HermitCraft 7: 33 | GG GRUMBOT

Datum objavljivanja: 18. Lip 2020.
HermitCraft 7: 33 | GET GORGEOUS GRUMBOT
Grian and MumboJumbo's GRUMBOT gets an attempted "hack" to get gorgeous and give iskall a genius idea of doom. Grumbot turns out to be very smart.
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  • He is calling you ugly

  • 2:19 This is vandalism! lol

  • “MOAR WOOD?!” Oooh that annoyed me heheh...

  • Poor Grumbot :( Hope he gets fully brought back someday

  • Catching up on Iskall's videos and I cracked up hearing the wish for uniform road designs considering the roads now. XD

  • One of the architect brothers betrays the other two. Me: There is one impostor among us.

  • I love the way stress says iskall lol

  • Saying: "hallo i'm a tree

  • I can watch 6:23 on loop

  • No one: Iskall: IskallMAN Absolutely no one: Stress:iSkUllmUn

  • why did he vandilise Grumbot he is a loyal AI

  • I want a grumbot plush...

  • I feel bad for Grumbot. He was brainwashed by iskall and then got overloaded and forced to live in a false reality after mumbo failed the vote.

  • 10:50 *am I the only one who doesn't know what those green blocks are yet*

  • I think grian and mumbo is gonna kill you

  • Why iskall why

  • You destroys mumbo creation

  • Youre the reason that grumbot broken

  • Does this video have so many dislikes because people are stupid?

  • Tfw iskall started the episode at level 42 and lost quite some xp talking to grumbot xD

  • This is where the chaos started. You killed Grumbot.

  • #GG

  • First iskall video I’ve had to dislike. You’re kidding that you killed grumbot.

  • of doom

  • You fucking broke this master piece

  • You idiot iscall man. You melded grombot ! You hacked him you monster !

  • You monster

  • Who else whant to give an omega hug of doom to the baby grumbot (don’t know what they called him)

  • Maybe i'm just stupid but this entire Grumbot arc feels very scripted....

    • OF COURSE ITS SCRIPTED!!! its more fun that way.

  • I'd like to imagine, that during Iskals robot surgery of Grumbot, Grumbot waged an epic digital war with Iskal, and upon realizing that the master hacker had gone too far for him to stop, Grumbot chose to fragment himself, causing him to lose all sense of consciousness.

  • Iskall did an oopsie! :(

  • Iskalman

  • You idiots are literally so sad... It's just roleplay guys grumbot isn't actually alive. I guess 6 year olds will be 6 year olds

    • anyone who doesnt know this is indeed an idiot

  • You ruined grumbot Head i am pretty sad☹️


  • this might be one of the worst like-dislike ratios of a iskall hermitcraft video

  • Iskall: *hacks grumbot* All mumbo and grian fans: You have chosen death

  • When stress falls of thd edge i choke in laughter

  • I just want to ask a question.Why do grown men wear pink hearts on a white shirt

  • Why do we never get to see the inside of grumbot. I don’t know a lot about redstone, but I have no idea how mumbl could’ve ever done that

    • And please don’t hate on iskall

    • See all of this is staged and the response given by him are predetermined so that’s one reason cuz there is no AI in him hope this helps

  • It's free diamonds

  • you killed grumbot!!!!!!!!

  • Iskall hej hej Sverige

  • Mumbo's and grian's fans are so childish it's frustating

    • Yeah like we all know this is pre planned and all for fun

    • Yeah they literally spam "mumbo for mayor" in random people's streams, and they dislike iskall's video because he "killed grumbot"

  • Poor Grumbot, he only wanted to help his dads :c i hope he at least likes the changs :)

  • *Hello, Imma Tree* Omega Tree of DOOM: 2020

  • 6:30 oh-oops AHHHHH

  • 3:22 it reminds me of grian's iskall architech LOL? 🤣 AH the old times. and also everyone CEASE FIRE. GRUMBOT IS FIXED.

  • You broke grumbot!!

  • This man brainwashed and murdered a child to get at his competitor take this man to court

  • i can't believe i witnessed the murder and hacking of grumbot....... brb crying

  • I could totally see stress an iskall as a real life couple

  • Me the whole time of the end of the ep: Murderer. Murderer. Murderer. Murderer. Murderer.

  • Any one hear the oh shi-YES

  • Iskall, you basically killed Grumbot

  • Efficiency 6 lol


  • R.I.P. Grumbot after that 😩

  • i kinda want to vote scar for all the effort he's put in

  • This is by far, the worst episode I have ever seen

  • You destroyed grumbot


  • NOOOO not grumbot you demon

  • 6:29 I laughed so hard at this She just fell so fast and randomly

  • Plus you broke him

  • Grumbot It’s not yours so don’t change it

  • Hallo I’m a Treeeeee E

  • How DARE you break grumbot. He is a good boy. How dare you

  • Grumbot is a loyel AI :'|

  • iskall: *brainwashes grumbot* the comment section: peace was never an option.

  • Stress and Iskall seem like a cute sibling pair. They are so adorable~

  • I was thinking about subscribing to your channel, but after what you did to grumbot, I am not going to subscribe, you are a murderer, Iskall85

  • Why did you do this to Grumble cheese he did nothing to you nothing

  • alternate name for the title: iskall plays grumbot for 3 hour

  • 6:28 I'm literally dying. 😂😂😂

  • Iskall:Im not your dads? Chat : *Grian left the game * Me : lol

  • Grumbot murderer!

  • Oak..come on!

  • You are a iskall monster though

  • final words of grumbot is goodbye dads and grumbots life has meaning you monster you should be ashamed kidnapping a child brain washing him giving him a melt down im happy grumbot has a box that has a virtual world its good he didnt become mayor

  • Alternative name for video: hacking and breaking mumbles and groans son and giving them diamonds

  • #SaveGrumbot!

  • Iskall: hacks grumbly even tho Mumbo is in last place [me]: why are you a d***

  • You so rude you should make a robot of your own

  • So technically, iskall is the stepdad of grumbot????

  • 9 yr olds disliking the video, so sad 🥺

    • I’d bet they’re even younger than that

  • You cheeky rascal .breaking grumbot and killing mumbos son.

  • 6:30

  • I can't tell if the comments are jokes or serious hate from toxic 12 year old xbox players

  • Okay.

  • Grumbot: "We've both done a lot of things that you're going to regret."


  • dont do that on grumbot

  • Mumbo jumbo 👍👍👍

  • 17:23 I swore he said you’ve beat the meat

  • Also i just realised how many children are here that think that grumbot was a real robot...

  • Ok, Idk how many of you guys are joking, but man those likes and dislikes ratio are quite something then his average ones. Like, I know he basically brainwashed grumbot, but chill guys-

  • you lobotomised grumbot

  • you know you just killed grumbot