HermitCraft 7: 45 | MAKING A BASE IN THE TREE

Datum objavljivanja: 12. Kol 2020.
HermitCraft 7: 45 | MAKING A BASE IN THE TREE
Iskall makes his tree trunk base in to more of a real base, with treasure vault storage for all the diamonds, well the few diamonds he still has, and other treasure!
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  • mr. red the most sunburned man of all time . awesome looking he is though

  • did i saw someone or something using the stair when he was using the leaves?

  • The tree looks dope man. Crazy.

  • Slowly catching up 🤩 and had an idea while watching this video. You should texture the top floor of the trunk to look like the rings that you find in a tree that indicates how old the tree is.

  • Iskall your tree looks amazing!

  • Iskall, "Sometimes it is the really little things that make your base better. Reality: The little things took 10 hours.

  • You should prob make sure that your starter base is completely cleared out. *Finds stack of diamonds in starter base*

  • Keyows I love that

  • Hi

  • You know in a real tree there is that "design" spiral, circle thingy that tells you the age of the tree. (as you can tell I don't know the name) But that is what the staircase

  • I mean to be fair you have put in 0 leaves....

  • The rooms on the staircase should be called IBBIBIBBBB’s. Itsy Bitsy Bases In Between In Between Bases Base and BASE Base.

  • You can show the average leaf boxes bearnie has got from all

  • Grian in his video: "Oh, he, he hesitated!" Iskall in his Video:*No Hesitation just murder* well and fumbling with the keys

  • The fact that iskall refers to a few full shulker boxes of oak leaves as a “small supply” really says how big his base is

  • It really says how big iskalls base is when he has to do a time lapse of just running down the stairs

  • how do you make a mr red

  • you started going up like a slab a block, but now its like up a slab every 3 blocks

  • Hey!

  • iskall seeing money trees: WHO IS RICH ENOUGH TO DO THIS kendrick lamar: ...

  • Grian: Kill me Anyone: OK! Grian: AGAIN! Literally* everyone: SURE! *Literal truth not guaranteed. Absence of guarantee is not backed by warranty. Void everywhere, especially where prohibited by law.

  • I love the way you say hallo and episode when you end a video lol.

  • Make Bernie a friend that collects wood!

  • sell rooms in the shopping dst

  • Ngl thats kinda lookin mega

  • 10:16 ???

  • You should make the rooms into bed rooms

  • 9:25 *general Iskall*

  • ?

  • How to get head

  • I used to live in chaos Now I live in nothing -iskall85

  • Mr. Red looks flayed...OMEGA SHOP MASCOT!? THE MAN HAS NO SKIN!!

  • You should call the trunk trunk hotel and the rooms are the hotel rooms

  • personally I would have an express path on the inner edge of that path.

  • The beacon should be centred

  • He should put the villagers in the rooms

  • Sounded like he was going to say: Hello! Im ibxtoycat 07:15

  • Imagine iskall vain mining his base if he had the mod

  • I’m sure someone else already thought of this in the comments but I think an epic idea for the omega tree would be to separate the canapé into 4 sections - 1 for each season and decorate the branches according to that. For example pink for spring, green for summer, red for fall and nothing for winter.. mayne snowflakes? Just a random idea


  • Iskall, you should make small tribute rooms for each hermit in the individual rooms of your tree. You could put an armor stand with their head on it, and decorate it with things that remind you the most about each hermit. Skills, experiences, funny moments etc.

  • You could keep a specific amount of blocks in each cove to keep track when you have thousands

  • iskall i love your tree SOOO much its so realistic so mature i love it

  • why don't you make a honey farm in your bee this honey hole thingy outside of your OMEGA tree?

  • 5:57 wait . what u say?

  • The flooring of your tree should be honey blocks with lights underneath instead of the grass! That way if you fall you land in them and it's like glowing sap 🙂

  • I tried to make something like this but gave up beacause it was too hard

  • can you make the floors oak wood in a spiral with spruce ?

  • Wow. Mr. Red is something straight out of a Phoenix SC video. I didn't think something like that would even be possible in survival.

