HermitCraft 7: 18 | THE HERMIT BAROMETER

Datum objavljivanja: 12. Tra 2020.
HermitCraft 7: 18 | THE HERMIT BAROMETER
MumboJumbo approaches iskall, in a very weird way in his tree house base, interupting further base building and with a new Hermit Challenges message in this very weird episode of HermitCraft
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  • I've seen Mumbo's video of jumping off the tree to ask for the hermit challenges

  • iskall: whats that? never mind im geting dis-THATS NEW

  • Ask mumbo jumbo for diamonds during hermit channels

  • "gO dIsPeNsEr Go" LOL

  • For your sign you should use a sapling

  • Mumbo's kamikaze moment was the most Robot Chicken moment of Minecraft ever ^^

  • The fact that grian put the same challenge as iskall is hilarious 😅

  • "I'm gonna head over" PUN OF THE CENTURY

  • Mumbo in last hermit challenges: * gives Iskall really hard challenge * Iskall this time: *-uno reverse-*

  • I wanna know how they don’t have netherrite yet

  • Iskall: mp... Mumbo: allow me to introduce myself

  • 18:05 Iskall admits Grian is better at redstone than him xD

  • Just place one block to make it better

  • You should add prizes, every time someone completes a challenge...

  • Is nobody gonna talk about the fact that the "BOOMERS" Sign on the shop with the explosion looks like an old japanese flag? Kinda dark xD

  • Gets distracted by diamond pile..in ep 18 And replaces it with mycelium in ep 57 Sorry I blame mumbo

  • subscribe to street kidz

  • iskall: i wonder who won Cod-boy and Wizard chap

  • Let me tell you, I LOVE absolutely LOVE the interaction between mumbo and iskall, so freaking funny. Classic Minecraft content genuinely so funny

  • “It’s an IBMP” Mumbo: I have decided that I want to die

  • Why did you put the paper in the fire? If you agree to the challenge you put it in the fire. If you do not you don't put it in there. & Munbo can not make you do it. you will have to get him back really big time now. You should go get what you need from Munbo Jumbo's things. he did not say you have to use your things to fix it up. LOL he is richer them you at this time.

    • Iskall agrees because it is good fun. no one's forcing anyone. also, don't tell him what to do when he already did it. this video is months old

  • 6:00 did anyone notice iskall struggling to not say PP as purposeful plummet instead of embarrassing or did I just read that wrong

  • His hallo sounds like Lucifer's hellllo😁

  • Barometer: 😐 Barometer *of doom:* 🤩

  • Iskall: It's not a EP It's s super plummet of doom! Me: Planned Plummet!

  • I ring the bell as well for added effect...lol :)

  • I feel like the most common words he says is omega and doom

  • also the emerald ores at the new hermit challenge place is cool

  • can we see the trident store

  • “I’m getting destracted oh that’s new”

  • 2:01 Salmon ghost's brother....... Tropical ghost

  • i never knew cactus is a good for birds :D my birds will like it i think

  • Normal Minecrafter- Red stone contraption Iskall- Red stone contraption OF DOOM


  • Here is some English it is better not gooder sorry to be that guy

  • if you flip the obserever around than it will work

  • I really enjoy this series :)

  • Is he swearing? 9:40

    • He was gonna say "for goodness sake" but stopped at "for goodn-"

  • 4:53 Iskall: it is an IB, MP. Mumbo: splat

  • Ok lol

  • Nobody: Iskall when naming anything at all: “...OF DOOM!”

  • Iskall's favorite words: OF DEATH

  • I liked 'shave your mutstache'

  • funny moment @ 4:48

  • Grian would be proud

  • I think you should put some sort of farm in one of the trunks

  • 4:55 I'm here for this, LOL!

  • 20:05 Mumbo just gonna send himself to Grians base, so he can tell him, that hes not a Hobbit anymore... I even get sidetracked, while watching a video, oh god

  • E

  • 15:06

  • Too bad I didn’t get the challenge. One flower in the middle of the area. BOOM. Done. 😂

  • 5:50 iskall thinks of a name for mumbo's fall "planned plummet" he thinks. iskall relises that that acronym would be "pp" iskall reconsiders making an acronym, but its too late "a plummet of doom" he says "yeah that seems better" he thinks.

  • Mumbo got the idea from grian


  • iskall its two point oh not two dot zero

  • Iskall names everything with 'omega' at the beginning or 'of doom' at the end

  • ill watch this ever day lol mumb0

  • I remember when diorite was introduced That's why i hated 2014

  • scare and grain won

  • I've been catching up in this series one hermit at a time, so It's just so brilliant to be suddenly reminded of something out of the blue like Mumbo just kinda, falling from the sky in front of Iskall, and then seeing Iskall was even in front camera, addressing his audience during it.

  • Grian: calls the book *Pesky Bird* Me: Pathetic

  • That jungle sapling was the thing Mumbo gave to Grian from a tree

  • Shave mustache would have been better

  • add dispenser at top link it and write give every one 3 diamond blocks

  • 16:31 the bell looks evil

  • 4:53 is absolutely the best part of the video. Mumbo has a great sense of humor

  • You should suggest to the hermits to use the diamond blocks for rewards for challenges (not hermit challenges btw)

  • 4:53 mumbo:yeet iskall:NANI

  • Lol

  • Iskall when mumbo flew away you said focen

  • Mumbo's jump was the best thing ever

  • i came to watch mumbo fall and could not be more satisfied

  • you should challenge mumbo to give you 10000 diamonds 😂😂

  • I love how both Grian and Iskall wrote "get good" for the challenges lmao

  • Iskall's most favorite words are hello and mega

  • 4:55

  • Sometimes I feel I’m the only one who likes diorite..

  • Whats the thing on iskalls eye?

    • It’s like a monocle thing I think like a robot eye monocle is what it looks like, just Minecraft fashion tbh

  • 4:50

  • 4:54 Bumbo Baggins learned Leaflet Drop!

  • 4:54 Just take it

  • 4:51 for that one clip of mumbo falling

  • Scar and Grian won

  • 4:55 5:19

  • “Does dolphins have moostaches?” Asking the big questions here

  • I'm all caught up with Mumbo so I've been catching up with Iskall and as soon as I saw the angle of which Iskall was standing I knew that it was time. This was honestly fantastic, glad this got recorded!

  • AHAHAHAHAHAHA i saw the falling of mumbo in one of his video and from your side was fricking hilarious, im dying 😂😂😂

  • That is an amazing name: IBBB

  • P,E,P. Prepared, Embarrassing, Plumet

  • Does anyone know when the nether upstate is ?

  • You are an ideas machine, my man! Love your work, thanks for HOURS of great entertainment! Chur chur.

  • "I wonder who won?", clearly Groon and Scab.

  • On my goodness I just had a realization. How did I not see it before? Hermit Challenges is like Calvin Ball! You never play the same way twice, haha!

  • shrtlink.ca/xxxsilic0neteen732

  • 20:05 Why not do fire resistance for use in the nether?

  • Hey, can somebody tell how you make those mini diamond ores seen at 16:42?

  • You should make it so when meter hits the top, it should set off a fire work

  • Iskall mumbo for mayor your 1000000 diamond dream is ruined

  • How do You know where to put the portal

  • Iskall after ever thing he says ______ ABSOLUTELY MEGA OF DOOM