HermitCraft 7: 11 | I TRAPPED HIS BASE FOR TAG

Datum objavljivanja: 23. Ožu 2020.
HermitCraft 7: 11 | I TRAPPED HIS BASE FOR TAG
Iskall pvps to get heads for the head hunt game. Grian gets spotted and chased, and finally iskall decides to tnt tag game trap Grian's base, in order to get the tag off of him!
Hermitcraft Season 7 SEED: -2143500864
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  • Hi all! Massive thank you for 850.000 SUBSCRIBERS! Secondly, I didnt name the heads on purpose, when you kill someone it says your name in the NBT tag, so we dont have to name them :) Thank you though for having my back!

    • Hallo

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    • Jag är din största fan!

    • congratulations again Iskall for doubling your subscriber for the span of 5 months! btw s6 nd this episode always gave me a good laugh

    • iskall85 get mumbo

  • iskall: I think... I think there is a cat inside this... me: EXUSE ME THAT IS JELLIE

  • Iskall: dying with pumpkin pie grian: AnD Im TaKiNg YoUr PuMkIn PiE tOo

  • I got tons of gold no need to flex just kidding love the vids

  • Iskall: Breaks dirt to cover up the chest monster shop. Also Iskall: What's a spoiler wall?

  • 21:10 scared me so much

  • Plot twist: grian has a full blast protection 4 gear

  • Man, i just watched keralis new video with plushy and he sang that cant touch this DOO DOO DOO and i just came Here and u sang it too like WTF

  • change your skin that look like grian

  • I love your laugh XD when you saw the chest monster shop hahaha omg

  • if it happens next season always have a water bucket lol

  • you should have picked up another enderchest or two. they are free.

  • What’s a tag? I thought he was playing “tag:2 electric boogaloo”

  • He has 85 levels at stort (start) of vid

  • I love how he doesn't suspect the shweep

  • Great video i love your content.

  • Guys i need your help ....plz can you subscribe to BeastvipeR Games Link :-hrdown.info/least/nI_3rVB4fjBJu1nDMBwTMg Plz guys i need your support ...plz plz please:)

  • Guys i need your help ....plz can you subscribe to BeastvipeR Games Link :-hrdown.info/least/nI_3rVB4fjBJu1nDMBwTMg Plz guys i need your support ...plz plz please:)

  • Guys i need your help ....plz can you subscribe to BeastvipeR Games Link :-hrdown.info/least/nI_3rVB4fjBJu1nDMBwTMg Plz guys i need your support ...plz plz please:)

  • Guys i need your help ....plz can you subscribe to BeastvipeR Games Link :-hrdown.info/least/nI_3rVB4fjBJu1nDMBwTMg Plz guys i need your support ...plz plz please:)

  • Guys i need your help ....plz can you subscribe to BeastvipeR Games Link :-hrdown.info/least/nI_3rVB4fjBJu1nDMBwTMg Plz guys i need your support ...plz plz please:)

  • Hola iskall85

  • 12:29 I will never unsee that

  • 18:35 that much damage? YOU BARELY ERASED THE ROOM FROM EXISTENCE lmao

  • Iskall:im so close to two stacks of gold blocks Future Iskall:got tons of gold blocks

  • Did anyone noticed that iskall85 had 85 levels in the starting of the episode

  • 7 months on and I still haven't forgiven iskall for killing Grian. He was so excited when he thought mumbo finally sent him a message

  • i laughed when iskall said he had a chance at winning the head game

  • "bread master" is now officially the best thing I've heard another hermit call grian

  • WOW

  • iskall:i need grians tag grian:ah sh1t here we go again

  • Well they misunderstood each other Grian thought Iskall was picking up his stuff to kill him Iskall thought he was being sneaky to get his head It wasn’t a good misunderstanding

  • 5:44 watching after he made the first treasure island: me: ironic.

