HermitCraft 7: 46 | TREE HOUSE BRAIN!

Datum objavljivanja: 15. Kol 2020.
HermitCraft 7: 46 | TREE HOUSE BRAIN!
Every Minecraft tree house needs a brain! A mega storage system brain of doom. Iskalls Omega Tree base is no different!
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  • If you link the overflow items to the first chest they can just go back through the system on their own

  • Golden mustache? It’s the McDonald’s logo

  • He's just Australian ofensefe much

  • ah diorite change to polished diorite

  • Can we compare iskall's diorite hatred to hitler's hatred of the jews since it's mostly unfounded? No? Well, it's still unfounded.

  • Personally I like diorite

  • What’s ironic is is kill probably placed every single one of those diorite blocks

  • its funny that he has a diamond microblock on one of his chests, and he also said that those chests are the chests containing things he does not have a lot of. he's just insulting HIMSELF!

  • I'm an Aussie and never have I been so offended by something I 100% agree with

  • Huhhhhhhhhh: Jdbdsjsusvsysidbfxy: Iskall:AnDerSiTe Ohhhhhjj

  • that Aussie joke hit hard lol. Gj ^^ I still wanna see you use diorite one day. Big challenge there ^^

  • Iskall: now we can sort these blocks manually Mumbo: automatic take it or leave it

  • "Dont worry about him, he just Australian"

  • At first I though that the "brain" in the title was a cursed spelling of Grian Like Grain Lol

    • Maybe i'm really dumb. But English is my second language tho

  • Iskall: "Don't worry he's Australian." Australians: 👁👄👁

  • When you say “TREE HOUSE” people expect a house ON one of the jungle trees But you build a house IN a SELF MADE tree.😂😂LOL.

  • When iskall said the weird villager was Australian that really offensive

  • ...soo uhhhh Diorite's basically to Iskall as the Corruption or Crimson is to Terraria?, good to know, did you have to fight some part of a eldergod called I don't know... the pinky toe of Cthulhu?


  • My eyes teared up when i saw Australian bob and the diorite infected world :( jk lol but it was still funny

  • iskall, please, dont just on the soul sand, its faster to run

  • F

  • Why is no one talking about how the notification popped up that stressmonster101 joined the game she’s been gone for so long

  • _D o n ' t w o r r y a b o u t h i m , h e ' s j u s t a u s t r a l i a n ._

  • Can you make a tutorial for your storage system?

  • Did anybody notice that his flint and steel is named "HALLO DIORITE"😂

  • 3:46 ...australian? LMAO

  • Can someone please explain the Australian joke

  • My magnetic boots keep me firmly grounded. “Fair Dinkum mate”!

  • just trade with Xisumavoid, a miniblock for a miniblock

  • dear iskall, i would like to know why you pronounce andesite as "andeRsite"? it makes me laugh every time :D

  • The original module looks like a space invader.

  • 7:56 all of my bases ever made

  • 3:46 Funniest Joke in this entire episode and it came out of no where

  • Idea for Iskall’s next build: Dalek building/something that references Doctor Who

  • LOL?

  • Don’t worry about him he’s just Australian 😂 so true.

  • TOM! NOOOOOOOOO!!! :´(

  • andersite

  • this is a redstone video that i actually understood. im proud of myself

  • Amazing! Love watching these

  • do you play fortnite

  • Myselium menace and the dastardly diorite

  • I started to cry when everything in the village turned to diorite. 😢

  • You are in creative. Time: 3:33

  • Can anyone tell me why hermitcraft.com is selling couches... Screenshot on request.

  • i made freinds with a computer thats how crazy i am about quarantine

  • 3:46 : A random Australian watching this video: Wut

  • “Don’t worry about him he’s just Australian” I cryed from laughing

  • Why you bully us Aussies. Maybe ur upside down.

  • I hope you dont put TNT into the system or lava or water or arrows or chicken eggs

  • Imagine if hoppers could be placed upside-down...

  • How dare you insult the Australians! Haha xD

  • Diorite is like Voldemort he or the block who shall not be named

  • you should totally make a Omega Diorite Burning Pit of Doom, were you have a sorter to take evil diorite from the storage system and dispensed into the Omega Diorite Burning Pit of Doom.

  • When I though only grain is very messy Oop ISKALL IS MESSY TOO?

  • howit'smade

  • In the brain, make it so diorite gets separated from the rest of the items and it gets burned.

  • Mojang should totally add wireless hoppers.

  • Gold is now Iskall’s main red stone line block

  • But I’m still liking

  • Rude! I’m Aussie!


  • There should probably be a sign saying not to put any arrows, water, xp bottles or other throwables in the filter system

  • Don't worry he's just Australian 😂😂😂

  • Nice storage system iskall85.👍😃

  • Nice base iskall85

  • Good video iskall85👍😃

  • 3:38 there was literally 1 tear comming out my eye

  • i thought that there was skeletons all over his base but i forgot i had afkd at my farm xd

  • Andesite*

  • Tunnels

  • Me actually crying about Tom RIP Tom😭

  • When he said don’t worry he’s just Australien

  • If anyone builds a system similar to this that uses dispenser it’s vitally important to put a tnt filter after the main input chest. It’s fine if the TNT is in a shulker, but if you throw loose TNT into the system it will promptly blow itself right up. Ask me how I know :(

  • F for tom

  • Iskall finish putting leaves on the tree PLEASE

  • Mumbo : flexing with redstone skills Iskall : flexing with gold

  • Iskall's editing style is so chaotic and fun! His videos never fail to make me smile!😊

  • "Don't worry about him, he's just Australian" -Iskall85 2020

  • 69K likes NOICE

  • Iskall should add a chest for diorite but it is connected to a hopper chain leading into a lava pit

  • it seems like a bit of a mandela effect that andesite has an r in it

  • RIP Tom and The Australian

  • He's just Australian. xD

  • I was about to suggest Iskall should've added a Diorite incinerator. Then I remembered he'd have to actually collect it, and we all know he wouldn't waste inventory space like that long enough to get back to a sorter 🤣

  • “Don’t worry about him he’s just Australian” 😂😂😂

  • 3:45 is super funny

  • You guys do realise that iskall is our lord and savour because Look what would have happened if he didn’t burn that disgusting ditorite

  • i had a stroke listening to the intro..

  • rip tom and the australian

  • Iskall, I think you just have to slow down the dropper that is sending the items down the ice stream for it to work. You said it yourself that droppers operate around 2x the speed of hoppers, so they probably just can’t keep up.

  • Stampy's Lovely World

  • Dont worry he is just australian 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I already forgot about Tom the Australian

  • 1:25 yup, backLOG!

  • But Iskall, by burning diorite all these years you have actually caused an increase in the diorite spread rate, you turned the block into a plasmidic state where it can pass even gas tight barriers and has infused the genes of every being near it, even you! You must instead find a way to safely contain it much like radioactive or extreme biohazard materials, a diorite deep vault. Keep it contained, keep the world pure! At this rate you only have a few more diorite blocks left before the contamination begins to show itself upon your body! If even 1000 more blocks are burned near you... well it likely wont be good...

  • Iskall, diorite has one use and that is *crafting andersite* This is the *ONLY* use diorite has

  • Iskall talking about his redstone: its actually quite simple Me: i didnt know mumbo was in the building

  • and then iskall realise that there are tnt in his trash *_iskall85 blown up._*