Datum objavljivanja: 18. Ožu 2020.
Iskalls Mege Treehouse build as a base for this season is really coming along, thousands and thousands of blocks placed, but the TREE STUMP is complete!
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  • Iskall: why is Grian sending mumbo his doors Grian: "cocks gun" you weren't supposed to see that

  • Yes Omega tree stump babby

  • 2:10 to get this tree trump. good vid and progres

  • “We just hit 700” watching this in November when he has 1.4 million

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  • 2:11 tree trump lol

  • How do you get the third person camera like that lol

    • Breaking news SCOTLAND ARE IN THE EUROS

  • Anyone else rewatching series from the beginning

  • "Tree Trump" No, Tree Biden (2:11)

  • :0 it looks so different now

  • Iskall: is scared of wither Also iskall: doesn’t care and throws diorite in its face

  • first thing Iskall does when he fights the wither Iskall gotta get the diorite out of his intentory

  • Found you from grian, found grian from mumbo..... found a love for hermitcraft.... keep it up guys!

  • Well he is lucky that the fact the resources 4 his base is cheap unlike SOMEONE who used dark prismarines as a roof material

  • Stop recommending me old episodes HRdown, I downloaded this one thinking it was a new one 😡😡

  • Am i the only one that still doesnt know what “stonks” means?-

  • 20:34 Iskall throws his diorite in with the Wither so that it explodes

  • "We've just hit 7 hundred."

  • You puss*

  • 2:11 Iskall calls it a tree trump. Just noticed that. Lol

  • Iskall u madmannn thats a massive tree stump

  • Don’t worry his base is not blown to pieces and his beacon should have a colored glass on top it makes it the color of the glass

  • I love it when they get happy about almost reaching 800 k subs and then they reach 1 million or more it makes me happy

  • Grian has been sterling every ones doors that's why he was sending mumbo doors

  • I am Playing in pocket edition...and the wither fight is fu*ing hard....I was using my OnePlus 8 and my game crashed 3 times...wth

  • “Okay let’s just dig, straight down, to y level 11

  • 2:11

  • He's so pure and happy sounding at the beginning of this episode

  • 21:58 it looks like someone who've had their soul sucked out from their body

  • I find the wither skull face just looks like it’s done with your sh*t

  • Rendog sounds like slightly older Stewie...

  • I fought the Wither. I got a neither star and hole in my house.

  • Iskall: Needs to run away from wither he just spawned. Also Iskall: Makes sure to throw diorite out of inventory first

  • 2:10 Tree Trump?

  • HRdown: *"Hippity hoppoty, your recomendations are now my property"*

  • He should make the entrance like a big branche got cut off and then make that the entrance

  • Hello

  • Good video

  • This tree is gonna look like the one from avatar at the swamp

  • you soul leve a hole to flu in

  • How is this guy fighting the wither and and throwing diorite at it to explode the diorite i mean i do that with granite to because lets face is granite is hurendus

  • You have 1m subscribers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • *S U C C*

  • Mumbo is a gentleman and a “Skuller”

  • Damn Iskall85 was at 800,000 just 5 months ago😧 Homies been grinding

    • No one deserves it more tho he’s soooo entertaining

  • Good content 👑👑 love it 😊

  • He threw diorite at the wither so it would be destroyed -lol

  • Copy your tree and make it from bark

    • You're about 5 months too late to the party i'm afraid

  • did anyone else notice that the second wither dropped a wither skeleton skull instead of a wither skull? or was it just me?

    • @Name Jeff i know

    • You're about 5 months too late to the party i'm afraid

  • I love how he throws the diorite at the wither so it gets destroyed

  • The fact that he prepped up sooo much and when he listens to chat it’s a breez

  • My luck with either skeletons is atrocious. I just started a new world and I had to kill 176 to get 3 skulls. Edit: with looting 3

    • @Name Jeff and yet you're still commenting

    • @xChungi Also you're about 5 months too late to the party i'm afraid

    • @Name Jeff that was with looting 3

    • you probably had no looting 3 then

  • at 4:30 theres a spot where theres a plank instead of a log

    • You're about 5 months too late to the party i'm afraid

  • Nobody: Iskall: OmEGasTONks

  • just take all the wood from his store and make your own wood shop

    • @Name Jeff no but you said you wanted to see r/YOUNGPEOPLEyoutube commenters

    • @Loic Lejeune i never said you were young, did i?

    • @Name Jeff and how could you possibly know my age

    • @Loic Lejeune i just wanted to see r/youngpeopleyoutube commenters lol

    • @Name Jeff i know but i just wanted to comment it for all the guys like you that for some reason are reading these comments

  • 2:10 "Tree Trump" 2020🇺🇸

  • Love how he styles on the wither fight by tossing in some diorite x'D

  • why is iskall’s voice sound so wierdly simmillar to dobby from harry poter. -22:00

  • I love your video iskall and i subribe to you

  • I know I sound mean and silly but TREE TRUMP 2:11

  • Iskall: about to fight the wither Iskall spawns wither: Removes diorite from his inventory firs

  • I like how he threw diorite to him

  • Haha he said tree trump

  • hIskalls? may 85 of them? xD

  • In the title he only put mega he forgot the O

  • He just said mega omg and in a title that is bonkers

  • Why do i always have to kill over a hundred wither skeletons to get three skulls?!

  • 20:34 I like how iskall causally removed diorite from his inventory when he should’ve ran from the wither lmao

  • iskall85 1.37M subscribers

    • This video was made 5 months ago idiot

  • from 800k to 1.37 Million in 4 months! That's my BOII

  • I envy you iskall, all my friends are on Xbox so to play with them I’m always on windows 10/bedrock, and on bedrock, the wither is an actual BIG challenge compared to the tunnel method on java... if he doesn’t see you he’ll make his way to the surface, he constantly dives forward blowing up stuff and moving fast, plus in the second stage he summons wither skeletons... it isn’t too fun

  • Iskall at 2:12: the goal of today’s video is the get the tree trump completed

  • use the safe the thing with the trapdoor u have a stack there

  • How can someone dislike this video (only idiots) 🤔🤔

  • I love the way he pronounces "block"

  • use your diorite destroyer more to get ride of your diorite

  • Iskall: remembers would a tree stump is called: Level up!

  • Imagine if he had to FILL it in lol


  • How come you have more views than subs. People watching iskall85 out there and not subed to him sub to him NOW!

    • Cause im subed to him and watch him and other people watch him and are not subed

  • Get a bunch of saplings and bonemeal them oak ones

  • Iskall: We flew to the shopping district with only one rocket! Grian: *Wait, that’s illegal*

  • 2:07 Tree trumps is what they are called aren't they :)

  • You have over a million subscribers now

  • When he said tree trump 🍊

  • I can’t believe how easy it was for Iskall to kill the wither compared to Scar! Lol Also that’s a very smart way to demolish diorite, Iskall.

  • 500k in 3 months

  • 6:20 “Hallo!” That got me XD

  • Iskall what is a tree trump

  • No Iskall, you have a log way to go on the tree!

  • iskall the

  • hello iskall!

  • At first I was confused about why he was proud about saying stump, but then i remembered that he’s Swedish.

  • The goal of this episode is to get this tree trump... Me: I’m sorry what?

  • I am from future it is gonna be pretty big mega ,omega

  • 3 months later he has 1.3 million subs

  • Why doesn’t he make a shop for nether stars?

  • My aim of the video is to complete the tree trump Iskall 2020

  • I love how iskall still has to take the diorite out of his inventory even when he spawned the wither 😂

  • He should sell 64 for 2 then it would be same value but they'd have to spend 2 instead of 1