Datum objavljivanja: 24. Svi 2020.
Iskall redesigns and finishes his sugar cane farm, then connects it up to his interactive dynamic minecart map, before making some massive, MEGA investments in hermitcrafts shopping district!
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  • EP 29 is in your playlist twice.... much confusion was had

  • Why are you not using sand?

  • Looking back at this 5 months later, no, it wasn't a good investment. The Omega Redstone Store is basically a failure. It would take complete collapse of other businesses for him to come back.

  • You uploaded this episode twice in the hermitcraft playlist

  • @iskall85 This episode is listed twice in your Season 7 playlist. Is this for a reason I'm completely missing?

  • wow you love the word doom dont you

  • He should make his own personal diamond throne out of his diamonds

  • Why does he add DOOM to everything?! Lol

  • Kachigga my n*gga

  • can someone explain to me how the minecart with a chest system works? cause what if the chest fills up before it gets to the other farms

  • Instead of breaking the mine carts (risky) why u guys don't use a activator rail...it just makes it so easy😬

  • you should have offered 100 diamonds

  • Creepers can't explode in Minecarts ;-;

  • Why does this play twice in the playlist?

  • Iskall: “I might be the richest hermit” Keralis: *laughs in future diamond office*

  • iJevin is the righest over 1000 diamonds

  • I'm sorry Iskal... But seriously... Anyone not using flying machines in their sugarcane farms is just simply doing it wrong. They're cheaper, easier to build, and far more efficient.

  • I know it's a bit to late but ... You can say that that room is full of danger

  • Iskall at the beginning of the season: I'm gonna set up this diamond block buy in of land system so that Hermits won't take over the land and we can all share Iskall may 24: buys up almost all the land

  • Iskall is by far the smartest human to ever live.

  • Redstone is BORING

  • Is it me or has this episode been posted twice? Can anyone check and make sure so I know I'm not going crazy or anything? Thanks!

  • Why Don't You sell Honey in your slime shop they are fairly similar 😋

  • Iskall: turns into an investor My brain: herobrian

  • If iskall charged one shulker box of leaves for one treasure spoon, he might actually finish his tree.

  • Why don't you task Bumbo in HcY (Hermit Challeeengers, yeeeah) to collect half of your Diamonds?

  • your skin looks so much like escanor

  • Hi

  • Keralis is the richest person as well

  • iskall has to realize that in the town hall there is polished bird poop on the floor

  • iskall, one of your creepers that you name should be Dr. Boom and Creeps

  • Iskall is smart buying important relastate but he also should buy the area around expanding bussnesis so that he could double hor even triple money.

  • Why does Iskall look like Alexander Hamilton with that fancy skin on?

  • Creepers in the window? Is this reverse Amsterdam 😂😂 Love your videos:)

  • JJBA fans listen up. smart iskall looks like D,arby

  • °0°

  • Cqmper that in mumbos giant shooger cane farm of doom

  • I feel like he is trying to waste diamonds in stupid ways ( 200 diamonds for 18 diamonds worth of land )

  • Question: how come Redstoners use furnaces or pumpkins on builds

  • 16:52 Jesus, the Swedish boi who doesn’t know the word “turd” (til a few weeks ago, Mumbo and him did some end busting and it was great so go watch Iskall on twitch lmao), uses the words “omega” and “of doom” in almost everything he names/nicknames- a-and has a fricking legendary accent- can type faster than I, an American who regularly types around 1,000 words a day, can type?!!?! Swedes are amazing.


  • Inveskall

  • Please please please do a clean-up episode. You have so much junk and ugly temporary dirt walls and it drives me mad. Also, maybe when you're super super reach replace all the rails with powered rails so it's super fast?

  • Anyone else hungry?

  • Yep. Now I understand the rich people... When you have, you can!

  • could just put all yur shulkers ontop your portal. be safer :p

  • I love the fact that you say hello to everything

  • HALLO!

