HermitCraft 7: 49 | THE AUTOCRAFTER BASE!

Datum objavljivanja: 27. Kol 2020.
HermitCraft 7: 49 | THE AUTOCRAFTER BASE!
Autocrafter in Minecraft? A MINECRAFT AUTOCRAFTING MACHINE? Yes, it is possible AND VERY USEFUL for a mega gold farm of doom!
Hermitcraft Season 7 SEED: -2143500864
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  • l thought you are mumbo when you are doing redstone

  • No

  • U

  • Right when he does the "Do you wanna build a snowman?" bit I get an ad for Disney+. That's real creepy of you, Daddy Google.

  • At the time of making this comment this video has 77k likes and 777 dislikes

  • 77k likes 777 dislikes anyone else?

  • The island should have treasure tokens and the boxes be back at the shopping district

  • u could have made bonemeal with rotten flesh

  • Love the intro

  • I think he just accidentally did the 2000 diamond challenge. That is one profitable shop.

  • I did the math and with the diamonds iskall made from the island it still isn't made a profit from the diamonds and netherite he put into it

  • Iskall: do not sell rotten flesh. Grian: sells one for two stacks of diamonds.

  • I don't know how he sorts the items so I just feel like a was in my highschool math classes cuz I don't know basic math so I didn't know how to do the other things

    • @CaesarSalad i I couldn't do the other things (like, I don't know, Bhaskara) cause It was hard to understand the simple things. It's like trying to do something but without the base

    • ?

  • I know people have said it, but the episode number is 49 not 60.

  • What the most fun thing in minecraft? Me:Listening to the pressure plates.

  • I still can't figure out how to make this autocrafter...

  • Everyone’s talking about the treasure island but was anyone else confused with the main part of the video? Ya know the red stone? Cause I sure was

  • Pov: you are uncontrollably floating away from Iskall

  • Iskall: don't sell rotten flesh! Grian, who made 2 stacks of diamonds from one piece:

  • Iskall- anyway Add- what if you could watch HRdown without ads Me-😤😤

  • iskall pls turn off fog it makes the nether look so much better

  • I think we broke Iskall.

  • 22:06 i have never heard a human make those noises.

  • Best intro this season. xD

  • I feel sorry for grians pocket

  • 15:30 i guess you could say it was.......false symmetry

  • Grian got 2-3 I think.

  • Is he indian look at 3:08

  • omg yes bring the rotten flesh to my (my name is robert)

  • Under your floor

  • One of the best intros i’ve seen so far


  • Can you use diorite instead of gold in one redstone contraption I challenge you 😋

  • I was downing cocoa crispies wall watching. Just something to know

  • Do you say bad words

  • all hoppers could load in one modul

  • the 2000000 waits iskall congrats to 1.4

  • Loved the intro dude it was funny

  • 22:06-22:15 is MEGA scream of doom for blue crystals LOL😂😂😂😂

  • I think he had a stroke when he opened the barrels

  • Iskall you missed the opportunity to get Mumbo’s real suit back from stress

  • iskall you should make a diorite destroyer where that the diorite destroyes the diorite...

  • The Keralis comment had me dying 🤣

  • Everyone is saying that it's completely unfair, but all the people who were the first to dig made a bad mistake. As time goes by and people do the island, more and more will be uncovered, meaning that the chances of digging one up with increase exponentially (or laterally, correct if wrong). Either way it gets way easier further down the road.

  • Mumbo's goldfarm could never

  • Hallo um omega iskall u have boecome mumbo hurmit chalagos jumbo

  • Me actually about to click of video him why are you clicking off of this video

  • 0:19:18 small flex, but I noticed you turned Mumbo Jumbo's volume low.

  • i love how beef left him 69 diamonds (nice)

  • Iskall's chaotic style always makes me laugh so much! His videos always brighten my day!💙

  • Since you're going into partnership with mumbo (I saw in his episode) why dont you use his villagers to trade redstone?

  • I was genuinely so happy that Treasure Island did so well, after Bernie needed a win!

