Datum objavljivanja: 18. Lis 2020.
HermitCraft 7: 60 | LEAFING HERMITCRAFT iskalls OMEGA Tree house base needs leafing, Bernie and the Hedge games concludes, and, it's a matter of principle.
Hermitcraft Season 7 SEED: -2143500864
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  • You are mad but you are not mad as mumbo

  • I swear after Season 7 is done, he is gonna be natural at building organically.

  • Rendog being the last to be seen made it a lot better

  • Grain and rendog

  • What’s slime is it iskallium :)

  • What!?!

  • Ok

  • Why you cant do it

  • Yo what if he made the tree a hotel

  • Me: reading the title Me: HA! That's bs

  • me: sees title also me: PANIC PANIC PANIC

  • you are mumbo jumbo with an accent

  • Beleaf me

  • Title: leafing hermit craft Me who read it as leaving hermit craft:panic

  • You read the title wrong

  • Imagine having a bee and honey farm in the shape of a hanging nest.

  • When he said, "leafing Hermitcraft" it threw me off because of his Swedish accent so it sounded like he was leaving hermitcraft

  • 40 hours I would take 40 days

  • Crazy idea: What if you made the tree based on seasons? And add a bunch of saplings everywhere?

  • Sometimes I forget hermitcraft is done in survival

  • Xisuma I hope

  • Gay

  • He got me I was legit in tears when he said he was gonna be leaf-ing phew

  • All the hermits are having trouble showcasing their bases because they are all so massive this season

  • Grian and rent he dog

  • I thought he said he was leaving hermitcraft lmao

  • Diorite

  • Är ditt skin inspererat av Daidalos Labyrint på Bolinomba?

  • I actually thought you would leave Hermitcraft

  • I love the leaf puns

  • someone turn the first 1 second of the episode into a hallo song plz

  • You got me when you said you were going to "leaf" the server, I thought you said "leave".

  • ren and grian i bet.

  • Hello

  • grian


  • Why is iskall magically not affected by the outage. He must be a conspirator!!! 8o

  • This was one of the most peak minecraft episodes I have seen this whole season lol

  • put bernie aside with grumbot

  • Looks like it is a yygdrasil from Norse mythology. It is huge. I could never build that. Good job

  • The end rod has moved

  • Can we take a moment to appreciate how like chill iskalls time-lapse music is? I absolutely love it

  • Ren

  • ofc you get me im not good at ENGELISH sorry sorry sorry ENGELISH sorry sorry sorry

  • Me who accidentally read the title as leaving: oh- just had a mini heart attack

  • Lol

  • I think Ren and Grian won!!!!!

  • Make like a Tree, Iskall

  • Ren

  • imagine if he forgot to put out the fire

  • Bernie with that full set of golden teeth 🌟🤑💵

  • What if fire?

  • Iskall: Yeah, probably shoulda added lights before I did all these leaves Also iskall: *literally places leaves as he says this*

  • Yes, I am pretty sure you got Tree people with that pun ;)

  • rendog and grian

  • ،

  • Ren dog

  • Ten and grian

  • Give BERNIE a bark imprint

  • Theys are amazing puns

  • Rendog

  • Grian

  • Dude, the sad music killed it! When that is there you know Iskall is being joking/sarcastic

  • Also it kinda like the faraway tree

  • 10/10 joke

  • "Why does this always happens to me?" *montage of examples of exactly why*

  • Rendog

  • Is it just me who freaks out everytime he lights fire on wood for that half a second before my brain starts to actually work...

  • You should put a pesky hird a top and then have a store for them plz

  • Everyone: oh no why would he leave hermitcraft Iskall85:prenked

  • Join The Dream SMP plz

  • Join The Dream SMP plz

  • Join The Dream SMP plz

  • Join The Dream SMP plz

  • Join The Dream SMP plz

  • Join The Dream SMP plz

  • Join The Dream SMP plz

  • Join The Dream SMP plz

  • Join The Dream SMP plz

  • Join The Dream SMP plz

  • I'm sure scar would help you landscape your canopy or something

  • Idea You should remove the jungle trees underneath the canopy of the OMEGA tree since realistically trees wouldn’t grow under a layer that thicc.

  • I love your intoxicating laughter!

  • i can't believe several hermits entered and then didn't put one single box in

  • Imagine the omega tree completed with Rtx on

  • Grain and Ren dog

  • Ok we will just leaf you alone now

  • i knew that arrow was going to say hallo

  • i'm guessing rendog

  • I would have fell for I am leafing hermitcraft if the title of the video was leafing hermitcrat

  • 9:37 an ocelot spawns in the bottom right corner, on top of the tree

  • 0:15 now smooth stone knows what it’s like to be diorite

  • When gold finally has a use

  • ren aND gRIaN


  • He did get me but i thought he meant like at the end of the season

  • iskall: I got three people right? those three people: had us in the first half not gonna lie

  • i think xisuma won (before he checked scores prediction)

  • Imagine what Iskall would do if he accidentally burned his tree down

  • Rendog??