HermitCraft 7: 52 | BASE PROGRESS WITH SWAG!

Datum objavljivanja: 9. Ruj 2020.
HermitCraft 7: 52 | BASE PROGRESS WITH SWAG!
Iskall base building continues in his Omega Tree house base of doom.
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  • He could’ve used leather instead of netherite lol

  • Imagine fire spread was off and lightning struck that tree

  • 1 million views. But only 67k likes? come on people.

  • Now, I need to say it. It is so funny to me that hallo is actualy german for hello so he just sells... merch in german. Its awesome

  • Mumbo thought that there was just a really good golden shovel for the jackpot, lol

  • Had me at swag

  • noooo the merch is all sold out :(

  • I’m sorry are we just going to ignore that endrod it’s been in the last three videos just sitting in the middle of his base

  • I’m not a sports guy, but the reason Australian football fields are circular is because they all do double duty as cricket grounds. The football and soccer games are still played in a rectangle. Australian rules football, though, is played on an oval, and, get this, NOBODY standardised the width of the semi major axis! Australian rules fields can range from a highly eccentric ellipse, to something almost circular!

  • I'm sad that all of your merch is already sold out

  • Anyone else see the bacon hair Roblox noob in the back wall? 2:14

  • ahh pooie ive been bizzy so it took me getting realy sick to have time to binge hermitcraft and the stores all sold out.:(

  • You should have made the diamond pile the beacon base

  • **I actually like that more than I thought I wood** yes

  • That Australia reference hahahahaha

  • ___ of doom could totally be put in cards against humanity

  • Actually the football fields are ovals

  • When he says hallo he is saying hello in german

  • As a certified Australian, I have never actually seen a circular soccer (football) field

  • Whenever he makes one of those piles all I can think of my math homework where we are calculating pile load capacity. Qu=FpAp + FsAs (20.5) I wonder what the equation be for diamonds...


    • Also, make the tree room your bedroom


  • I’m glad you didn’t keep the grass. I thought it looked really bad. You could add more greenery by more leaves inside, vines, and even normal trees inside the tree.

  • 17:40 that’s when you tubers want a break from their fans

  • I’m new so why does Iskall hate diorite

  • So wait he voted for jschlatt-

  • Lol, I completely forgot that we use the name "football" for a completely different game than the rest of the world.

  • Iskall: These are all of my Minecraft chest plate options Leather Chest plate: *sad chest plate noises*

  • 17:35, iskalls humour is honestly astonishing

  • dude the boomers made a diorte exploder machine outside our base

  • That was the longest March plug I’ve ever seen

  • Hallo Bernie

  • Why the heck is Iskall building an Aperture Science Testing room?

  • My favorite is the .... of doom

  • Iskall: "I'm really getting a Sahra vibe from this, and I like it" Me: Sahara 2 !?!?!?!?!?

  • 13:54 I'm not going to say goodbye again, (name of sword) HALLO!

  • Hey Iskall, Change the vault floor to diorite so you force yourself to get more diamonds. Also, put your beacon undr the diamond pile. Edit: I just watched the rest of the video lol.

  • I thought round football fields was normal. 😅 I wouldn't know, I don't watch football, I watch Minecraft videos on youtube. Lol

  • Alright, where is his fifth beacon? Because I saw not four, but five beacon effects on him. hmmmm...

  • Imagine wasting netherite ingot on a chest plate when u could get dyed leather chest plate

  • When he said Hallo, my son got excited that he spoke to him. Still cannot get him to understand you cannot respond to him in real time.

  • A single flint and steel accident and its all gone

    • They made the server not spread fire. He said it in one of his earlier episodes

  • He should make four of the diamond counters for each wall in his hole for different resources like netherite, iron, gold etc

  • How does he make those t shirts in minecraft?

  • I love the baseball diamond in the midle of your base

  • David

  • 13:49 Bruh I died lmao

  • I like the grass better

  • T shirt of doom

  • Keep the grass!! It makes it feel more organic. And it looks good with the contrast of the diamonds. I’d also keep the beacons white.

