Datum objavljivanja: 12. Lis 2020.
HermitCraft 7: 59 | THE RESISTANCE INVITATION iskall wants to make his base, the omega tree base, more of a tree house, with tree houses and things to make it come alive, then... Grian flies in.
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  • It's not a big deal... It's... It's... 😭😭😭

  • I have to say, I'm beginning to warm up to firetick = off

  • No thank you at 14:00

  • He protecc He attac but most importantly he bring the mycelium back

  • 12:28 he protec he attac but most importantly he got inventory bacc

  • Iskall:Villagers are a great way to make the base come alive Also Iskall:Proceeds to kill two

  • You should still goin the mycyliem resistance?

  • Bro I was so worried when you started choking oml

  • Iskall: myciliom man Later he dies

  • gwenstefani unitedstand volbeat

  • He protecc He attacc But most of all He want his wings back

  • envyme asmongold delirious jasonblaha midland grandayy

  • 1:51 just cuts after he swings the sword

  • Grian: wanna join? Iskall after a full montage: no Grian: understandable have a great day

  • Your game is lagging a bit at 6:01 minutes

  • You should've made Benny's base like a medieval Carrot shop

  • Iskall: Makes video title ‘THE RESISTANCE INVITATION’. Also Iskall: Talks about how good it will be if he joins the Resistance. Iskall. again: Declines the invitation. Me: I- I am disappointed.

  • 1:58 *does this even need explaining?*

  • You should definitely build some bridges to cross and link the base up. The hole in the middle might kill you. So, make an elevator to the diamond counter and make the bridges over it. I think it'd look omega

  • The contained laughter at the end got me ded lol

  • 12:20 He protect He atack But mostimportanly He lost his stuff

  • big disappointed WHY base latter MR NOW

  • Need tested COVID

  • If you died like that in hardcore that would be so sad

  • Plenty of tree roots grow through and around stone. So the mine does make sense.

  • 7:10 Iskall has made a thing

  • I’m convinced Iskall is lying to us about being part of the resistance, so no one unwanted learns this information.

  • He protec He attac But most importantly he want his stuff bac

  • 20:44 Iskall you forgot to cut out this part ;-;

  • 1:58 He shanked the villager

  • You could say it’s petrified wood (the mine, that is)

  • Black *Farmers* market?

  • Panananana pananana mycelium man! *hits tree and dies*

  • You know what else is a matter of principle??

  • 7:10 personal use, my fav part of the series so far

  • O no.... 1:56

  • He protec He attac But most importantly *He go smacc*

  • Ya should of joined it

  • i cofte jest be for he did lol

  • I have not watched hermit craft in multiple months and iskall is still building his tree like the amount of commitment

  • Join the resistance

  • You have sinned you burned the mycelium

  • Join ghe join join the risistance

  • Iskall:no thank you Me:I have lost the will to live

  • 20:44 *suffocates*


  • Umm did you just kill those innocent villagers in the hole? 🤔

  • I got got

  • join join join join

  • cant believe he missed the 24 carrot joke with benny's carrots

  • I used that boat trick across a desert and I also used a water bucket. It was supprisinly affective.

  • 14:50 He hit the water but he landed on the floor. How did he do that?

  • I can't believe Iskall unintentionally said THE ICON MYCELUIM RESISTANCE LINE... and he said no.

  • 18:55

  • Why did you have to tell us we will never unsee those 😭 Redstone has ruined my life along with spruce I will never use it again 😭

  • That was seemless way to "Swallow a fly"

  • Get in Benny we’re going boating

  • 0IQ


  • Iskall: (Minding his own business) Grian: (Instant Transmissions in) Join the resistance

  • u hermits have a real problem with people (what i assume is either a bot or the same person with multiple accounts) advertising their videos on your videos comments section just thought i's get the word out

  • Man I really wanted him to join

  • Zombie: I walk pass the great wall barrier! Iskall:(adjusting carpet) stupid zombie

  • 1:58 my time had come....

  • 20:44 please tell me you didn't actually swallow a fly lmao🤣

  • how do you get the items on the walls and the floor and suff??

  • Is nobody talking about how he said “these are the safest villagers on the server” then murdered them

  • You should make the stone mason room like a lush cave from the new update to match the natural feel of the tree

  • he protecc he attacc but most importantly he cant get his loot bacc

  • Iskall about to do the outro: *randomly starts dying*

  • 'holding upping thingys' wtf?

  • You should have a potion merchant (you can sell the rottenflesh from your gold farm to get emeralds)


  • Disappointment

  • He protecc, He attacc, But most importantly, He wants his items back.

  • Join

  • .... ur busy huh... : Also me : DoEsNt MeAn He WoNt JoIn In ThE fUtUrE


  • "YESS!! I MADE A THING!!!!" Now THIS is pure comedy.

  • But you could have had a Mycelium Base Withing a Base - an MBWIB. MmmmBwib Mmm Mmm MmmBwib...

  • Q1: What is your name? A1: Bernie. Q2: What is your quest? A2: To collect leaves. Q3: What does the squid say? A3: I don't knooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow....

  • What do you MEAN 1.3k dislikes. Who are these degenerates

  • Iskall: *ah yes the mycelium is made out of mycelium*

  • Iskall: redstone does not connect Mumbo: *angry redstone man noises*

  • Join the resistance

  • Join the resistance

  • 1:56 did he kill them!?

  • these are the oldest villages alive i saw what you did iskal

  • Conspiracy theory: Iskall saying no was actually just a ploy so if resistance was compromised iskall could be the secret member

  • You are Omega

  • iskall : i m not really sure what i am doing me: i know .

  • i think Iskall secretly joined the mycelium resitance but in is video put no so he work proplery as a secret agent a mole

  • Wish he would have joined 😕 😪 😔 🙄 😒 😞

  • Put bernie in the tree. Let him rest in the place he helped make.

  • Grian really sounded like have you heard about our lord and savior Jesus Christ when he asked iskall if he wanted to join the mycelium resistance

  • There should always be wood floor in a blacksmith shop

  • Mycelium man ---> Mancelium

  • Join

  • Please

  • Please