Datum objavljivanja: 5. Tra 2020.
Iskall needs more diamonds to get closer to his goal of 10000 diamonds in Minecraft. He comes up with an idea to create a treasure island where other hermits can mine gems and win prizes!
Hermitcraft Season 7 SEED: -2143500864
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  • iskall cats land on their feet

  • lol the ocelot tought he had elytra BUT MESSAGE FOR ISKALL: ocelots get rid of creepers sooo you could get alot and be safe?

  • and kennies you forgot to write kennies as one of the prizes

  • It's is a cat 🐱

  • the trap doors that Iskal put for the signs: "they add a lot of color" The pile of random colorful Shuker boxes right next to him:

  • Did anyone else notice Iskal wrote 10.000 on his goal sign? Hes alredy past his goal of 10 DIMONDS

  • This is a fun shop idea

  • Has anybody else notices that only the bottom of orange shulker boxes have a swirl? I know this is late, but I am rewatching.

  • rip kenzee LOL

  • Why do zombies like you so much Iskall? first, there was the zombie pigman that wasn't attacking you, now there is this drowned not attacking you. . . HACKS

  • So much better than Grians random boxes much more profit

  • Dang that's one Vietnamese cow right there

  • And iskall used the totem like that.

  • cats land on their feet

  • Alt title: Cat stuck in tree OR Jungle Wonders

  • Km

  • Z

  • Iskall you put a dot instead of a comma

  • 3:06 that’s a skeleton left handed very rare

  • i heard a rumor... that you watched the umbrella acadamy

  • I laughed so hard when you threw the ocelot an elytra and then it jumped off.

  • *>_

  • 7:28 i think thats funny lol

  • iskall gets a free sample of totems. next clip: iskall85 has made the advancement postmortal

  • LA'PIE??'

  • why is it that a diamond block sounds like it holds more diamonds than 25 diamonds?

  • you are so amazing chikeney

  • Cat don't get fall damage

  • When iskall forgets ‘(stonks)’ on his profit sign

  • :o me when iskall wastes the totem right off the bat

  • Should have had them buy a coordinates to find the shulker box around the world. So it’s a “treasure” hunt

  • 2:45 "You're too close to the ledge" dude it's a CAT. That's what they do!

  • Now it’s the most profitable hermitcraft shop

  • Iskall: Oh cool a new free totem of undying! Also Iskall: immediatley wastes it on an experiment

  • Are we just going to ignore the fact the he found a pink sheep

  • i like when there are keyboard noises

  • 9:47 don’t mean to nitpick iskall but best case scenario you get Kenny for 9 diamonds.

  • 27% of comments "It's Woody" 43%of comments "PoStMoRtAl" 20%of comments "ocelots do not take fall damage" The rest are normal comments :>>>>

  • UP THE PRICE! Shelker boxes ALONE are 40 diomonds!

  • You could say sandcake

  • I was waiting for him to go “ohhh right cats always land on their feet” tell me I’m not the only one

  • 21:21

  • A pancake made of sand? Do you mean... a Sandcake? (badum crash)

  • Iskall totally furgot about this shop.

    • Justin Campbell élève ikr i forgot it existed

  • Mumbo got KENNY!

  • He’s a cat Cats land on their feet every time

  • Does anyone notice that iskall uses the words “omega” and “mega” and “doom” about 2.537 million times per episode 😂

  • "the sand pancake of doom!"

  • dude you found the most rare sheep and you walked away

  • Pancake (Of doom)

  • Nobody talking about the pink sheep in the dessert!

  • Well I guess cats can land on their feet

  • I love iskalls balls

  • Big brin U suk

  • should totoally make a boobie trapped temple with hidden treasures

  • (sand pancake) copyright iskall85 Apr 5, 2020

  • SOOOOO is everyone going to ignore the 0.164% chance of seeing a REAL pink sheep on the wild?!!??!?! Iskall85 was this real or staged?

  • That cow was kinda just giving tho

  • 2:54 Ocealot: Cya boi


  • Sand + pancake = sancake

  • he died

  • The clicks in the background are satisfying

  • Is that a full mechanical keyboard?

  • Iskall: 10 point 000 diamonds HOW DOD NO ONE NOTICE IT?


  • Mojang: cats fall on their feet so they shouldn’t take fall damage Me: what about players in mincraft

  • Someone tell me who got Kenny’s box I wanna know😂😂😂😂

  • 5:17 For a moment, I genuinely thought there were two of the pokemon seaking in the water behind iskall

  • When he said pancake of sand I genuinely thought he was going to say pancake of doom

  • *Ocelot falls off* “darth Vadernoooooooooooo” -ocelot “nah fam”

  • By the end of the season, iskall is gonna have an entire casino

  • oh, are you not familiar with the jungle tree cows of the server?

  • Someone asks you what do you want to be when you grow up me a leafige man

  • Duuuude a pink sheep those are the rarest type of sheep they are supppper rare

  • Pancake of sand NONONO sandcake yes

  • The sign doesn't say stonks anymore! How will your remember to acquire stonks! Lol

  • Excerpt from Minecraft Wiki: Cats are immune to fall damage, but they still avoid falling off cliffs high enough to normally cause fall damage. Yes I am aware this video is a couple of months old but I thought I would put this here for anyone who was as confused as iskall and fled to the comments.

  • He put a period instead of a comma on his sign again XD

  • Cats always land in their feet that’s why the ocelot survived

  • Did anyone notice at 6:40 the sand dropped gunpowder?

  • I actually quite like the sound of the keyboard. It’s just ambient in a way

  • pancake of doom

  • can you show how to make your theme song

  • Why don't you make a Lotto

  • "A pancake of sand" Now I want to eat pancakes

  • 7:29 I have watched this part a couple of times I guess he shot the bat on the right of the arrow the cut after the shot was just a bit cut down lol I even watched it at 0.25 (his laugh sounds demonic especially the voice in that speed lol)

  • 8:37 puding?

  • when he said pancake of sand, I actually thought he was going to say pancake of doom XD

  • Iskall85 is smart, he broke the sign on purpose and wrote 10.000 diamonds instead of 10,000. So he’s already passed the goal.

  • Why is everything "of doom"... Like what is this tree gonna do? Detonate season 7?

  • I heard him stutter when he said a pancake of- sand. He should have said doom.

  • iskall: gets a totem of undieing and imidiately jumps off his tree me: *facepalm*

  • 32x31

  • iskall: treasure island me: seems like a casino

  • Ypu kinda wasted your Totum of undying HAHA love your vids iskall85 And I also watch 2 other hermits Grian and Mumbo the one and only

  • It will take aproximently 2 weeks to finish the canopy , judging by how it took around 5 hours for a canopy branch and your doing 8 it will be around 400 hours

  • Heck yeah keyboard noises

  • Iskall85 you need 64 diamond in a row of 16 to get 10,000

  • Is everyone just going to ignor the fact that he said "Lapie" 7:57