HermitCraft 7: 44 | MY NEW MEGA PROJECT

Datum objavljivanja: 5. Kol 2020.
HermitCraft 7: 44 | MY NEW MEGA PROJECT
HermitCraft is back with iskall and a NEW MEGA PROJECT. Impulse has completed the bedrock crater and iskall takes FULL advantages of starting his new mega project (of doom)
Hermitcraft Season 7 SEED: -2143500864
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  • You built a room, specifically for when you die. To re-equip you with everything you need. Died, then didn't even use it. I dont even think you stocked the droppers with your backup items. What gives man 👨 Edit: your whole wasn't centered with your base, because you had to look around for bedrock at y-127 that was 1 thick. And you didn't find that block before you started your gold farm.

  • F in the chat for grian's howdy doodly do at 1:20

  • Did anyone els see that right after the tnt xsumavoid said check ur dms. Lol

  • Xisuma: "hey iskall, check your dms" Iskall: if i pretend i didnt see it, it didn't happen -xisumavoid has joined the game- Iskall: haha I'm in danger

  • you can really hear he's from sweden

  • i got ittttt

  • Iskall killed the Piglins for no reason


  • when i saw that rail road contraption i paused and in the next 12 seconds i was like pshh its a tnt minecart contraption

  • I know that Hermits are very busy but please you should revisit some projects. Mumbo's wither skeleton farm, iskall's nether hub and iskall's industrial district are some ext

  • Iskall: talking about trying to find diamond blocks Me : watching grian and zedaph talk about howdy diddly dos

  • hey im iskall doom dooom DOOOOM DOOOOOM!

  • Just going to wait until season 8 where they start building SciCraft level world eaters

  • Iskall: I’m going to create a backup room for when I die. Iskall:*dies. WHAT DO I DO I HAVE NO ENDER CHEST IN MY BASE

  • I knew it from as soon as I saw the rails

  • iskall: credit card declines impules: *patches the hole up like if u understand

  • anyone else here waiting for iskall to go back to this hole and do something?

  • I personally really like diorite

  • mental note: iskall has 6 nametages labeled "Brian"

  • Why Frankkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!

  • AA tnt

  • I don’t know 🤔

  • Wow!

  • 21:32 *buddy why was there TNT in your furnaces?*

  • Can we just appreciate the history about that sign. Mumbo writes a huge yes to iskall. Iskall steals the iron until only the E is left. Someone decides to add tho so the sign spells etho. Then someone else added smells. Then iskall sees it and makes it iskall smells like.

  • legend has it, Iskall never checked his DMs

  • Is it just me or does slime sound like macaroni in a pot

  • ethos smell like teen spirit

  • 7:59: This may go terribly wrong, BOOM Iskall has completely forgotten about his backup room with droppers

  • Ok lol

  • So hear me out, stampy on hermitcraft?? Think about it

  • Why didn’t you just put obsidian in front of the piglins

  • also sell some beacons for 10 diamonds per beacon

  • make a shell around the gold farm to make it look like a blimp, and make the top of your base look like the mooring tower, then you have a purpose from it being off-center

  • Why all those pressure plates

  • Haven’t seen rendogs vid. But I think I know what it is. He likes Star Wars. I think it’s Vader’s tower thingy

  • When iskall mentions doing a spiral staircase we know he never even finished the one he started in his tree base !!

  • Does Iskall know that he can get some of his gold back if he smelted his weighted pressure plates?

  • Iscall I’m having a lucky day walks by a bunch of black cats

  • Iskall: nooooo!!!! I'm BROKE!!!! *Literally 10 mins or Imma supa richhhhh!!!!!!!

  • iskall: burn diorite and says: this is something that everybody enjoys bdubs: let me introduce myself

  • 1:21 i can't stop looking at the chat

  • but can you change the floor to an oak spiral with dark oak/spruce then have a zen garden for the diamond pile!?!

  • Iskall: does anything is Minecraft Also iskall: “That is very satisfying”

  • Seeing the crater made me think of building a fake overworld above the ceiling, with a big meteor crater going down into the nether like it’s literally below it

  • I guessed it! TNT minecarts

  • “Hallo” *”Enjoyment”*

  • It's done! It's done! Its- ouch- It's done! Iskall is the definition of "Ouch. I don't care!"