  • Did iskall just make a redstone device when his floor is made out of pressure plates that give a redstone signal

  • I’m that drunk that for half ur video I thought u was Mumbo 😂😂😂😂😂

  • I love the little nej

  • Nice auto crafter base iskall.😃👍

  • Nice base iskall.😃👍

  • Good video iskall.😃👍

  • How many times does iskall say I at the beginning of his videos hrdown.info/block/video/23R6f86dhZetmZo

  • How is he so good at math is that his like 40th take

  • "I'm gonna put these in a safe place before i fly into a wall and die and fall into lava" You mean an ender chest?

  • eeeeeeeeeeggggggssssss

  • Whers he s anchent debri liggings he s a noob 6:40

  • Poor Robert

  • Iskall: Why are you getting further away from me?! Me standing still: 👁️👄👁️

  • Why does iskall have 3 cub fan heads in a chest

  • I really appreciate all the funny skits you add but man, your treasure Island needs some work

  • I feel like you need to light up the branches once you’ve finished so that you don’t fly into it and dye

  • change steven universe

  • Instead of iskallman I introduced you to iceman.

  • MINE CRAFT auto update auto crafter and smelter block fill every crafting slot with the desired block so it will auto smelt or craft


  • 22:06 i have never heard a sound of silence and excitement on iskall like this in my entire life

  • Ender chests are still a thing Iskall

  • Get as much gold as possible, put it up for sale, and watch it become cheap as dirt. (Economics at its finest)

  • Just go to the island and look in the holes...

  • To know how many treasures have been found you could put up a log book in the treasure island shop so that when a hermit finds a treasure they can come back and report it in the log book. ps. love your content.

  • That into made me so confused, my dumbass was trying to zoom in lmao

  • Love how iskall went to see stress, and didn't ask about mumbo's suit

  • 22:06 - When she keeps sucking 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Literally no one: Iskall with ice on his head: do you wanna build a snowman

  • recommendation: add a auto dropper system to the auto crafter so you don't have to manually retrieve the nuggets from the shulker box every time. (use 2-4 auto droppers to increase speed). Then hook the whole system to a pressure plate instead of a button. so the system will keep spitting nuggets into your inventory while you craft until it is out of nuggets.) may take some testing to make sure you don't out craft the droppers and the droppers don't empty faster than you can craft, but i think it would be worth it in the end to save time. You know what they say "time is money $$"

  • "do not sell rotten flesh its not worth it" - local hermitcrafter executed for blasphemy

  • 0 from grian when he spent all of his money 0 from mumbo cause the hints where to hard

  • Can you make it cheaper man

  • Congratulations on the 1.4mil subs!!! You deserve more!

  • Use your camera account to look under the treasure island so you can see the treasures remaining

  • i know that Stressmonster found 2 barrels, Grian found 2 barrels and Tango found a barrel. By the way you should put up a sign saying how many blocks deep the treasures can be, ex. 5-10. Also, have a shulker box that shows what can be found in treasures, ex. kurt, awesome, mega and omaga

  • Grian: oh no I lost so much diamonds Impulse: first time?

  • You should make Sahara again

  • Two ideas that you might want to use. You could build a warped or Crimson tree in the nether for your base there or another idea is you could make a hole in your tree that kind a looks like somewhere that a squirrel with Liv so that you could fly in and out with an elitra

  • Has ANYONE else noticed taht iskal sounds like Mumbo as if he were putting on an accent ? 😂

  • omg that editing XD LMAO

  • Iskall, in your redstone shop you could put some cleric villagers that sell redstone. You can put emeralds down and they could buy any redstone items. They would get the xp for the trades and they could put the redstone in a chest, which you can use to stock up your shop. This would maybe have to be free as they are basically buying xp for redstone, but using your emeralds. This would stop you stressing about getting stock for your shop, and would get Hermits XP. Its a Win Win

  • "Hi! I've got a project... Ooo, popcorn!!!!"

  • Grian found one treasure

  • If you look at the base of your tree it looks a little outa place (I think), you could do mini trees maybe around 30 blocks tall and have houses or mini farms apart of those trees. Like this so iskall can see. Nice tree btw

  • I’m eating Swedish meatball

  • Is it possible to play a modpack with gaming on caffeine and jankynik

  • Sing the dragon bros with grian and mumbo