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Tree farms in Minecraft 1.15 has changed because of Honey Blocks! Iskall suits up in his bee keeper suit, makes a honey farm and then builds a fully afkable tree farm
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  • Hi

  • To get wither skulls you need to yell “looting three!!!”

  • Okay but like I could listen to Iskall talk about bees for hours on end and not get bored

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  • You can say that first wither skeleton didn't drop..... ISKALL Hehehe

  • 15:10

  • yah so i know this vid was a while ago, but when u update to 1.15 there are no 0 tick farms :( it sad

  • Nice beedeo

  • Automatic 👍🏻

  • iskall: maybe we should pay for land in the shopping district me in the future: *you have provoked a gang war*

  • When he said a skull it sounded like he sand iskall

  • I'm glad I found hermitcraft. It is making isolation Better. Thanks guys.

  • I love his histerical laugh

  • How does he get the tnt for the tree farm??

  • Could you make a video describing how to achieve from zero to success (like you did).

  • The coolest invention ever you know how are you do that what is that that the Minecraft mod what but you gave to the three the trading villager what what what’s not a village at what made all the things come through please give me that Martin does that in the description the link please I want to see what it is by

  • monstrositree

  • Other hermits : pay 1 diamond for 32 smiles Mumbo : get arguably more than a stack of slime blacks ... Just for being annoying

  • 9:12 So good that you didn't spend it right now. It was worthy in the end.

  • So did he ever react to his door being stolen?

  • Heyyyy wanna now a fun fact about me? I have never worn armour except by accident.... yea I die often and no I regret nothing

  • When Iskall stood next to all the slime in Mumbo’s base, his beekeeping outfit looked more like a hazmat suit

  • 150 000 blocks is almost 2 344

  • 9:52 chat... 👀😭

  • “Every single time he reinvents it and it gets a little bit better” Isn’t that just science in a nutshell?

  • Every hermit has said ooh 43 diomands

  • iskall: scared of nether path skywars player: you want to see me quick bridge over this

  • Create a 100block shop which sells different items in different floors..the shop will be the cheapest to make and with be the highest shop also the most unique..and as this shop will contain a lot of stuff so hermits will visit it alot

  • Do you have a tutorial on your honey farm?

  • Iskall: "It seems to be random how much sugar cane i have to put into this thing" Me: Knows about composters Also me: ISKALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Click Me hrdown.info/block/video/xoSvbdlviMuPlrPNttps://

  • You know you’re watching too much minecraft when you’ve seen the same tree farm built twice in a day.

  • That big thing in the water is impulce base

  • yayeet

  • and the award to best dad joke goes to................ iskall85!!!

  • What is hermitcraft A server : no A minecraft community : no A big dysfunctional psychotic family : maybe Ans: an ilMango commercial

  • Mumbo suffocated in your slime

    • @Name Jeff sorry, kinda late to the hermitcraft series just found out it exists last month


  • i would say 44 to be on the safe side

    • @Name Jeff yeah i suppose

    • @Name Jeff yeah

    • You were about 5 months too late to the party, my friend

  • Iskall: i don't the purpose of this diamonds Scar: *TREES*

  • 19:12 Iskall: "I still don't know the purpose of the diamonds, but they can be useful for many, many things" Scar: ***Uses them to decorate trees

  • ‘Tis only a scratch

  • Mumbo had to kill about 100000000 wither skeletons

  • "They're on the same level and a 13 bamboo equipped Bumbo Baggins" lmao 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • He has no idea how large this gets. Lmao

  • im not sure if it s just me but i cant turn on post notification😬

  • First I hated hermitcraft because the vids we're 20 minutes big and my brother did not let me watch it because he had to finish hermitcraft 6 but then I really liked hermit craft

  • you can compost the saplings

  • researrch about how bees work? more like *beesearch*

  • Destroy bamboo with a sword its really fast

  • Cool

  • Nobody notices the fact that you could call the 12 bamboo "Mumboo" or "Bambo"

  • The big platform at the ocean was actually impulses big base

  • You should have used 12 bamboo to get iron rich

  • 22:44 : Greenan

  • Nobody: HRdown: *480p.*

  • Iskall: Makes aggressive sales proposal BumboBaggins: nearly dies

  • 7:20 too far iskall too far

  • At least we know he’s ‘not gonna lie’

  • Omega treee is soooooooo big is iskall

  • him beezy me no god no please no

  • i love this series.. just watched 4 more episodes and im addicted. thank u man

  • Re-Visiting... Why is Iskall not mayor? He INVENTED the diamond idea...

  • The mini diamond block on the tower of diamond at the shopping district is such a scam 😂 lol Whoever got it only had to pay one diamond block for 8 mini blocks. No hate it’s just funny.

  • Where did the TNTs came from tho?

  • I like how he makes it sound like he’s in a bee keepers suit that’s awesome

  • Iskall: i made diamonds! Meanwhile Keralis: i buy balls

  • There was a add on this that said Beautiful diorite

  • make a secondary cactus bonemeal generator right next to it so it automattically fills with bonemeal :3

  • Iskall you need to BEE serious when dealing with bees

  • wait he got 3 skull by killing 46 wither squeleton and i had to kill 40 to get 1 (yes i have looting 3) and 70 to get 3.. really life is unfair

  • Iskall got all the slime and honey.

  • You can make a honey bottle, turn into a lemonade

  • Nobody: Keralis: *I buy Balls*

  • You should start a honey shop

  • you should invite him wattles

  • Mumbo for Mayor

  • I watch your videos on my zoom meetings

  • A hermitcraft server is basically a bunch of people flexing on each other with blocks

  • Okkk but iskall with bee keeper skin on looks like sjin

  • So is it iskall imitating mumbo or mumbo imitating iskall. I swear, iskalls speach patterns and phrasing sounds just like mumbo.

  • Actually when they're actually spinning in the flowers they're not doing a angry dance they're harvesting the pollen from the flowers to put them in he hives to fill it with honey

  • if there is a really strong raid then u and other hermits can use the diamonds for armour and swords to beat them up

  • What do the numbers mean beside each hermits name when he presses tab to see who’s on?

  • Snygg nilecity refferens!

  • Bee: pollinates a flower iskall" *oh no he's doing his angry dance*

  • Have you watched avatar name the tree avatar or something along those lines.

  • Illmango in hermitcraft??

  • Little did he know that in 24episodes he would get 2k diamonds in a single episod


  • Iskall I have somethig to say.... TAKE THE BEE SOUT OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • iskall if you see this you should know you have good content and everyday you make people smile laugh feel happy,and get away from stress and sadness. keep making your best content

  • Me after watching the bee movie for the 69th time: 5:49

  • I’m wondering how people get wither skeleton heads even without looting 3 in 20 minutes while I have a looting 3 diamond sword and like no wither skeletons spawn and when they do they never drop a skull I only have one after 2 hours or grinding

  • Watching this in May and seeing everything before it all gets crazy is confusing me

  • I live in a dark wood forest and I can't find that much wood

  • Too bad zero tick farms are broken in minecraft 1.16

  • The thumbnail, WHOS ARMS ARE UP TO THEIR NECK!!!😃

  • I was like "who tf built a bridge in the nether with freaking GLASS PANES"

  • One thing I’ve never understood about red stone: what purpose does the stuff like glazed terra-cotta and wool serve? And does it have to be those specific blocks? Or is it just personal preference? I have a very basic understanding of red stone and I’m not sure if I’m phrasing this question in the way I mean lol

  • Xd

    • Spoilers until 16 min Composter or bone farm from *day 2*