HermitCraft 7: 27 | GET GORGEOUS LOL

Datum objavljivanja: 16. Svi 2020.
HermitCraft 7: 27 | GET GORGEOUS LOL
Iskall takes on the mega task to create an in game logo for Stressmonster's HermitCraft Mayor campaign. GET GORGEOUS is the promise, and iskall plays on the great game GG similarities. Iskall also returns to the industrial district and figures out the collection system and builds a new farm!
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  • you dummy

  • The Barges item frames: An I a joke to you

  • Bro i think im more an Mumbo For Mayor but GG Get Gorgous bro.........dont

  • Iskall: IskallMan Stress and mumbo: well by the way your acting more like iskalboy

  • When Mumbo and Iskall talk about redstone, It’s like someone is speaking another language.

  • 1:08 that looks like it’s mumbo in an iskall head lol

  • That second G is just 1 block smaller on the top rectangle and it just really hurts to look at

  • Idk why but Im very angry that people keep using dirt instead of sand USE SAND ISKALLMAN

  • Hermits: "I'm not much of a builder" Me, who cant even build a decent looking house in survival: mhm

  • Iskall had diorite on the wall of the gunpowder collection system!!!😵

  • *W H A T I F T H I S W A S A W A L L*

  • Iskallman is a "OMEGA" simp

  • Why not just have the rails go up like you could have just made like a bridge thingy over the farm it would have been smarter

    • It would have been a hundred IQ when you probably did like a 80 IQ move

  • Anyone know a tutorial on how this minecart system works? I can't figure out how to get the piston to power when the minecart is collecting, and unpower when it is done. Help would be appreciated!

  • so he spares a horse, but has no problem killing a villager.

  • He went cow hunting for leather yet at his starter base he has a leather farm lol

  • I can't quite pin point stress accent

  • Iskall:A little bit of sugar cane Me: OMG THATS SO MUCH SUGAR CANE

  • "at the moment, it looks like an absolute giant mess" this feels like a personal attack


  • I don't like being told what to do so "Get Gorgeous" is GREAT because as you said it say what people will get! People LOVE to get things!!!

  • What do you mean asymmetry doesn't matter?!?!?

  • 20:22 flute moment

  • GG be with you, iskall85!

  • Nice

  • since i mostly watch mumbo the first time i saw the GG i thought you guys started a cult or something

  • Awwv man poor man all managers are doing more hard work than contestants.... Bdubs made maps , grian and iskal made maps and they also invested thier poorv diamonds

  • Iskall hates diorite as much as smallishbeans (Joel) hates chickens

  • lets get this video to 69,000 likes

  • Make it a super tall smoke stack

  • At 11:41 that’s when Mumbo got there lol 😁

  • You have obtained “camera”

  • When will joe catch renDOG?

  • Just destroy the outpost

  • Sub to me

  • Please tell Iskall wasnt bitten by a Karen "I need to speak with the manager" 9:14/23:53

  • 20:03 S...sugar daddy....

  • Mumbo jumbolian lol! Who thinks that is super funny?

  • 9:15 Okay, Karen! Geez...

  • Da barge sells item frames

  • that is a lot of work for a single minecart

  • wait, So it was you Who broke Grumbot?

  • Iskall forgot he's cow breeder

  • Good times with scar is the maor

  • Cow montoce Moomoomoomoomomoo

  • The symbol JoeHills used after his name is four in Chinese.

  • 12:49 Iskall: im not much of a builder Bruno Bucciarati: THIS TASTE! ITS THE TASTE OF A LIAR! ISKALLMAN!

    • bruh jojo fan in a hermitcraft. make a wish

    • And the Jojo fans have officially invaded what I thought was a safe comment section...


    • Toca life and Minecraft Stuff I know no shit sherlock I wrote this 1 week ago and I knew he was a get gourgeous supporter

    • Dude first of all this is a get gorgeous supporter and the other thing is scar won

  • Mumbo for Mayor

  • #recode grumbot




  • Iskall you can buy item frames in the barge

  • 22:38 Iskall you forgot "OF DOOM!!" part

  • When iskall does a karen

  • Why do you always say of doom?

  • I’m sorry but I like mubo not stress

  • Magenta the forbidden color ❤️❤️❤️

  • Iskall85: “I need to speak with the manager” Me: “... He’s become a Karen!”

  • Grain sells item frames at the barge

  • When he walked into the Hermiton Herold he went full Karen mode... “I neEd to SpeAk To a manAgEr”

  • Hey iskull someone is stealing your vids yours hiuld probably sue them

  • who else heard "today you lives whores"

  • Mumbo for mayor iskall.

  • Mumbo for mayor

  • The richest person in the world must have gotten a dollar every time Iskall said “mega”

  • #MumboForMayor

  • 11:59 " LEo" what does it mean?????

  • use the second minecart rail to have the empty minecarts go from storage to the docking station

  • Doooooooommmmmmm

  • Doooooooommmmmmm

  • It’s kinda annoying how often he uses the words and phrases “of doom, omega, mega”

  • one of these days the hermits will learn to smelt rotten flesh for leather

  • You can make that the Minecart go’s down where the farm and collect the sugar cane

  • Iskall:I’m not much of a builder Me:how do you make concrete

  • I need someone to tell me how much hermits say I have a confession

  • wouldnt it be cool if at every farm, three is one megablock breaking through the wall?

  • Pls make a tutorial on how to make a sugarcane farm 🚜🐄🌾

  • Gunpowder Barrels

  • 9:14: Karens when an employee is doing their job and they don't give them a free meal

  • 20:21 the whistle

  • 9:15 he sounds like a Karen XD

  • Why do iskal sounds like from the teletubbies

  • Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous!

  • Do you have a second account where you post live streams?

  • Stress monster vs Mumbo Jumbo vs False vs Scar

  • 'I'm not much of a builder' - iskall85 2020

  • Mojang should make a mechanical crafting table that you could set up a crafting recipe in it and you wouldn't need to crafting anything and it would just spit it out after it's crafted

  • Iskall episode 27: as you all know I am very poor. Literally the next episode, getting thousands of diamonds.

  • I love how he's says he's not a good builder but I feel like even his mines are better then I can do

  • if mumbo is the father of your sugarcane farm does that mean mumbo is your sugar daddy

  • sAnD

  • #hometree

  • 15:27 He hates diorite but he has 12 blocks of it in his inventory?

  • The wall is T H I C C E R

  • surely light grey concrete powder looks more like a bulk of gunpowder than black...

  • use tnt for loading bay

  • So left is 2 diamond blocks and both right is 2 diamonds so why did he put 4 diamond blocks?

  • At 22:36 he said the swedish Word for no 🇸🇪😂