HermitCraft 7: 43 | RARE JACKPOTS!

Datum objavljivanja: 29. Srp 2020.
HermitCraft 7: 43 | RARE JACKPOTS!
Everybody loves the chance to win a JACKPOT! So, Iskall brings it back to the HermitCraft server, by installing extra jackpot rewards in The Hedge Games
Hermitcraft Season 7 SEED: -2143500864
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  • Iskal going to the store to get a beer. Store owner: How are you sir? Iskal: OMEGA

  • I know that you went to the comments but then couldn't leave because of all the crazy good ideas. ;-)

  • One jackpot is just cake.... Hopefully that winner doesn't see what's in the other jackpots.


  • Jackpot "You know what to do" with diorite, TNT, a flint and steel, dispensers, redstone dust, and a heckin lot of obsidian.

  • 19:40 it was at this moment that iskall85 knew.. he messed up

  • A shulker block full of diamonds (lapis renamed diamond)

  • JACKPOT BOX "pretty wood deal" And its litterally a box of different kinds of wood with a letter with "wooden't you agree?" In there... Also i'm late and i know you already did them i just wanted to put this here purely for the puns lmao. You could say i was "barking" up the wrong tree with this.. heh

  • How? How, now, brown, cow

  • Having one langauge: Smol brain Being Bilingual: meh Brain Understanding latin: Big Brain Understanding the language of Mumbo jumbo: *UNIVERSE BRAIN*

  • Second wind

  • I think you should get a white jackpot box named iron golem set and have a shulker box white shulker box filled up with iron ingots and we like it's the iron pot though it's named iron golemso I don't care about the name I just thought it'd be cool to call it that and it makes sense

  • at this point might as well just rain diamonds down on people

  • You can reuse the Shulker box when you are done with the leafs

  • Iskall: makes the most classic portal reference in the book without even realizing it

  • I know I'm really late to the game but it should have been "the leafer of leaves" filled whit oak wood

  • Some micro blocks

  • this jackpot reminds me of this bar i went to in Cambodia, every 10th tomb raider cocktail that got ordered was free, every 500th one was free, you got a tshirt and $100 usd, on my first one i got the 500th prize, and because i was with a group of friends i immediately spend my $100 on 40 shots, best $100 ever spent

  • Jackpot "The Worker" Equipped with a silk touch, mending, unbreaking netherite hoe and a lot of shears.

  • A box with one neitherite

  • Thirty minutes ago I was drinking helium to have a weird voice, and I passed out and had a small seizure, luckily there is no permanent damage, but sometimes the suffocation can kill someone so I'm spreading the word to make sure no one gets hurt. Sorry to ruin a great video with sad news, but I really want to make sure everyone's safe, and even if it only stops one kid from getting a concussion, it will be worth the annoyance. If you want to know more then read my reply for the story of what happened to me.

    • I just passed out because I was inhaling helium, and when you're inhaling helium you're brain doesn't notice it's ran out of oxygen because helium is a gas. I was drinking helium because it makes you're voice sound high pitched and funny, since sound goes faster in helium. Ack to the story. I fell on the floor and had a seizure, and there were these really weird, colorful, high pitched, kaleidoscopic dreams. While I was passed out I didn't remember anything else, like these dreams were all there had ever been and all there ever was. From the outside I was drinking helium, and I fell backwards, my eyes rolled backwards and blank, and I had a mini fit and started shaking. When I woke up I had no idea what was going on, and I was just suddenly lying on the floor with a headache because of the fall, and no idea what happened. Slowly I remembered the dreams, and my mom told me what happened. So that's my story. Don't do balloons kids.

  • Box of concrete called sidewalk

  • I know what that sign means HOW DO YOU HAVE A GOLD FARM AND NO GOLDEN APPLES!?!?!?

  • imagine if the button was a rick roll

  • 20:20 How cool are you? OMEGA How UNcool are you? OMEGA

  • He forgot to put the block back in Bernie when he destroyed it, he's not going to work now

  • Ariana: yuh Billie : duh Iskall85: Omega

  • I am the 68.800th like :D

  • Box o’ Tridents


  • Did anyone say 12 bamboo? Jackpot "Bamboozled"

  • Jackpot box named snow day and fill it with a bunch of snowballs snow and pumpkins

  • my favourate block is black stone what is yours

  • JACKPOT THE BOOM......(of doom) filled with fireworks

  • Box of 9 diorite named "this is now your problem,,

  • Ah jes! A stack of likes

  • Its the wither farm, he wants a farm

  • I don’t know what the name should be. One rotten flesh

  • Jackpot “god mode” 1 enchanted golden apple surrounded by regular golden apples

  • jackpot ´´the diarea box´´ a shulkerbox full of diorite or jackpot ´´the thx´´ the shulkerbox has a iou card (mini edition) and a apreceation stone

  • im super late on this because i took a break off watching hermitcraft and im trying to catch up. Who was the one who built the hat and the noteblocks for the omega store?

