Datum objavljivanja: 20. Tra 2020.
More MEGA TREE HOUSE BASE Building! Iskall decides to take care of the Mega Tree Base Canopy, and it turns out to take a lot longer, and a lot more resources than he thought!
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  • I know I’m catching up late so I’ve seen the near-finished project in other videos, but all of the reminders that it’s still in progress.... @Iskall85 it’s already fantastic at these status updates!! So impressive. I’ve just started watching this season and subbed, but I appreciate your videos so much. You’re cheery, helpful, inspirational, and a good voice for my son to hear (teen friendly). Thank you, Iskallman!

  • Diorite is the best block ever!! MWWAA haa ha!

  • -•- squeak

  • It is soooooo cute, iskall is very very very influenced by what mumbo jumbo thinks is cool

  • I love your vids, Iskall!!!!


  • What happened to tag 2 electric boogaloo

  • Megasode, you mean Omegasode of doom?

  • Grian: Pesky Bird Iskall: OMEGA Mumbo: Redstone Me: OMEGA pesky bird is redstone

  • Yea

  • Iskall’s outro song really sounds like the sims mobile theme

  • Pesky leaves

  • I just realized.. With the micro-block shop... *you’re getting a diamond for an emerald* I mean if ya think about it- Ty for scrolling this far :o

  • RANDOM QUESTION does he edit his own vids?

  • U can use a redstone block head for the rail chest

  • It’s funny that he thought that ren manually cut those trees when he used the quadrachopper.

  • Hi

  • Ahi

  • Make a lost and found.

  • So... watcha gonna do when the leaves fall of the trees irl?

  • You are really wasting the diamonds

  • 3:23 this transition was unintentionally very smooth

  • Mumbos bace gives me halo vibes

  • Suggestion: and MEGA ants of doom crawling up the tree

  • Iskall: It's been a success! I've only had to rebuild a branch a few times! Me: *staring at the screen and not knowing what to think*

  • Can’t he just please a sapling and get a big omega tree

  • XD

  • Harry Potter tree

  • lmao imagine there being no height limit

  • Had been trying to put a finger on the accent for months only to learn that Iskall is Swedish and it finally clicked now that I know. Holy cow... There feels like something else is mixed in but maybe it's just an accent within Sweden... 😯

  • Imagine someone walking towards his base with a flint and steel.

  • Do you guys realize that none of his videos have ever got 1000 dislikes

  • Your tree is so good

    • A tree is a natural tree which is used for planting trees.

  • My freind is finnish. But he spent a year in sweeden. Also... Moi!

  • "Hewo" :3

  • Your tree is so good wtf

  • Iskall: This is the biggest project, I've ever taken in survival Minecraft Season 6 Sahara: Am I a joke to you

  • To evolve ◣ ◢ ◨ ◾ ◧

  • also that sure could be a new sapling texture

  • thats 90 shears also 180 peices of iron

  • Bruh I was watching this morning and Iskall was at 1.4 Million subs and I came back 5 hours later and now he’s at 1.41 Mill!!

  • 18:45 I wonder what that sign wanted to say....

  • The slime shop probably needs to be stocked, and there is probably a ton of diamonds! Just a little reminder 😌 *pesky leaves*

  • The tree is apparently a “Omega tree” and a “moose of doom”

  • Iskall ur a mad man all I gotta the time and effort forced me to sub

  • 25:16 Do you even bust?!?!?!

  • That is the most awesome tree i've ever seen.

  • Make this living skeleten come to life

  • iskall Took “treehouse” to a new level

  • This is how many times he says mega 👇🏼

  • There's a lot of DOOM

  • Peskey leafs

  • Am I the only one who has a hard time figuring out what they looking at when iskall show parts of the tree coz it's all so uniform

  • I wonder how big his tree base would be if there was no build limit


  • Pesky leaves

  • 2:12

  • The video of doom made by the channel of doom

  • You should make a bee hive and put the bee farm in the bee hive

  • 19:37

  • In 1.16 (don’t know about java) but you can enchant a hoe and it goes faster than shears and has more durability!! I know this video is old but I hope Iskall sees this

  • Can we just get a compilation of Iskall saying hello?

  • Omega, Mega #Qualatily content! If you see this comment and haven't subbed, ...SUB!!!!!

  • He said the moose of doom, let me put ur 2 other favourite words in there... OMGEGA MEGA MOOSE OF DOOM

  • Iskall85 always says the word "Mega".

  • 30 non existent $$ to who ever counts how many times he says mega

  • gray is not a belt! the lowest belt possible is purple! at least, thats what mumbo said in his video

  • Iskall: i’m mega determined for this. Undertale fans: You were filled with determination.

  • Just as he said HAHAHAHAHA, my mobile device went to sixty nine

  • The mega ________ of doom

  • You say MEGA alot

  • I have MEGA depression

  • Iskall how long do you think until HermitCraft season 8

  • Haha can't believe the sign on mumbo's wrench is still there Actually... I can :D

  • Iskall: The new update is adding vines Scaffolding: 😢

  • "Pesky Leaves" -Grian 2020

  • hermitcraft season 7 is just everyone in the jungle forgetting that grian lives in the jungle too

  • Who thinks iskall’s base looks awesome?

  • 14:14 little does he know..

  • Here you go: 16:25

  • I'm here only for PESKY LEAVES

  • just watching the timelapse, watching iskall bobbing up and down 😂

  • oh ye and faster time laps because then it is satisfying

  • hi i am a big fan maybe he can do more time lapses in his video

  • if u go to 8:20 there is a weird thing that Iskall did. He placed a block under the block he was standing on

  • Alright so you make a mega tree Grinder (of doom) and you only use it for the TRUNK

  • Honestly, if I were in hermitcraft, I would probably go around killing players and stealing diamonds but that’s just what I would do

  • Build limit : *exist's* Iskall : "Are you challenging me?!?!" Wood and leaf's : well you need me so.... Its going to take you a while

  • This was so cool

  • Purple gang Purple gang Purple gang Purple gang Purple gang

  • most popular hermitcraft phrase: i'm gonna head over to the shopping district

  • lol what happens when you make a addictive minigame

  • what about placing bark on the tree stump?

  • plot twist 2: he’s gonna build a tree

  • NOM NOM NOM Iskall chewing

  • A random person: awwwww cute bunny Iskall: awwwww cute bunny...OF DOOM

  • Lol I thought the zoom was editing lmao

  • Nobody did a Diorite mini block ?

  • When you see a video about hermitcraft seed But Iskall 85 puts it in his description

  • Suggest: how about making a bee nest on one of the branches and make a bee farm inside.