Datum objavljivanja: 16. Srp 2020.
To complete the omega tree house base of doom iskall needs A LOT of leaves. Today iskall figures out a clever way to get all of those leaves.
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  • I think scar put that slime because you put that slime on scar's stone mountain face like think ;)

  • I haven't seen the full video yet but the SW in sweet is capitalized i think he means South West of your industrial distract

  • I have had 1mil diorite and it felt nice

  • 👌

  • if you want leaves,just wait for the tree to grow and then harvest it all and do climate change

  • I know im late but i think OAKley would be a good name


  • Hermiton Harold

  • why you make it look like that.. 😬

  • 10:52 it literally says SWeet as in southwest...

  • I can't be-leaf how far behind I am on this series

  • He should have given mumbo jumbo the hermit challenge of getting 1 million oak leaves

  • Burney

  • You should collect 1 million diorite then do a massive demolition of them once you've collected them all. You would be doing everyone a good deed by eliminating all that diorite :D

  • The old diamond pile 😂

  • "I need 1 MILLION leaves!" Keralis: "Booshes?"

  • Your building facade is nothing compared to be dubs mountain 😂

  • I think you've just created Old Gregg from The Mighty Boosh. Look it up, I'm dying from laughter :D

  • Like how you was naming all the brits as eksempels when you where saying “so this is mumbos chest and this is grians chest and this is xisuma

  • You should have named it please leave me leaves

  • 6 mins per harvest. and planting

  • I’m watching this late but please tell me he named it the leaf eater

  • the name should be leaves guy

  • i know its too late, but can I just say that he looks like his name should be Gareth

  • 8:45 he’s rock star foxy!

  • 20:54 *the joker has been reborn*

  • Name: leaf me a million 😏

  • XD

  • i love how iskall puts Mumbo and Grian first, not any other hemits

  • He needs a Leaf Mustache and his name shall be Bumbo Leafonie

  • just name him bob just BoB

  • Maybye the hedge games Oh someone already said the hedge games I really don't know now

  • 19:15 General Kenobi

  • 5:43-6:04 leaf breaking asmr and wood asmr

  • My guys mental

  • Collecting 1 million diorite is not the achievement. The achievement is blowing up 1 million diorite with a single TNT block.

  • Leafleaf

  • here is a golden shower

  • a skeleton grinder get you the bone meal a tree grinder would get you the leaves

  • ludacris

  • Sten is his name

  • iskall name the robot swamp monster

  • Leafo 9000

  • Just plant a big enough farm to where when your done collecting the first batch the other batch has already grown behind you

  • Islall,s mom he plays 14 hours of minecraft a day

  • Call it the metal monkey

  • My cat meowed

  • doesn't everyone else think he needs to make his own tree farm?

  • If iskall charged one shulker box of leaves for one treasure spoon, he might actually finish his tree.

  • Hedge games

  • His name should have been leavie (pronounced leave-i)

  • his name should be stewie

  • When you need to farm a milion of any one block... You know who we need to call. Scicraft

  • you could name him joe

  • 2:51 maybe grian or doc

  • Leifskallian

  • iskall if it says SWeet it means "southwest"

  • yea!! if anyone gets 1,000,000 diorite/DIoRitE ur computer blows up from rage!!! (P.S i didnt say it first i saw it somewere else from another iskall fan a looooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggg time ago)

  • "Ive gotten a present from someone, LET'S BURN IT", kind of a dick move to me, bro

  • Derpy Dan

  • iskapitalist

  • I bet it was scar who left the slime on your diamond pile because you put it coming out of his nose

  • Bra video kung 👍😘

  • team trees wants to know your location

  • Jared. The bots name must be Jared

  • Name: Iskybot

  • Derp Bot 9000

  • He looks like a derpy joker. So you should name him “Leaf Hedger”


  • if my math correct that 13 hours of strait mining leafs

  • Jacob.

  • Keanu Leaves

  • Why dont you plant trees and they will act like twigs

  • South west

  • just charge leaf stacks at your shops instead of diamonds

  • jackdoherty


  • *L* EAFZ


  • And this is why hermitcraft needs toycat

  • Couldn't the monstrosity gave been collecting leaves? Or does dynamite destroy them

  • Hahaha at 14:15 he sounds like the ringmaster from dumbo!!! IVE GOT IT!!! IVE GOT IT!!!! FLYING ELEPHANTS or something like thay

  • call the new guy, Douglass

  • How about done below

  • @3:35 it looks like a duck fishing with some strange colored fish on the line.

  • Jolly jeary

  • I can’t believe iskall actually reached the end of Minecraft in this vid

  • You should tell mumbo to collect the leaves for hermit challenges

  • 6.31 That was hilarious😂 It reminds me of someone going to the library and the librarian is like "Shh" and the person just takes out a bag of chips and eats them loudly in front of the librarian 😂🙈

  • Herobrine be like :hmmmmmmm iskall 85 needs some leaves 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • You should have pit fortune 3 on the hoe I think it works

  • Lol means lots of leaves

  • his name HAS to be larry.

  • can his name be othergown bob or pol

  • i don’t think he realizes that it doesn’t matter what leaves he uses because they’re going to match whatever biome he’s building in. if you notice the leaves on his omegatree match the jungle leaves. 😅

  • green frog"wiki:The European tree frog (Hyla arborea) is a small tree frog. As traditionally defined, it was found throughout much of Europe, Asia and northern Africa

  • you should make him holding a giant leaf block above his head like he is worshipping it

  • 13:07 Herobrine? Is that you? Also, i think that the 1 million leafs thinggy of doom should be called Robert. Idk why, but i feel like he would like Robert. (I know I'm late)


  • What about "THE 1MIL L's chalange (OF DOOM)"