something like crumpled up paper and it can either work a few times for that pickle in but then they won't trust you anymore also sometimes they can get mad when inspecting it and then like piglins will have a inspection level where if it's really high you cannot trick them tell if it's super low they will nearly always fall for it and if you would die your fool's gold with yellow dye the super preservant Ones Will nearly always get tricked there's going to be some that spawn rarely that have drawers like inspections where you cannot trick them

  • 3:30 isn't that the jungle variant villager Wait a minute it is the jungle variant was it just a glitch or does it think that it's in the jungle now or did it somehow gets spawned in with commands

  • How popular do you have to be to be a hermit because other popular is HRdownrs that don't make as much as people like mumbo jumbo views and money but still I guess they're closed like Jeffy which I'm not quite sure if he even is or dream or bad boy Halo well I guess they weren't really want to be there anyway while I mean they kind of wood except they would not really care they weren't really join the server that's what I mean but like how many subscribers are how many views do you have to get per video in order to be one I'm just wondering I actually don't really want to be one because I don't have a computer and blah blah blah plus it'd be weird for a 11 year old to be playing hermit crabs server well everyone else is way older than me like 20 hopefully I ain't no one got insulted

  • It was either you or SCAR or someone but remembering like the 1st through 3rd and hermit crab season how mumbo-jumbo waiting to recolor Nate or whatever and is sucked the color from the sky and turned him it more red then someone I forgot who made the machine they had to edit it so it would take color and it just made mumbo jumbo more pale

  • You should sell the netherbrick to grian

  • Normal people *use optifain for zoom iskall *f0V 3O*

  • “He can.. *HE CAN!”*

  • Skall: the hoppers is not keeping up to the loots of piglins Me: just use a hopper minecart its super fast in giving the items to chest Also me: but the minecart is slow and the items are gonna despawn

  • Skall: the hoppers is not keeping up to the loots of piglins Me: just use a hopper minecart its super fast in giving the items to chest Also me: but the minecart is slow and the items are gonna despawn

  • Halo

  • You should share some of those beacons with Bdubs. He loves using them as shiny lamps 😂

  • I have two brothers. Their names are Charles and Henry. That was weird..

  • Pro tip: send items into overworld using nether portal then make sorting system there

  • Iskall is just suffering from success in this is episode, lol.

  • Everyone: Using Optifines zoom Iskal: *FOV 30*

  • Did i just witnessed the birth of a new art?

  • from optifain turn off fog

  • Be me, Brian Watch a new Iskall video Iskall: Need a universal (read generic/boring) name... Brian... *snicker* Me: Oh... ok then... that's fine.......

  • Who else thought the vest was pig tails?

  • What if you gave each piglin a hopper leading to a double chest when the chest gets nearly full it stops dispensing gold for the hoppers to catch up

  • Mumbo I pay you 7 flint for one of those beacons

  • Have it so when the gold chests are full, the gold travels straight to the piglins. Like so he can see this

  • "You know maths better than I do." -Iskall85, 2020 ....Iskall you may need to rethink that statement....

  • Iskall grian needs nether bricks to build his upside down mansion in the nether he crafts nether bricks into red nether blocks I think it's called like this u could sell it to him and get tons upon tons of diamonds

  • 442 82 2

  • There is no way piglins can trade at 4000 items per hour... there are only 3600 seconds in an hour, and they definitely don't trade more than once per second. If anything, they might trade 400 items per hour, taking 9 second per item.

    • @Joseph Helms mate, you start your comment off by saying piglins cant trade at 400 items per hour. You end your comment by saying they can trade 400 items an hour. Sorry, just makes zero sense even with my maths degree.

    • @Max Z Alright, well go study multiplication and then come back. It will make sense then.

    • Your comment makes zero sense.

  • At 2:35 you can see that he is the only one online on the server

  • 1.16.2 piglin bartering nerf

  • sad ghast noises

  • “i need a great universal name” “brian” the biggest smile shot up on my face

  • Ik that grian needs nether brick for he’s nether base so be aware of grians.

  • On a real multiplayer server that has 100s of people playing which reduces mob spawning beacons cost 15-18 diamond blocks. Applecraft is the best mostly vanilla server.

  • You can buy 4 bookshelfs from the one villager, break them and sell the books to the other villager.

  • If you hit one of the piglins they get amgry and the animation of them looking at the gold doesn't work anymore so when they get a gold they drop it instantly

  • Who else thought his jacket was a backpack?

  • Too many items it’s not 2012



  • So when he called the villager Charles I was like THATS ME and then he called him terrible and i was like, I go by Charlie anyway