  • Iskall to the end of the season you def. have to fire you tree up, just for the show, y know!

  • You need more light in your tree

  • You should put those beacons in one of the treasure rooms ovo I mean... you have more than enough

  • kill somebody carma kills you back

  • It reminds me of the mother tree in The Avitar movie . Awesome work

  • ß

  • Am I the only one thinking Hometree from Avatar? Anyone else?

  • Okay so now you realise that you realised that you dont have a base Sound very realising

  • You should change the edges that are near the wall of the spiral stairs with some darker wood like spruce or dark oak to give it an outline of such

  • Sell the rooms in the tree to other hermits.

  • You should make rooms of different things every 2 trunk pieces you go up and have a directory at the bottom

  • Use those rooms as a storage place

  • honestly, the staircase kinda looks like fungi that grows on the side of trees

  • did anyone else see that the staircase/ramp he built this episode is at a different angle than the original part?

  • Grian whenever he needs heads: heckity heck I crave death

  • I would add storage in each of the rooms. That solves your storage problem temporarily and it will probably look really good and it allows you add a lot of diversity for each room quite easily. I'd have one room for each type of block, so one 'leaves' room and one 'stone' room and one 'nether' room etc.

  • Iskall I like your omega tree but the leaves are owful

  • they should put jschlat in hermitcraft

  • I showed this to my grandpa and he started to yell “privet no” and other names and started crying

  • Iskall you should make little rooms inside the branches of your tree, it will make it more immersive.

  • Put a waterfall down the staircase

  • who else would go into hermitcraft and farm leaves the whole time just to put in berny

  • The Redstone shop needs decorating on the inside.😃

  • you could put one of the nooks on each level as an express way ( have the bubble lift next to drop holes and safe landing spots )

  • When your such a big fan of iskall for 2 years that you use his same Minecraft loadout fov close to his skin and his original cave base and have watched all his streams this season and all his vids 3 times yeah I need help

  • Hermitcraft existential crisis lol

  • L.O.L. lots of leaves

  • Sometimes I wonder if he even knows what omega means? Omega is 3rd it goes 1Alpha 2Beta 3Omega

  • Maybe you could sell the room in your tree so all/most the hermits have a room and they could all decorate differently.

  • Looks amazing 🤩

  • He has ancient debrie under his carpet

  • Watch Mumbo Jumbos hermitcraft S3E1. Scroll to 4:17 and he (Mumbo Jumbo) said he likes the way diorite looks.

  • It'd be great to not just have piles of blocks but blocks and slime oozing out of the tree holes

  • I feel like the little rooms going up the trunk should be like little bedrooms and "snugs" like peter pan and the lost boys would use

  • Ayo this look like Jerry's Tree 🤨

  • Idea for you Iskall, use a couple separate rooms to budget your diamonds (that way you know what diamonds you can spend, and which are going directly into the vault forever)

  • The rooms up the trunk can be your storage and each room is a different material

  • Hey Iskal85, some hermits are saving leaves so they can make a big dump at the end so they can get a jackpot


  • You should call mr red OmegaMan

  • It would be super cool to have a giant bee hive built either into a small hole in the side or a giant bee hive hanging from a branch with actual bees.

  • I think rooms in the corners where the stairway evens out would be cool

  • That can't be Grain he's...whaaaaa?

  • despite the use of oak leaves, this tree is actually an aspen tree, and you wanna know how i can tell?

  • bernie is asking for YOUR foliage support

  • hermit race! start at the top with no armor, no weapons. Whoever makes it to the bottom alive gets a shiney diamond block. no rules except you cannot die. You can kill others but since its only a fist, it would take work, or a long fall as you push them off. Let chaos reign.

  • make an omega tree village and change your beacon colour to green or brown just a suggestion

  • 10 000 diamonds as if

  • I couldnt make the OMEGA TREE(of doom) even if I am in Creative lol btw really love your vids

  • Iskall make a room for everyone in the server

  • Once more of the top of the OmegaTree is built, it would be really cool to transition that spiral walkway to the outside of the tree from the inside and take it all the way up. That way it can connect to any base areas out in the leaves! :)