HermitCraft 7: 17 | THE BASE IN MY TREE HOUSE!

Datum objavljivanja: 9. Tra 2020.
HermitCraft 7: 17 | THE BASE IN MY TREE HOUSE!
A base inside a minecraft tree house, it's time iskall moves in to his oemga tree! Allthough, he will have to live in the trunk of the tree for now, he builds a storage room and an advanced bedroom.
Hermitcraft Season 7 SEED: -2143500864
Gold Farm used: hrdown.info/block/video/uZWAaZh8htCspMk
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  • Yeet

  • Yeet

  • Hey Iskall, you are not the only one that eats muffins sideways. I even eat cupcakes sideways. I don't eat them in any other way.

  • nether star

  • Wait, you're NOT supposed to be eating muffins from the side? My life is a lie

  • And he has a movie

  • His original name is woody the woodpecker he is in cartoons

  • Was watching this when HRdown went down :(

  • In bedrock you cant use enchanted bows for dispensers so you wont accidentally lose your super bow......... sorry omega bow

  • He should named the tree to yggrasil

  • 4:33 he has no idea what is about to happen

  • Andersite lol

  • IBBBSSTIBTMOO EDIT WG In between bases storage system that is bigger than my old one EDIT without granite

  • You should have holes in the inside of the tree trunk. And put stuff in there.

  • Iskall: Parrot, ALLAN IRL: Woodpecker, Woody

  • See that smallest root in the mega tree of doom? That is my max build height.

  • Imagine you die respawn try to go for the spawn armors and you get stuck in the honey lol

  • "It looks polished to me for some reason" Maybe that's because it's POLISHED andesite.

  • and then theres me here, who has just been staring at the misspelling in the description for 6 hours its the oemga tree!

  • Who else saw a face1:23

  • Holy crap- I’ve only just started looking into Hermitcraft... *i need to do a binging session*


  • watch the adds for iskall!

  • RIP Super Bow

  • Iskall: BIBB Meaning:In Between bases base Mumbo:IBBBBBBBIBI Meaning:In Between Bases Built By Bumbo Baggins But Inspired By Iskall

  • skall your video is so inspiaring and i want to try but i cannot becuase i don't have a minecraft java so i ccan't try it adnd i wish i have

  • id put the chest on the left side and the back, and have the right side your shulker switcher with storage

  • Does anyone know what happened to Kenny?

  • You had diorite iskall

  • For that empty place you can put a auto furnace system

  • 20 diamonds for something that iskall can get in like 2 minutes is a scam

  • 700 hundred Unlikes Why Why ????

  • Mycelium is absolutely a good investment

  • You should put some heads on fence

  • i really like the concept of omega bedroom

  • Nah the branch looks like a brown brogle

  • It’s obviously Woody the woodpecker. Calling him Allan is just weird...

  • To be honest I thought I should keep the Oak plank scaffolding I just gave it kind of a Nice little touch

  • Iskall, I have an idea of how to light up your bedroom, turn some of the floor blocks into slabs and put a glow stone block behind it. The glow stone will glow through the slab Like so he will see pls

  • The trunk cave room is SO beautiful!! I'm so grateful to have found Hermitcraft, you're all such wonderful builders!! You got me playing Minecraft again, time for me to GET GOOD LOL

  • Build better vault suggestion-1 (It is from Bumbo Baggins) hrdown.info/block/video/1ZuGg7CQnt2Orck and-(Also from Bumbo Baggins)-hrdown.info/block/video/vH9lrMmHq7BnZc0

  • glowstone in the honey

  • Ibbbibi

  • Illmango comes along with a zero tick wood farm on scicraft and looks at iskallman that’s a few wood

  • This is how many time Iskall said for goodness sake ⬇️

  • He hasn’t even checked the slime shop lol

  • ,,A base between bases´´ :D

  • Hil

  • ha andersite

  • Light up your whole base with glowstone, cuz torches are quite annoying and get in the way on the floor.

  • I eat muffins like that

  • 18:48 he turns into stewy from family guy

  • Bbbbbbbbibi

  • Andesite 😐 Andersite 😃 Giant tree 😑 Omega Tree 🙂 Omega Tree *Of Doom* 🤩

  • Mumbo gets inspired from ibbb And keeps his temporary base name Ibbbbbbbbbibi

  • iskall: IBBB mumbo: IBBB BBB BBB IBI me :wHaT

  • Inner Vault of Doom, IVOD! Abbreviated for him! lol

  • Honey block/ myskaleum


  • 6:17 -a full shulker box full of... -Doom? -Logz

  • It’s woody the bird is from the kids movie woody wood pecker

  • Bruh he said “Andersite”


  • iskall keep the cobblestone it looks like the tree is old

  • hell yeah iron man style

  • *iskall gets 8 cobblestone* Iskall: Beautiful!

  • mumbo's base is called ibbbbibi which means in-between bases base inspired by iskal

  • I just realized he kept his 12 bamboo

  • Wait, how else does one eat muffins, if not from the side?

  • Iskall86: I eat muffins from the side, it’s weird Me: I thought everyone did that, how else would you eat a muffin

  • Iskall 2020:ibbbb Iskall 2021:ibbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

  • You put 22 diamond blocks on your pile to start it not 21

  • He should have bird nests

    • For look out spaces in case of hermit craft civil war 2.0

  • His backup does not include fireworks

  • 22:14 isn't he supposed to have a shovel and a bow?

  • (10:19) De-symmetry? Don't you mean Falsesymmetry?

  • Put water under each block so the creeper doesnt blow it up

  • #onemillionleaves

  • #onemillion

  • it's the base between bases at the base of the base :D

  • ibbbbbbbbb

  • at 18:24 i thought he was about to say "OOOOH F***!"

  • Someone please make a remix of Ibbb

  • Are we just going to ignore the skeleton at 19:57 in the background?😂

  • I'm soon gonna get blown up by boomers 😭😂

  • just a thought...

  • I think you should also add rockets instead of shovel because you would need them so that you can fly to your stuff...

  • Hey iskall I think you should put a giant map in that empty space

  • Me: Screaming asking to tell you to make all of the farms in history. Me:Remembers your not Impulse. (The one who makes all the farms) LOL

  • You didn’t throw out the diorite in your stone chest

  • Iskall: I have half a stack of diamond blocks Me: looks at my half stack of dirt 😭

  • The iskave 🤷‍♂️

  • I love how the base is turning out it looks so cozy!

  • Make the empty space a aqwariam

  • i still love your channel

  • you are an idiot

  • You need shears to get vines

    • Same for cobwebs and leaves and probably more

  • R.i.p super bow

  • Build a vault door on the front of dimond pile

  • I also love brownies😍 Like if you like brownies to!