  • 10:45 "I want the bass"

  • the hermitcraft people always dont care about the chat. Xisuma: Iskall check your dms Iskall (to viewers): i would like to make my nether spawn proof

  • If iskall charged one shulker box of leaves for one treasure spoon, he might actually finish his tree.


  • I guessed it!

  • i thought it was a tnt duplicator close enough imo

  • so... upside down nether tree?

  • i knew it

  • I think you should make a dead omega tree.

  • Is it me or did iskall really enchant his flint and steel for tge purpose of buring diorite

  • If iskallMAN wins or gets a jackpot, he should give away said reward to other Hermits.

  • Always enjoy watching! It makes my day.

  • I like when iskall says that he moved the piglins and instead he just killed them

  • The intro cured my headahce

  • imagine if he burned his tree down...

  • What is the dodily doe?

  • tnt mining

  • *Howdy doodily do*

  • tnt minecarts

  • i guessed right

  • iskall! You need to go mining again. get 1,000 diamonds again

  • 4:45 Hello enjoyment

  • 10:31 iscall can you check your dms lol

  • I gused

  • He can use the tnt minecart trick to mine ancient debris which he can sell to the other hermits

  • You should join the upside down and create an upside down petrified mega tree

  • he will never dig up those chests

  • Erik smells like the best steak I ever eaten at the rarest fish market in the whole entire poop.

  • Iskall try Fortnite 😃 it’s a good game trust me

  • Hey iskall you paid 32 diamond blocks not 30 impulse owes you 2 diamond blocks

  • i guessed tnt minecarts!

  • EVERYONE WHO WATCHES THIS VIDEO KEEP GOING BACK 10 seconds on the beginning of this video!!! It is soooo worth it

  • Nobody: Grian in the chat: *howdy doodly do*

  • I only knew becasue I saw grians vid and the portal wasent there but its TNT minecrart

  • theres a Trident shop in the shopping district

  • I knew what it was because another HRdownr named "Failboat" did something like this before and it made a HUGE explosion (of doom).


  • Bedrock; a.k.a dark diorite

  • 4:44 that transition woah

  • Petition for Ph1lza to be in Hermitcraft 8

  • does he not know about tnt duplicators?

  • Iskall: talks about his crater Grian: HoW DodLY Do

  • Grian in the chat be like howdly doodley do

  • Why did you say mega in the titel you aways say omega lol

  • failboats nether video shows off the tnt like grian

  • 14:26 that time Batman couldn't find his mask

  • Nobody: Grian: Howdily Doodily Do Zedaph: Both Doodiliy Dos for me? Grian: One Doodily each What the.....

    • lol

    • @GD Sceven somewhere around the crater madness edit: 1:20

    • timestamp...?

    • I look forward to their episodes to see what that's about

  • I imagine it should be a tree bursting through

  • If you win you keep the prizes ;)

  • Literally no one... Not a single soul... Grain: howdy doodily do

  • do like that one guys bank door and have those treasure chest rise up to the surface when you push a button and make fancy floor or something.

    • And add way to organize and filter into shelka boxes. You could have a double chest for each item and almost 10,000 storage per item. It would be the most compact storage in existence. And you could have an easy drop location just to fill with items at the top and have it auto place them in the correct box for you.

  • Spawn proof the walls by adding lights to fill it in. Then it can have a creepy vibe.

    • You could then keep going downwards with the tunnel to build more buildings and use the train so you don't have to use rockets.

    • You could also use the walls behind to utilize the natural lava pools as types of farms and or building machines or whatnot farther into the walls. IE for utilitarian reasons.

    • I wonder if you can hook a bunch of minecarts together to make a train and have an engine on both ends so it can go back and forth. It would then have a control system so it can change the path as it goes to different locations. Maybe even split up the train to multiple locations at once so people can all ride to their location together.

    • The train could deal with the misalignment with the gold farm. It could be a real train platform for offloading and getting off the train like a real train station.

    • You could then make it completely symmetrical also and use stuff behind the wall as storage or other rooms. And have train ride going down and to locations in the nether and charge people a for a train ride across the nether from or too your gold farm.