HermitCraft 7: 24 | I BEAT THE BUTTON

Datum objavljivanja: 6. Svi 2020.
HermitCraft 7: 24 | I BEAT THE BUTTON
In this episode of Hermitcraft season 7 iskall checks out MumboJumbos button game, before raising a massive, mega creeper farm (of doom).
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  • S

  • Hallo

  • Iskall is my second favourite minecraft youtuber Ps Pewds is favourite

  • Yo iskall

  • Is anybody gonna mention how he names everything like: -blah blah blah blah blah blah...- *of doom*

    • Villager trading area of DOOM

  • The creeper farm looks like a school

    • Not my school tho

  • 15:09

  • I was trying to watch your videos to go to sleep. I sadly went on a playlist, and this is the video I ended up on when I woke up (I started on episode 1)

    • Luckily I turned my phone off

    • I was watching his video before this, then my parents came up, so I hid my phone under my duvet( they don't approve of video games)(this was at 1am) and I woke up at 3 30am and my phone was still there

  • if you see this you must sub to iskall85

    • @Nope 33 dude, your supposed to sub for somebody that asks to sub back

    • i only have 18, kid just sub to somebody else and they will sub back, then unsub after a while

    • If you see this, please tell me how to get fast subs like ypu

    • How did you get so many subs so fast

    • Already have

  • Iskall: "There is a bit of an echo" Me: "I don't hear an echo"

  • change your portal to a sign not a shear

  • Iskall: got cool micro blocks Me:how do i get micro blocks! :(

  • do you like your new home if you do Iskall85 pls tell me

  • 04:01 ”Massive, Nej, Mega” hahah

  • olive eye

  • Anyone else watching the series during quarantine?

  • No one cares about ur echo

  • Iskall: It's free real estate Me: whispers *It's free real estate* Btw, I'm surprised I didn't see any other comments about this, even if it is a dead meme lol I also didn't look through all the comments, so....yeah

  • To Swedish pronounce De to der example for Iskall andesite=andersite

  • slimeshop! Agh

  • Oh I just love your laugh. Puts a smile on my face.

  • RIP old intro song, you will be remembered as the best thing of iskalls videos, now we must endure a time without you, we wish you can come back one day.

  • Of dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom

  • cheetos

  • To the one person who sees this all I have to say is aw man

  • "I'm not very good at maths"

  • Anyone saw Badtime with scar left the game

  • I've moved 8 times since I was born and i'm only 9 years old. :)

  • The creeper when iskall says he’s on a diet: “So you think I’m SKIIINNYY?”

  • 04:00 masive NEJ mega...

  • If you go to 5.43 in the video you can see the missing kelp block in his inventory!!


  • I think I might build a base in that style

  • your eye looks like a stuffed olive and !!!

  • Last

  • 9:05 VILLAGER DAVE! When I first played Minecraft in creative mode, I would build shops with villager clerks named "Dave". I also spawned in a bunch of Dave villagers in a local village, so this is very funny to me

  • Watch all iskalls meritocracy episodes and have a shot every time he says "oF dOoM" now in three seconds your dead

  • Who else saw the kelp in his inventory loads of times

  • Everyone will remember sahara

  • Watermelon eye! Yeah!

  • I think the red and the green look good together

  • Wow this is already 1 month ago

  • 6:20 Sticky pistons used to be used to duplicate rails.

  • gUys his eYebAlLs iS aN oLiVe

  • 18:20 do u even math bro?!

  • Iskall: **makes holes in windows** Me: OCD MODE ENABLED

  • I know you are not going to lie

  • I am a villager!!!


  • Iskall should make all the window creepers into charged creepers with a channeling Trident. It would truly be creepers of doom!

  • Is Sahara coming back?!!!😨

  • Is it just me or wen he stands still he moves his cross hair a little wen he’s talking

  • Hi Iskall! I don’t know if you will see this but I’ve been watching you and Mumbo since the end of season 5 but just now got a HRdown account so I can finally subscribe! I know I don’t have to tell you but keep up the good work. I love your vids man!

  • make farms in the sky for extra space

  • It’s looks like a brownstone house

  • Grian: *How Cute*

  • I was rooting for dave and it was kinda embarrassing

  • If anyone wanna make a hermit craft on ps4 Add me Trap_Garcia

  • just don't use the pillager

  • I just wanna address his eye looks like a green olive

  • Gray - Fairy Tail Tobi - Naruto Shippuden.. Looks like you watches Anime too

  • Mumbo: IF YOU’RE RED LAUGH AT THE GREENS All the greens: Hahahahaha RED

  • 7:53 "Can you imagine, how long this would take to get, using the old method?" I don't have to imagine. i did it the old way. was building a very large red staircase, and brick stairs is the closest choice i have. so yeah 15 stacks of bricks. the old way. survival, no cheats. and i still didn't finish the staircase in bricks, but i just can't find any more clay near my base. SO. hmmm. you can trade with a villager for brick blocks..... hmmmmm

  • He’s on a diet 😂

  • I like the spider farm lol

  • Sees he thinks wearing two belts makes him beat the button who’s gonna tell him bout grian

  • His new eye kinda looks like a watermelon

  • 4:36 Did anyone see him fly

    • Elytra glide

  • I like how the hermits try not to dwell on the whole virus topic

  • is there a way to spawn bats?,. a few bats would really fit in :)

  • Iskall: No one is selling terracotta The giant freaking skull in the SD: Am I a joke to you?!?!

  • this is the best video (of doom)

  • Them bricks and andersite looking fresh

  • What is happening to his English?😂 so much swedish words just pop in randomly 😊

  • Have you checked you mines chest for stone , andesite , etc. Instead of spending diamond on stone shop

  • What if you put a creeper face on top of the creepers head. Would look normal from below but you could see it on the map.

  • Your eye looks like an olive

  • YOUUU SHALL NOT PASS Gandalf is quaking

  • Iskall several episodes ago: You may have noticed... my keyboard is really loud. I'm sorry. I'm using my old keyboard because the keyboard I've been using for the past 3 years finally gave out and I've ordered a new one but it hasn't come yet... Me: Oh, I guess I can kinda hear your keyboard. I hadn't noticed before. (and then I forgot further through the episode) Iskall this episode: sorry it's pretty echoey right now; I hope you don't mind Me: I don't hear it...

  • Perks to being way behind on Hermitcraft: I didn't have to wait a week for Iskall to upload a new video

  • "It has been six days since my last Hermitcraft video." Sounds like an addicts meeting.

  • Grian only needs red to have all, and Stress got orange second! by the way, Stress gave you the pumpkin microblock and the redstone one!

  • Olive man

  • Looks like an olive.

  • I think the black on the creeper face needs a little more texture, coal blocks would look cool

  • I'm sorry Iskall but I'm not gonna lie. Your face looks like a melon now..

  • Give the creeper a tnt hat

  • the giant dino skull is a terracotta shop

  • Iskall... There's a Terracotta shop by Flase near Ren's Mesa wood store thing...

  • Add some stained glass to make a charged creeper my dude

  • One question: do you like Sabaton? (Btw, cool you moved)

  • Wait was this re-uploaded?

  • Everyone: HIS BELT LOOKS LIKE AN OLIVE me :W.a.T.e.R.m.E.l.o.N

  • Check me out on twitch if you wanna see me start my own hermitish server!! twitch : khofeu

  • Cut off half of the giant creepers head

  • Iskall notes the diorite in the town hall, next clip there’s a tnt right in front of his face. For a sec I thought he might be considering blowing it up

  • Why is there observers behind villagers???

  • Experts!@%*$

  • 4:35 Did he just fly???