  • Iskall now owns all of the shopping district lol

  • Iskall: I only spent the whole day playing Minecraft. Everyone else: I wish I could do that

    • me, unemployed: [can't have fun playing minecraft for even 20 mins because i just think about needing a job]

  • Drinking game: take a shot whenever he uses the word “smart”

  • Pleasee stop making air holes in your hills of blocks. It makes me so frustrated oml

  • Yeah, he’s never getting 10k when he’s spending 200 on 2 plots land it’s never gonna happen

  • iskall you're so cool :ooo

  • this entire hermit craft season you have been saying of doom. (Like every episode)

  • Man, Iskall really likes his plots. 😉

  • 9:51 liiiiiiiiiiiiiiike what's up danger... don't be straaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanger

  • 16:23 you could have used just an invisibility potion.

  • My friends: How do you define a hermit? Me: Someone who is a professional HRdownr for Minecraft... My friends: Ok... Me: Oh, and ALWAYS gets destracted.

  • Hey you added this video to your playlist twice

  • Grian = epic builder Mumbo = epic redstone Iskall = epic at both

  • Stonks

  • Ah his multiple personality disorder is back yay!!!!!

  • Anyone else think this could be cool to do a snp style thing on bedrock edition reply if u have a realm and would be interested in hosting one and we could start something up

  • hrdown.info/block/video/mICtath_iNKmftE E

  • You know iskall really missed a joke when he said *hello danger* instead of WASSUP DANGER

  • No one: Iskall: Builds minecart tracking system with operational farms and no automatic sorting system

  • love your vids and i have subed but #mumbo for mayer

  • how to speak like Iskall - The OMEGA (Insert Word Here) of DOOM

  • I guess we all know who’s paying for Sahara’s plot


  • Someone should make a bank in Hermit craft Paper money Would be cash backs

  • 2108

  • what happens if the minecart gets full

  • Iskall: investorskall! Me: fancy herobrine

  • what happened to ur redstone slime shop thingy thingy

  • ur getting 10'00 diamonds. i would be happy with 1 stack thats how bad i am at Minecraaft if i where on hermitcraft i would need to "get good lol"

  • Color stress’s suit magenta

  • call it the cane collider of doom

    • Onytoxen You mean the *omega* cane collider of doom

  • Does anyone have a tutorial for this sugar cane farm?

  • Is there a tutorial of that sugar cane farm

  • Hey Iskall what are you gonna do about all of the spair Kittens I mean they are so Cute and you don't need them for the creeper farm so what are you gonna do with them? Many Minecraft regards Kitty Fan!

  • Maybe you could call it the continuous automatic raywave transmitter, or the CART of doom lol

  • U got 2k diamonds in 1ep u can complete the goal in 5ep

  • Iskall has gone mad... He is a rich rich hermit

  • Why did he use furnaces on the sugarcane farm? Can someone explain?

  • Wait A sec hallo is dutch, ISKALL is DUTCH

  • Iskall's Emporium??

  • Iskall: It only took the whole day. Me: ...im out

  • Oh my oh my I need to catch up it's been more than a week since this was posted

  • Iskall im sorry to tell you this but a youtube channel called GJharlyn is stealing your videos without permission (Such as this one) as well as other hermit's (Grian,mumbo,etc) I think it would be great if you could report this issue to youtube so that they could take action immediately

  • the f###k happened to smart skills face

  • Just so you know, this video is posted twice in the season 7 playlist

  • when is the iskalls plot remix coming out

  • D.O.O.M. = Dynamic Observer Of Minecart

  • what happened to sahara uwu

  • Aren't you COPYING mumbo from last season?

  • what if the plot that iskalls bought is gonna be sahara 2.0 im saying that sahara should come again

  • You could've done that with a fishing rod (the creeper in the minecart). But it was hilarious :D :D

  • Doesnt look like investor looks like bismarck