  • What about mumbo

  • I think the first tag was more fun

  • dudeee u purchased 11 enderchests too

  • who is BadTimesWithScar

  • As they say "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me." He actually fooled you three times lol.

  • Sub to me

  • Blast protection.....?

  • Iskall found a diorite he hates it

  • iskall85 with 85 enchantment levels (start of the video) and 850K subs...

  • Well played


    • you're* yes r/youngpeopleyoutube

  • I just love it when iskall is like hallooooo ;) Nice videos man Love you

  • Petition to make Iskallium a element

  • You’re laughs make my day!!!

  • guys use captions on this vid its funny when he said points 9:05

  • What’s tag? I’ve only ever heard of Tag 2 Electric Boogaloo?

  • I love how he squeaks every time it blows up lol That laugh. I can’t-

  • Grian killing iskall, fine I’ll do it again meme

  • At this point iskall should just stop going for grian lol

  • I like how his name is iskal85 and he had 85 levels at the start of the episode

  • How do people dislike these vid types-

  • Your laugh is weird

    • Your profile picture is weird

  • 6:53 or a block of diorite lol

  • Why is there a dummy with grian’s face on it????

  • why didnt you get the free enderchests with the shulker boxes???

  • Is this the reason why you two never colab anymore?:p

  • You could make an automatic smelter for the swords

  • Figcc

  • Grian is the door stealer

    • You're about 5 months too late to the party i'm afraid everyone knew as well

  • Lmao

  • Iskall: I really like Grian's base, it's coming along well. Also Iskall: For this trap we are going to be using tnt.

  • Grian when iskall tried to kill him: Call an ambulance But not for me

  • You can smelt the gold swords in to golden nuggets

  • at 3:27 did i ear him say the f word????

    • @Cindy L dude ;-;

    • he said funny stop trying to be smart

  • pov:you searched for this video after watching Grian's video

  • Grians reaction speed and down that tunnel was epic , didn't expect that . Great clip man 👍👊👊

  • Didnt look like he named the heads and he didnt get his extra end chest with purchase!!! I was like crawling in my chair tryna tell him to turn around lol

  • Did he forget to take da free chests?

  • Iskall's 2 weaknesses diorite builds and grian traps

  • Iskall took grian killing him soooo much better than I take getting killed in cod

  • Iskall you can take the chests and the ender chests too it’s like a buy one get one I watched stress’s channel and she did it 😁

  • Imagine if Grian had a totem

  • That “not again” is the funniest part

  • An arrow of damage 2 on fire will kill from a dispensor.

  • Ahem. Tag 2: electric boogaloo

  • Iskall you took 11 shulker boxes so he said every other storage item is free with any purchase so you could have took like 11 free ender chests man

  • U should craft a sheild

  • I was waiting for Grian to set the trap. It was so worth it.

  • Little did he know he has a secret fake panic.

  • It said Badtimewithscar that’s no good

  • WHAT if he has blast prot? D: gotta watch grians vids next hahaha

  • Umm the cat is jellie. Scar made that shop

  • 666 dis likes

  • YOU DIDN'T COLLECT YOUR FREE CHESTS FROM SCAR!!! (you could have got free ender chests)

  • When he said "PvP you say" I was like 'Omg don't! You remember what happened last time!'

  • *tries to murder grian and ends up gettting killed by him* “I’m talking to my friend”

  • Yes iskall, yes again 😅🤣😂 9:55

  • Did you notice bad times with scar

  • Trap 2: electric boogaloo

  • i waiting for the fall damage trap will pop up in season 8

  • As soon as he said he had 4 killing chambers now, I notices his *85 LEVELS*


  • the shop is scars you can tell by the jelly

  • “Where is your bread master?"

  • Iskall: okay I’m gonna prank grian now. Video ends... Me: wait a sec did he seriously leave me on a cliffhanger I’m offended

  • 9:29 + for everyone searching Iskall chasing Grian :D

  • What episode did grian troll him in hermitcraft 7 again, please someone answer

  • ploting his death