  • make one called HOW OMEGA and put stuff that are like really really really super OMEGA!!!!!

  • The head

  • IKEA beacon kit: Items for a wither and rest of the beacon + a iron farm kit (to get the iron blocks)

  • You could do: the last jackpot is the plot itself

  • Its a sad day when iskall can understand the language that is mumbo because he's had to deal with it all season.

  • Jackpot: pesky bird, a box of diorite and parrot heads

  • Did you redstone icall real creative

  • Tin foil chef

  • Hermit: Starts recording Distractions: I’m gonna end the mans whole career

  • It was the dark green box with enchanted Diamond armor

  • JACKPOT get gold with fully enchanted gold armor and tools and two stacks of gold blocks

  • Im late but you should have done jackpot box of leafs.

  • Jackpot the best one One dirt

  • JACKPOT "Beacon Box" With 3 beacons in the middle and 6 wither skeleton skulls and 8 soul sand spread out as a wither formation, one wither on each side.

  • What if the jackpot drops but no one picks it up? 😅

  • "Mob box"full of mob drop

  • if we get 100 likes and/or recomments he should make a gold shop attached to his Omega shop.

  • nobody is going to talk about the fact that Iskal made a Portal reference?

  • "it take me quite a bit of time and alot of resources to do this" cake shows up

  • The diorite burning box comes with a flint and steel, and the rest is diorite.

  • So, I commented an idea for a jackpot. I just want to say, I got comments about how I spelled a word wrong. I am trying so hard not to edit it or tell them in the comments and directly tell them that they are being rude. Because if I edited it, those people are just going to do it to other people and it's discouraging and so frustrating! It's been three weeks and I am still getting comments.

  • Jackpot one full beacon with gold blocks

  • Don't show the numbers

  • "Did you survive" full of Junk

  • Jackpot: All yours Give the hermit that receives the jackpot a favor of their choice.

  • Missed opportunity for a box of End loot called "Do you even bust?" Oh two more... then POSSIBLY missed an opportunity!

  • “Battlebox” it’s 4 soul sand and 3 skulls in the shape of a with, with an enchanted sword and enchanted bow and some arrows, maybe some armour too

  • Jackpot DO MORE LEAVES filled up wit 1 silk touch hoe, 2 diamond silk touch hoes, and a lot of sheeres

  • 15:37 sory

  • put a whole box of swords

  • A full shulker box of shulkers would be cool.

  • JackPot-"Its Micro" A shulker box full of rare micro blocks

  • I didnt realize that "the lie" jackpot is a reference to portal before just now.

  • Ur way too generous iskall

  • Put food in the shulkerbox and call it "dinnerbone" Put 3 Wither Skeleton heads in a box and call it "Head Games"

  • Suggestion rename "Sticky" to "Sticky fingers" Also, instead of just 1 cake in "the lie" fill it with cake.


  • Wither jackpot box

  • Iskall says it’s clown music, Julius Fucik is disappointed.

  • JACKPOT "too omega too be hermits" with iskall head and all diamond tools named omega something and if can mumbo's suit

  • Iskall says contester 25 of my brain cells: Peace out

  • "Book maniac" filled with enchantment books

  • Kenny Pufferfish aquarium set 👌🐟

  • tommy sotomayor

  • Dirt

  • A box named “Vital Needs” 9 Stacks of Fireworks 9 Stacks of Golden Carrots and a Beacon

  • JACKPOT "Smart play" its a box filed whit oak-leafs so they can get a free gold nugget.

  • A box full of dirt named "played ya dirty"

  • Put some leaves and some wood 🤣

    • Oh and it should be called omega help

  • I love how X did t like the jackpot he got so he changed it 😅

  • Is it just me who loves his "halllooo"

  • Boom box, tnt and rockets

  • a mumbo box with a bunch of mumbo related items

  • JAKCPOT "Life on the server" get IOU's (I hope this is how u write it :))) from some hermits for exaple Cleo for ome or two armorstand statues or Mumbo for a piston door or Scar landscaping or Grian help building something and soo on... 😁

  • sorry i have to be leafing now

  • Full box of leaves

  • why aren't you selling gold for cheap?

  • Why doesn't he take a fire resistance potion everytime he goes to another part of the nether?

    • Lag sometimes causes elytras to glitch. If theres a lava lake you're in for a shit time.

  • Jackpot skulls 8 whither skulls 2 skeleton skulls and a stack of diamonds