Datum objavljivanja: 30. Tra 2020.
Iskall starts and completes a mega foundation for his industrial base district, placing over 16000 blocks. He also deals with the 9 diorite investment from Grian in the previous episode
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  • Iskall when anything exists: OF DOOM

  • ah gravel my nemesis

  • has anyone noticed how much time HRdownrs spend to make videos? I mean, 2 days for 26 minutes! wow

  • You should use mumbos strat

  • You're villager is not valuing diorite, he is paying you for destroy diorite !

  • A snow farm is literally a snow golem on a block

  • Get rid of the mountain you can build next based in that building in the what and that massive mountain

  • This is kinda random but who else remembers the first day elytra was added to the game? I miss the OG days 🥺😞

  • Dude,you are an awesome person bit the birds name is WOODY NOT ALLAN...WOODY THE WOODPECKER!!! (I know you do not know that old show because you are swedish but still.)

  • Bruh


  • Lllll.

  • You missed one thing the diorite distroying machine😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

  • "delivery system" SAHARA SOUND INTENSIFIES

  • Pesky Bird

  • Suggestion: make a tnt duplication machine that sits on a pile of diorite to blow it up

  • It's a tragedy

  • How dare he misspell infrastructure:)

  • I think he should burn the the diorite masonry on a stake

  • 11:17 A Parking lot... OF DOOM

  • Why do you hate me? :(

  • Andersite Iskallium Grianite *Bird poop*

  • I think he forgot about the *E*

  • Dude, you probably have like a ton of diamonds in the slime shop

  • andersite

  • 17:08 That accent 😂

  • 1.4 iskall

  • 21:45 it’s 0 ticking

  • Ismail is moving over in his live he just hit 1m subs and moving house and I’m so happy for you because I love all your vids and your the best youtuber 🤟🤟👍

  • slime shop! iskall remember! Its a bit annoying

  • Me: hermitcraft woohoo Iskall: DOOM

  • He now has an iou with grian XD

  • Iskall : finds out that the Mason sells diorte. Confused stonks /\ | / \ | / | / | / | V

  • andeRsite - iskall85 2020

  • I dont like how it feels like monopoly because people have already selling everything so you cant really make a store anymore

  • I was watching Hermitcraft 6 like an addict and now i am on ep23 on S7 and.. i always had in mind to abo you in the future and.. today is the day. Thx for the content Loooove that you are playing till late nights till you realise the clock and say "omg - but 5 minutes more" haha

  • I know that this is a bit late but you should make it like chrnobyle

  • Binod Binod Binod Binod Binod Binod Binod Binod Binod Binod Binod Binod Binod Binod Binod Binod Binod Binod Binod Binod Binod

  • Trick fox

  • You paved paradise to put up a parking lot.

    • It’s Minecraft

  • Me: I Love Diorite! Iskall85: Why?!? Me: It's fun to burn.

  • The diorite villager is smart because he takes advantage of your hate for diorite

  • Has someone made a compilation of every time iskal says “hello” yet? because I want that like right now.

  • You can CRAFT ANDESITE, GRANITE...... .....AND EVEN DIORITE! with cobblestone and quartz

  • Well at least you can make a profit from that villager and get rid of your diorite at the same time

  • You know I’ve always *HATED* gravel. Since the beginning. I absolutely hate gravel.

  • Isn’t it funny that their partners yet he’s buying iron

  • 20:42

  • I’m sorry but you are annoying me when you say “AnDerSiTe” It’s called Andesite

  • mumbo looks like he has been smoking a pack a day for 12 years and hasn't skipped a day since

  • Hi

  • Iskall you should mix In red sand with the factory builds

  • The style Iskall is going for reminds me of the old world buildings from the game Elex. I like it!

  • You should build a mega boosh around the district

  • You should have gone to the boomers

  • Iskall in every video OF DOOM


  • I hate it when people say smooth stone when it’s called stone

  • It’s a block

  • how did that sheep get there??? "I AM CONFUSION!!!

  • Let’s be honest moustache grain is the best thing to happen to humanity

  • I love that bdubs hello ha with tnt

  • Piano glove XD

  • The villager values the DESTRUCTION of diorite, not diorite itself.

  • Iskall’s dictionary Mega; Omega; DOOM

  • did anyone else think he was gunna say "this is gunna be the last episode i ever record period?


  • Iskall maybe mumbo should wear a zombie mask cuz thats better than his face hahahahaha

  • God loves you Fellow hermit

  • You should have made a powerplant

  • What if the magma arrow in the nether is pointing to a build in the sky

  • Why the beacon is not in the center

  • I think grian looks cute in the mustache cause of the stache eye connection.

  • what about you make a diorite destoyer

  • Okay is no one gonna mention, he has been calling Woody the Woodpecker, Alan

  • 10:17 I thought the map was still loading in 🤣

  • Endederman farm

  • What about an xp farm

  • the villager is just trying to help you get rid of your bird poop he is a good villager

  • andersite

  • Mumbo:I got scared Iskall: so did I when I saw you Me: OHHHHHHHHHHH ROASTED

  • Itd be really cool to have the river carve straight through the stone for the ink farm. He could make a brick wall with iron bars on top too

  • persky bird

  • Words of the day: doom, mega, mustache

  • do you ever think he is going to put an absolutely fantastic counter in?

  • this is not a joking im giving away free micro soft store account for the person how to send me mail thorsentorgunvald.h@gmail.com it has bedrock Minecraft

  • I just can't over how Iskall says andesite. I love it.

  • That villager was awarding Ismail for destroying diorite

  • "Fill me with grianite" - iskall85, 2020

  • Bor du i Sverige

  • In between episodes episode IBEE

  • Dude that platform is like 10 shulker boxes of blocks o.o

  • Iskall please put a mustache on the front of Grian's mansion. I can't be the only one who thinks it kind of looks like a face, right?

  • You should have fed Allan (don't know how to spell name, don't remember) the diorite.

  • So you don't like a villager that literally buys your garbage and gives you something useful

  • Starting off episode 23 with 23 levels.

  • It looks like a cpu at 10:16

  • Wait Iskall's accent and name just clicked for me... Nice.

  • make a room tour in your new house

  • Can you do a timelaps when you pack all your things and move into your new house? I mean that could be awesome! You are doinh timelaps but in real life😂