HermitCraft 7: 62 | I GOT SPOOKED!

Datum objavljivanja: 29. Lis 2020.
HermitCraft 7: 62 | I GOT SPOOOKED! iskall is spooked and HALLOween has arrived on the HermitCraft server, iskall upgrades his base and visits a very haunted place...
Hermitcraft Season 7 SEED: -2143500864
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  • Did anyone else notice the hole in the ceiling?

  • Iskall: that mansion is mad Me: it's a madsion

  • On the thumbnail it looks like he's gonna eat the diorite

  • I think using fences and stairs as well as trapdoors would help give the roots shape. Bc they're not as large as the canopy so they would better in my opinion

  • Minecrafts next update should be an enchantment that smelts ors when you break the block. That would be soooo helpfull

  • Pausing watching Hermitcraft is so great because then you get to binge watch episodes :D

  • 8:00 ethos nightmare? lol wonder what thats about

  • I bet the spellbook could have been used on the lecterns.

  • you mean omega wall of doom text you cant forget that!

  • Why not make a bedroom where you respawn and have a spare elytra and rocket set in case of death 🙃

  • Iskall you have a god pc you have a 3080 my question is How they have been impossible to find and a I-9 10900k good choice of a CPU

  • Diorite

  • I think you should add a hidden staircase so you can go out of the cave if you don't have wings anymore.. :)

  • Why video unavailable?

  • you should put on a texture pack to make diorite less ugly, or just make it stone

  • 3:58 it kinda look like the monster from minecraft story mode

  • No hate but....I like diorite

  • Roots = upside down branches.

  • No one will take you seriously with that skin

  • "its gonna be a blast" he's gonna sell TNT for the hermits at treasure island.

  • His excitement dropped so quickly when he found the “bird poop”

  • 4:06 voice crack?

  • «Im preettttyyy sure was this wan» - Iskall85 swam in lava

  • You can put a use to your diorite and sell it to mason villagers :)

  • I just love iskall's base

  • Hey Iskall! To make the nether portal look extra epic, you can dig out a small cave behind the portal and build a custom nether scene. That way it looks like you’re looking into the nether through the portal.

  • should have chosen the bow so he can shoot the buttons


  • I love that my name is similair to Ween. So it's like iskall is saying hallo to mr

  • Almost 1.5M!!!

  • Stress did SUCH a good job with the mansion, I loved watching everyone’s play throughs!

  • left is right you dummy

    • @Turtle Master55 it's right there think (right = correct ) some are some aren't

    • Thats kinda mean dont ya think?

  • So you know in stress monster's hunted house there can be barrels under the lava.


  • Fun fact: "Iskall" means "Laugher" in swedish

  • stress has done a very, very good job! respect.

  • Why is the mansion so peaceful and well lit?

  • He could have won if he submitted all those Carved pumpkins I think, cuz it said they were worth 10 points each

  • Add soil with the odd Mycelium and vines to mimic roots pushing through the ground

  • When he said Chauffed to bits that was SO true


  • you should turn your omega tree into a tree house

  • guys if you want iskall to do this leave a like on the comment

  • iskall i chalange you to to do a full diamond beacon

  • iskall i chalange you to to do a full diamond beacon

  • iskall i chalange you to to do a full diamond beacon

  • iskall i chalange you to to do a full diamond beacon

  • It's been six days where are you dude.

  • Never thought I'd hear the words "oak" and "fAncY" in the same sentence

  • 100% the best limbo impersonation ever. I actually thought that was Mumbai for a sec. Lol

  • do you remember the 5 diamond blocks that you send in end of season 6


  • He said its gonna be a blast as in add tnt dad jokes

  • Nethercrater when?

  • Join the resistance! The HEP are building with DIORITE!!!

  • crime watch daily

  • I got a new phone and got the hallo joke when it went to Swedish

  • Have you seen that one mario cart map in the where the shy guys live (I forgot name) your tree canopy should be like that

  • "Its gonna be a blast" I think hes gonna do a firework show on bonfire night

  • Jesus loves you Iskall!

  • I feel bad for Iskall when he was talking to fundy

  • Ok Iskall you win. You're entertaining. I have watched all of season 7 so far and now I have to watch the other stuff you've done. You got me. Good job. Oh and Hello!

  • Iskal85 I am zieon hunt54 I am making you yes you a member of The Mogard your mission:powder grasswood and mother spore,2 zieons that have brainwashed scar and grein. step 1:make your mogard base. Step 2:place propaganda to make other hermits want too join. Step 3:make are banners (place a white thing on a red banners). Step 4:expose the 2 Zieons. I will send this same message to mumbo jumbo

  • The portal looks like the portal to the inside down in stranger things

  • Iskall when he realizes he can’t burn his pick when he mines diorite anymore

  • I was in you among us game 5 minutes ago i was 6738

    • It wasnt him

  • Iskall's Mumbo impersonation is so good it almost sounds like Mumbo doing a sarcastic impersonation of himself

  • wait... he still hasn't upgraded his leggings

  • Deception 100

  • Ö

  • 9:32 How did he get out

    • Wooden button on the block above the door

  • i pranked my freind that i whas you so that she would supskribe to you

  • Are you going to make Sahara 2.0?

  • Make an ISKMALL in the shopping district

  • HALLO!

  • I have to say, hearing everyone so far actually say "Frankenstein's Monster", aka: the correct thing to say, really makes me appreciate them even more. Well done. XD

  • We ArE aLl UnSuBbInG

  • eViL!! eViL!!

  • WuTaNg WuTaNg

  • DiD tHe FaTtY gEt SpOoKeD? HuH? dO yOu WaNt SoMe FoOd To HeLp YoU cAlM dOwN? HuH?

  • Hanging roots

  • My friend saw my subscription list and he saw you’re channel he Said ” vem är iskall85” and that got me thinking if you got the name from saying the Swedish Word iskall in a english accent. Just curious :)

  • 1:53 sad

  • someone must be stealing your redstone box.

  • When Iskall is more mumbolike than mumbo himself...

  • Yee

  • Anyone else catch it? His new idea is going to be a BLAST?? TNT in treasure island?

  • Oof pretty sure I remember stress saying when she built the Frankenstein’s monster that the hermits weren’t supposed to look in the shulkers 😂

  • Iskall’s Omega Tree Base: Lightning storm: I’m bouta ruin this mans whole career

  • Hej jag är int från sverge men ja kan svenska

  • I have a good idea for making diamonds but unless it’s liked enough iskall probs won’t see it. Here’s my idea Lend people diamonds with interest, like a bank. Say they borrow 5 diamonds, for every day they don’t pay you, they have to give back one more. X

  • what ever happened to the tag game grian created this season

  • Check the place between the O-mage tree, of doom, and the old mine starter base where u got a villager to the O-mega tree, of doom, didn't c u pick it up. If u didn't find it there, ask IskallMAN to help

  • hrdown.info/block/video/2KKXja2DmM6tdZY

  • The new iskall's skin is so cute :)

  • Didn't he make a omega bedroom?

  • Imagine a person name Ween And you say Hallo ween

  • Petition to name iskall's flint and steel to ''DIEorite''

  • It's Decked Out, but longer and less sadistic.

  • Cliffhanger of the year "you really wanna see it, yep"