HermitCraft 7: 2 | JUNGLE SALES - OK LOL

Datum objavljivanja: 1. Ožu 2020.
HermitCraft Season 7 is so much fun! In this episode Iskall says OK LOL to MumboJumbo and discovers that our moustache friend has got a little bit mad in the jungle. Iskall also becomes the Jungle Salesman, trying to deseperately make more diamonds!
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  • "Hello" Docc77, 2020


  • I’m watching these older videos to track down the truly original 12 bamboo

  • just imagine if they want to get a new hermit challanges member into it though the thing seems dead now

  • HI P iskakll

  • 5:50 this is where history was made.



  • Lol

  • 12 Bamboo is now the most valuable thing in hermitcraft

  • Nobody knew how significant that 12 bamboo would become.....

  • so i did a little mining off camera

  • I would just like to point out that you're not warming the bees up with the campfire, you're smoking them so they get complacent so you can take their honey

  • Ah yes, the negotiator

  • So this is where the 12 bamboo came from lol

  • Ahh the bittersweet beggining of the 12 bamboo.

  • B sdcdaas

  • Ahahahahaha


  • the 12 bandboo whil be yousful iskall

  • you are the best hrmit ever

  • The bees have died

  • That 12 bamboo is special u can buy the whole shopping discrict

  • Sweet

  • Mumbo was a asshole

  • Llama Relevance?!?! How?! Why!? Question Marks???

  • the most valuable bits of bamboo

  • 13:20 ''The campfire makes them warm & cozy & happy'' Ummmm.... Smoke puts bees in a sort of trance like state and they don't care about you taking the honey as they're trying to escape.

  • November 1st 2020 anyone?

  • iskall:goal is to get 10 000 diamonds . me who has maximum 30 amount of diamonds in his every world:👁👄👁

  • Episode 2: "I want to build a bee farm rather sooner than later" Episode 62: *still no bee farm*

  • Who else got this randomly recommended today?

  • Wy

  • My most common reaction to watching hermitcraft is "aww, poor iskall"

  • Thug birth,of the twelve bamboo

  • “I look forward to seeing your gigantic hole” -Mumbo 2020

  • Poorskal

  • Obviously I will sell 3 stacks of bone for 8 iron ingots😂

  • The Legendary 12 Bamboo

  • The original 12 bamboo

  • I know this is late but, "lazy"??? He's just creating more work for himself and using up his pickaxe by having to mine them again lol dork 😜

  • This episode is origins for all the shenanigans in s7

  • This is where the legend of 12 babmboo begun

  • This video is the start of the greatest hermircraft inside joke

  • If you want to get more diamonds from other players use the command '/invsee [player gamertag], and you will see that other player's inventory!

  • Everyone: Mines dirt with shovel Iskall: Mines dirt with bow

  • Mumbo: showers himself with all of his diamonds Iskall’s brain: *contorts into squidward*

  • Little did he know those 12 bamboo sticks would go down in history

  • 5.53 remembers me of hera phire (a Bollywood movie)

  • Don’t tell iskall that the campfire doesn’t “make them cozy” but chokes them unconscious

  • Iskall was me the first time I encountered bees in Minecraft...promptly happy...then stung...but I witnessed them die and was horrified. Afterwards I built a mega glassed in bee pollinated farm that contained like hundreds bees with 20+ hives in it and I’d occasionally hit a bee and they’d all swarm murder me....but it was also amazing and adorable and I miss that farm (it had to be destroyed as it lagged out the server super badly but god it was amazing)

  • 3 spawners in 1 place

  • rrttrt

  • 5:45 *epic music* MumboJumbo plays uno reverse card *sound of a card being played* It was super effective!

  • Ahh the original hermit challenges site

  • hi

  • who else came back to this video just for the 12 bamboo part

    • meeeee. I wanted to know what the 12 bamboo hype was about...

  • Netherite

  • Iskall's skin looks like if owen from jurrasic world was a cyborg

  • you should've mined his whole base and leave a gaint hole

  • :]

  • "Worst sale ever" ad: "invest as little as one pound into your leading businesses

  • 5:50, 12 bamboo has twin!!!!!!!!!

  • Iskall: "my first video of HermitCraft 7 hit over 1.5 million views" Me: there's 1.5 million views on this video too...

  • hallo

  • is sooooooooo anoying

  • iskall/ this is the worst day ever

  • putting a campfire underneath the beehive "makes them nice and warm and cozy" is a clever and peaceful excuse for just smoking them until they're like paralysed so they can't hurt you lol.

  • 13:46

  • Ah, the days before Elytra where Mumbo just had to run into the jungle like a madman XD

  • "aww look at the duuuude" is so pure???

  • Iskall and Mumbo have eerily similar laughs XD

  • Anyone else trying to watch two people play hermitcraft without getting left behind

  • little does he know those bamboo is worth millions of diamonds

  • price just went from 2 diamonds a stack to 8 stacks per diamond Me: 'What a Deal!'

  • the legend, 12 BAMBOO

  • The bees are so cute! 🥺🥺🥺

  • BREAKING NEWS!: Annoying Salskall gets annoyed by Mumbo Jumbo

  • Mumbo: Woohoo i got 15 diamonds look at me im rich!! *Shows off to iskall* Iskall: Hold my iron pickaxe

  • Im 50 episodes late =(

  • 10,000 blocks isn't a lot

  • Oh now i know where those 12 bamboos origin come from in mumbo video

  • hey lets just mine with a torch

  • wait you smelted when you had a FOURTUNE pick

  • I felt really bad for impulse If I had been there And even had a few diamonds I would have just given half of them to him Coz he needs them and he would have been by friend

  • Navigating in the jungle makes you feel like Tarzan

  • Diamond stuff right now why not!!!!

  • Watched Mumbo and so I'm here.

  • the legendary 12 bamboo

  • 6 months later... ...Hermit challenges has evolved, as has the chair lol

  • It's crazy it's been 6 months and finnally mumbo just got rid of those 12 bamboo😂

  • *Skeleton spawners out the wazoo* *64 Bones buys Iskall 12 Bamboo as a result* I believe we call this “Inflation.”

  • 17:05 lol cow in the tree I eat cowcow

  • Lol mumbo just got 192 basically free bonemeal

  • He said he had 1 diamond. But before he went up the ladder at the begining he had a diamond pick?

  • audio kind of quiet

  • Mombo😡😡😡

  • you killed those bees by getting stung

  • "one day i'll make these 12 bamboo into something valuable" Fast foward to august- He used the bamboo to clear a hermit challenge and give mumbo a suit again

  • iskall: this parrot makes a lot of noise stress: YA THINK