HermitCraft 7: 35 | NEW MEGA GOLD FARM

Datum objavljivanja: 26. Lip 2020.
HermitCraft 7: 35 | NEW MEGA GOLD FARM
Minecraft 1.16 is here for real and GOLD has become very valuable. Iskall takes to action and builds a new Minecraft 1.16 Gold Farm above the nether, and it is QUICK, VERY VERY QUICK.
Hermitcraft Season 7 SEED: -2143500864
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  • Godlin: How did u die? Piglin: i died because of a turtle egg

  • How far off bedrock is the design?

  • Iskall names his video new mega gold farm Everyone : Something wrong i can feel it

  • Me pasan la linematica o el tutorial?

  • at 13:23 why does he say you need frostwalker

    • WellDone... You Figured it Out *CLAP CLAP*

    • Oh nvm apparently it negates magma block damage

  • 4:31 *did that happen to anybody else-*

  • pig-skull-man

  • He had no idea that the soul lanterns scare the piglins

  • It’s so annoying that he calls piglins hoglins! Like if you agree

  • And did u no that jumping on soul soil or sand with soul speed is slower

  • If you don’t notice that the tree looks a bit like a villager at 2:12 you would think that he was going mad

  • Iskall: we need to light up under the nether to maximize the the gold Me and my best friend: WHY WON'T THIS STUPID COW FARM WORK

  • so feel like mumbo is insanely good at bargaining with prices

  • iskall in episode 34,say sorry to the pigmen due to laughing at them. iskall in episode 35, kills pigmen for gold

  • Iskall: Builds a new gold farm because he is running out of gold Also Iskall: Uses gold blocks for his redstone

  • Can iskall or anyone else run me through briefly how that item sorter works? I see the ice path and slime punch circuit to push them but idk how those hoppers are catching stuff that is scooting across the ice blocks?? My build just shoots everything into the lava trash at the end of the path

  • Dont tell iskall netherite swords have 14 attack damage in bedrock edition

  • Still not sure why didn’t save magma blocks from old farm

  • Can some one tell me what the glass is for

  • why doesnt he wear a cap

  • Above Iskall’s chair: Olive What I see: *Sam the septic eye*

  • Not mega gold farm omega gold farm.

  • freebird

  • iskall, simp?

  • Does anyone else notice that his chair keeps getting bigger?

  • Lol that's funny dumb zombie piggys

  • iskall: i'm rinning low on gold 5 minutes later: uses gold blocks to build

  • 14:42 chickens?

  • Mumbo: flexes on netherite leggings. Iskall: flexes with soul speed e

  • OMG when I paused my video it was 1:16 lol

  • “I promise I won’t take more diamonds from my pile” lol you thought

  • hi

  • 1:23 WHAT IS THIS WIZARDY??????

  • You know at 1:48 look at the back round notice anything lol xd he flu right past them lol

  • lmao

  • Pls can someone tell me where can i find a block by block tutorial for the gold farm which iskall builr

  • 13:30 how does frost walker help with magma blocks?

  • Why don’t you talk about the netherite Ingots they trade?

  • Iskall you can use a auto clicker for xp

  • im sorry, i had to dislike to get 669, i've won, but at what cost-

  • Stonkers

  • has anyone suggested a shield when mining with beds? 0 damage unless you're on a block that starts on fire

  • Is nobody gonna mention his boots were named “socks”

  • hoglins?

  • Lots happend in this video, it's really cool and it made me sad, I play on a server with some friends and they added a functionnality to the smithing table, basically, when you right click on it it tells you that if you want a netherite chestplate you'll need 32 ancient debris AND gold ingots which is really long, they also removed the explosion damages in the nether which is good and bad, good because of the ghasts when you need to farm quartz or idk, but bad because it takes more time to farm netherite

  • "Bonkers" xD

  • Petition for mojang to switch piglin and hoglin names for iskall Like to sign

  • stonks

  • At 1:51 he says 2 ancient debre but to the right there’s 1 nore

  • Iskall the smithing table is not actually needed, tit Can just use a craftting table

  • Piglins not hoglins

  • Iskall your the GOAT, but dont tell Doc LOL

  • Is he swedish

  • Forever Player makes this farm, its so good!!

  • he finally said Mojang, not moyang

  • every time he said "hoglins" instead of piglins...

  • Can you show how to make the pickup system also insta craft with shift click

  • Hi Nice youtube video loved it

  • Great Lord Miner will bless you if you do a tutorial.

  • I love it when he slowly evolves the chair while speaking🤣

  • Hoglins are the large pigs with very long tusks who walk on 4 legs, piglins are the walking on two legs creatures who give you items in exchange for gold, zombified-piglins are the half piglin/skeleton, and zombified-hoglins are the half hoglin/skeleton. they turn half skeleton when they appear in the overworld. Just Saying-

  • Hallo

  • That sound when he mined all of those magma blockes is so satisfying😍

  • More iskall calling things bonkers please :))

  • Iskall var det meningen att säga nej typ 4 minuter in

  • ah luv da waee magmag creme look lik

  • anyone see how big of a simp iskall is

  • You actually dont get a speed boost on soul soul, only soul sand. Visually it looks like you do, but you dont actually same anytime :)

  • What’s the purpose of the grindstones

  • i built this exact same farm and for some reason my rates are no where near as fast as yours even when i afk at the top. Im playing on a spigot server, could this have to do with anything? also i am alone on the server when i afk.

  • Did Iskall only make 11 platforms on this farm?

  • piglins are scared of soul fire rel ated things and zombie piglins

  • Technically you can actually afk by just putting something on your mouse so it constantly attacks. Please correct me if i'm wrong.

  • A cleric can trade rotten flesh for emeralds btw :)

  • I feel like it is not only me who wonders why you need so much gold?

  • They are piglins

  • 3:54 *NEJ*

  • So I made a mini version of this with only 3 layers... I haven't made the collection mechanism yet but I noticed that they dont drop anything when they hit the bedrock ceiling... should I be worried?

  • ▶️

  • i can listen to you all day

  • whats the dementions/tutorial

  • Iskall calling Piglins Hoglins and Hoglins Pigmen

  • When i start my first HRdown video and get a lot of subs (which probably won't happen) and get invited to the server that will be epic

    • That’s not gonna happen Just wanted to crush your dreams so that when you grow up then you won’t be too disappointed Trust me, I’ve been there

  • What s the deal with grindstones?

  • I love how his chair becomes more and more intense as he explains stuff

  • .

  • Does anybody else see the piglins has a creature wearing at scary hat. (or is it just me?)

  • I miss bumbo baggins

  • 0:44

  • those are piglins the pigs are hoglins

  • I love how the barge is just a no question shop where you can get what you want

  • 2:08 kinda reminds me of squidward

  • Your cheat on soulsand iskall85

  • Thanks for the good info

  • use gold blocks to trade

  • Greats videos

  • I came over here right after seeing mumbo's video on his automatic piglin trade Depot. It's amazing what a little bit of redstone can do. From manually pushing a button a thousand times to trade to automatically trading a thousand times while you afk

  • Simp

  • Where is die-orite igniter

  • Please tutorial any good tutorial .