HermitCraft 7: 25 | OMEGA TREE PROGRESS

Datum objavljivanja: 11. Svi 2020.
HermitCraft 7: 25 | OMEGA TREE PROGRESS
Iskall goes back to his giant, omega Tree house base of doom, and continues adding to the canopy, he gets carried away and it now really starts looking like a canopy. He also fits the creeper farm mechanics inside the creeper farm factory build, in the industrial district
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  • iskalls I is an olive

  • You look like a flying ant when you did a 3person time lapse


  • i think you can make stuff inside the branches lik ethe tree caves

  • i thought it looked like an olive from the start lol

  • what prevents skellies and zombies from spawning in it as well?

  • Team Oli-ve

  • 1:28 am I the only one that can see that sneeky creeper in the corner?

  • I think he should hang ornaments on his tree during the holidays.

  • 17:54 *somebody stole the diamonds that you use to buy shops*

  • iskall: ive spent 18 diamonds! grian: laughing in using stacks of diamonds on rockets

  • 12:30 it looks like he’s extremely big

  • what iskall is devolving. iskall has devolved into grian

  • Iskal its ocelot that scare creeper

  • Du borde bygga ett fågelbo.

  • Bro get rid of Alan

  • I thought it looked like a Mine

  • That was not very cash money of allan

  • is anybody else getting grian evo downtown vibes from the industrial district.

  • I love how he always says "of doom" in everything

  • E

  • Iskall may you please CHECK OUT YOUR SLIME SHOP.

  • Love how he's going on about he's got no diamonds And he hasn't checked his slime farm and shop in like 10 episodes😂😂

  • “ I have got to be super” shovel name: smoooth

  • Iskall:team olive Mumbo: yay

  • Grian had a gunpowder farm before you did

  • 12:30 asmr block placing

  • the olive eye of doom

  • Does anyone else notice that in the thumbnail that he looks like a baby with a big head

  • OLIVEMAN!!!!!!!!!!!

  • So many rockets. grain used 3 stacks of diamond blocks for rockets

  • “This is why we testing” Nice grammar bro

  • billie eilish: ocean eyes iskall: olive*

  • But you can make a video to show the all bases

  • Your base is the best of hermitcraft

  • you should make a small lava pit so that you can throw your unused stuff inside

  • Everyone: Woody Woodpecker All people: Woody Woodpecker Literally every human being: Woody Woodpecker Iskall: A L A N

  • slime shop

  • also elder quardian shop

  • slime shop nowwwww

  • agh! the slime shop!

  • I'm just waiting for mumbo to realize his base has changed from jungle to oak wood

  • He should call it diorshite

  • Binod Binod Binod Binod Binod Binod Binod Binod Binod Binod Binod Binod Binod Binod Binod Binod Binod Binod Binod Binod Binod Binod Binod Binod

  • Olive

  • Creepra ow iskallman

  • I didn’t know anything about what iskall was doing with the red stone

  • Grain: imma build a mainson iskall: i wanna build a treehouse

  • Please keep ALLAN

  • Btw, OCELOTS scare creepers

  • your mega base looks better than mumbo's base

  • Have you ever checked your slime shop for diamonds? I dont remember seeing it on camera.

  • Grian: *plays good music during timelapse* Iskall: ...

  • AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! YOU KILLED JELLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The tree looks that big that the (BIG) jungle trees look like the grass of nature.

  • Team olive baby

  • Burn allan

  • What is the difference between a normal mob farm and a creeper farm, won't normal mobs still spawn so wouldn't it be more effective to have a normal mob farm?

    • @Hannah_GBS oh thank you for telling me I didnt even notice the trapdoors

    • If I'm remembering right, the trapdoors at the top make the spawning space less than 2 full blocks in height, so only creepers (and spiders) are short enough to spawn.

  • bird needs to go D:

  • I did some math and at the current pace that you are building the tree, it's gonna take you the whole season if it lasts as long as season 6 did to finish

  • You sound so surprised I mean we're always right olive-man

  • I cried when I saw the diorite because it pained me so much ;-; but I think of iskall saying hallo and it cheers me up :D

  • I love his map!

  • Feed alann his diorite and name your olive eye the great olive destroyer

  • um iskall you will need to turn all of the leaves on the tree brown in autumn and take them off in winter to give a realistic feel to the tree

  • E of doom XD

  • Alan had diarea

  • it feels like u should ad some branches of the main branches going down, atm it looks like they are defying gravity, large branches like that would bend/grow down realistically and i think it would make the build look that much better, also i feel like the trunk should have some smaller clumps of branches growing at lower spots too add that little extra bit of colour to it

  • Iskall your slime Iskall The slime-

  • Omg at 11:00 his pick was literally 10 hits away from breaking

  • I think his eye looks like a watermelon

  • 3:49 cat:I don’t want to

  • Iskall man pptttttt. Olive man Nomnomnomnomnom olive man

  • #teamolive

  • 16:01 Kakashi head ? :'D

  • Iskall: our goal is to have 10,000 diamonds in total Also Iskall: let’s spend 64 diamonds to blow up 30 blocks of diarorite

  • allen had a whoopsie

  • why not use magma blocks?

    • @Brandon Pells I don't know how

    • Why didn’t you just delete your comment instead of writing that ^

    • he did

    • oops

  • LOL! that darn Allen!

  • Wear is iskall from??🤔

  • OLIVE EYE!!!!!!!

  • Pesky bird...

  • Get rid of allan


  • you have a lot of things in common with some other mine crafters that you have definitely heard of: 1 pewdiepie is a proud Swedish 2 unspeakable loves green 3 pewdiepie can build and do redstone good

    • @Brandon Pells yeah, but i sometimes i have trouble w tutorials too but ur right

    • Pewdiepie gets tutorials for red stone He doesn’t do it by himself

  • Diorite more like diarrhite

  • Iskall going into build mode on the tree looks like a fly crawling all over it

  • Iskall: I’m not too happy with this bit tho Me: your base has gotten to the point where it’s so good I don’t see detail anyway

  • If you're team olive and you make a hq for other people who wanna join Team olive, just call it "Olive Garden"

  • Maybe board up one or two windows?

  • Creepers are afraid of ocelots, not cats

  • What about sahara

  • I litterally can not hear you iskal

  • Team olive

  • @iskall85 , What happened to Fun craft?

  • Iskall you should have Acorn houses in your tree I would be cool

  • diarrhehite

  • is no one gonna talk about the spank you at 3:38

  • Hi!

  • Treebase progress is satisfying