  • Iskall no go pog 2020

  • -_-

  • 13:53: He said HELLO! instead

  • The heart one should have been like a hockey jersey instead of a plain tee

  • Crying montage was just so perfectly omega

  • NO OAK

  • why is there a grian face in your tree cave stores backwall?! Thats not good branding

  • Not you iskall...

  • The first 10 minutes were just an ad

  • You couldn't have used leather instead of netherite for the shirt?

  • omega shirt looks sooo good

  • When Iskall Placed *Polished Diorite* as Decoration... *I Fell out of my chair!!.* 🙈

  • at 8:51:"i'm not going to say goodbye again" *he holds his axe called "halo"*

  • It's so funny how Swedish and Dutch have so much in common: no in Dutch is nee and in Swedish nej and you pronounce it the same way, hello in Dutch is hallo and in Swedish hallå and you pronounce it the same way, and that with yes to

  • Putt glass over the diamonds

  • Iskall um I know this will never happen but on Christmas can I try join bc I’ll be getting a pc for Christmas,I’m going to change from news to a Minecraft channel when I get it,I know I won’t get popular but I want to try, pls it’s my dream;and I know you won’t reply,and I have a really good idea for a base

  • He could’ve gotten a diamond chest plate for 1 emerald and used the grindstone.

  • I miss Sahara the store in season 6

  • did u forget about leather chestpieces? that would of been a extra chance to promote merch

  • i like the grass better but i like the idea someone else came up with to have the floor be the rings of the tree's stump even more

  • our football stadiums are not round as in circles they are oval shaped, they also double as cricket pitches in the off season

  • Change the Armour stands pose to see the word on the chestplate

  • floor should be jungle wood to give it that hint of green but still definitely wood

  • 19:22 iskall breaks a ender chest when there’s already an ender chest there.

  • Hinlo (It means Hellooooooo)

  • Cover the hole with glass

  • You can buy chain mail from villagers

  • I prefer the grass over the wood, because it’s a jungle it adds a much needed contrast, oak is a very 2011 block and I’m afraid your overusing it, I know it’s a tree but contrast is a great thing. The grass should stay

  • Bumbo Shirtoni! Love the omega shirt as well 😄

  • I subbed to you

  • Plz shoutout to me

  • When I saw bumbo I laughed so hard I spilled water on all of my monitors XD

  • The *PRIVATE* door should be your parrot jukebox room.

  • what about a leather chestplate

  • ThEY'vE fLaLlEn OfF HAHAHA - _ -

  • maybe you could make it wood and make it seem like grass is creeping over the edges?

  • xD every time it rains we're just gonna call it the tears of the sad treasure hunters

  • Thanks for acknowledging AFL Iskall! Must admit at first I thought you meant a cricket field...

  • When you have class but all the hermits are uploading and you want to watch them

  • xD the montage of sad treasure hunters and it had to show Mumbo

  • When you actually get to watch a video that says a hermit has a limited edtion merch item but you cant get it

  • when all the hermits upload and you know parts of the other hermits vids from watching theirs but also know parts of theirs from others

  • I'll take a super hallo please

  • ohh i want the of doom one.... the "of doom" shirt of doom. or the bumbo one. or the iskallian one. ohh they're all so nice i want i want lol

  • what if you sold shirts that looked like your skin but like the shirt and vest separately


  • When any of the architects mention Sahara: THEY REMEMBER! YESSS BUT ALSO WHERE YOUR 5 (OR WAS IS 4 I FORGET) BLOCKS OF DIAMOND YOU SEND TO SEASON 7? lol of course they remember they spend hours on that thing and it was great.

  • Iskall: Polished diorite for the flooring! Me: O.o WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU ISKALL DO YOU NEED ME TO CALL THE AMBULANCE ARE YOU OKAY? Iskall: ekhmm Me: oh ok you're good.

  • 1:16 who thought Iskall forgot that he hated diorite?

  • Iskall: "A Polished Diorite floor!" The fans: ":O oh god no, please no!!"