Datum objavljivanja: 23. Tra 2020.
Iskall participates in MumboJumbos button game, the minecraft version of the reddit button. Iskall also fills more loot boxes for the Treasure Island and includes a MEGA JACKPOT!
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  • There is 2 hero in hermitcraf

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  • Scaffolding: *floats* Wait... that's illegal

  • 16:32 "Every single Hermit is a gentleman." Or woman.

  • Now there’s 2 people changing mumbo’s base!

  • Imagine iskall making the tree with the timber plugin lol

  • The way he said "there is no better color than LIME GREEN!" Was hilarious! Time Stamp: 02:40

  • Iskall Iskall how do you get into the tree once it’s done

  • Lime green is the best couler

  • You made a diaper for alon

  • You should have a free play card.remame a name tag

  • me watching iskall build a staircase and i see him struggle: wow hes bad. Me when i try : OK i regret saying that like if u agree :)

  • 4:48 Iskall legit sounds so much like Grian right there

  • 0:41 my dinner came back up.

  • I know its almost impossible that you see this iskall since this is a really old vid, but if you still can, put stalgmites hanging down from the inside of the ibbb

  • hallo?

  • 9:32 why is he just holding a notch apple in is hotbar!

  • For the pot treasure box I feel like I would be that one person who would be trying to gain access to it once I hear about it and once I do find it I put it in a protective vault or on a expensive pedestal(Or in my ender chest) and not even take it out of the shulker box

  • Hallo

  • He missed some wood,

  • You should make a little village inside the tree

  • 20:17 right corner : missed one ! , sorry for late xD

  • is it only me or does it looks like iskall is losing a lot of diamonds on the treasure island?

  • 1:32


  • Iskall: Are you real? Scaffolding: NOPE! Iskall: WHAT!?

  • no name a flower pot jack the name the box “jackpot”


  • you missed a block at 20:01

  • Imagine if iskall filled this tree

  • O///O

  • Iskall and grian are messing with mumbos base haha

  • When he doesn’t finish the stair case until 3 months later 😂😅

  • Just build a little bit of parkor on one of the nooks coming upward

  • Iskall: this is a really fun an silly ideas, aka all of his ideas

  • "It must be dangerous to poop in the wild" Proceeds to light a literal fire under his bird's butt

  • That would look neat with soul lanturrns hanging from it

  • "a functioning bedroom" can bedrooms... Not function?

  • The secret 10th alignment, Random Good

  • Jag är svensk Köttbullar

  • file: Bust .doom Not found Me: this is how it usually goes

  • 1 ep

  • 20:17 Really iskall, that one block, that ONE block you missed

  • every episode its like Iskall has a misprinted word of the day calendar that says "Mega" every day

  • Along with the staircase you should add a bubblevator, if you want to get up in a hurry after respawn and theres no more elytra in the iron-*ahem*-ISKALLman machine

  • grian at 6:22

  • You should attach a REDSTONE clock to the diorite dropper so it all burns

  • Iskall: so were gonna change Mumbos entire base to oak planks. Don’t tell him. Grian: were gonna add a block every episode to see if Mumbo notices. Don’t tell him. The Hermitcraft fandom: **Sweats nervously**

  • Mumbo still has the oak wood😂😂

  • Iskallium patreon

  • Cute intro outro song

  • Its so frustrating to see iskall give his diamonds away when he has a goal of 10,000....

  • Super Jackpot Jackpot Pot-Luck Jack's pot Jack Sh*t The 5 tiers of Iskall's Treasure Island

  • Iskall has hermits pay for pot. Interesting

  • his whole life

  • Stop making your minihames sooo good pleeeaaasseeee!!!

  • Every one is changing mummbos base

  • I' m getting Tel Mithryn vibes of this build.

  • Iskall With The Belt: Ummmm... :/ Iskall Without The Belt: Cool. :)

  • iskall you maniac you missed the trapdoors and doors! bit too late to say now though isn't it.

  • Scaffolding: Doesn't block update Wait, that's illegal.

  • ISKALL! Use an omega ball to catch the wild Grian!

  • 6:48 "and thats solid" No my dear Iskall85, no... 6:34 😔🐦

  • The surprise mechanic game 😂 but fair

  • Iskall: Iskall's Island now restocked! Xisuma: We can buy more shulker boxes? lmao I just watched the episode where he bought two and they were empty

  • the purple shulker box under the blue one is the loot pot

  • Grian: I will place one lantern in Mumbo's base and see if he notices. Iskall: I will replace all the wood in Mumbo's base for oak and see if he notices.

  • There are taller trees in the world

  • poor mumbo: first this, and then Grian's one block per day thing wow... this is revenge for the twelve bamboo

  • It will take the entire season

  • 4:42 That scaffolding was like: *HE SPOTTED ME. MISSION ABORT. ABORT MISSION.*

  • I still think he likes stress 😂

  • it started out gambling, now hes selling pot


  • Hey Iskall, Id work the staircase into the roots a little. would make it blend in to the tree

  • You should add a thing like in the "voting" place for the diamonds.

  • what if you built the staircase from the top down? it might be easier to get a good shape that way

  • Maybe the magma arrow is pointing to something in the sky

  • Iskall: *Has a notch apple in one of the jackpots.* Also Iskall: *Labels Redstone as a prize but not one of the rarest items in all of minecraft.*

  • We can now quote Iskall any time we need to say "steepest nook" (dibs on that nand name)

  • Couldn't you grow the trees on the branches and cut out what you do not want. I think that would be a time saver.

  • “This is originally a thing from the reddit” it’s THE reddit now guys

  • You've done everyone a favour. Jungle wood looks horrible

  • 18:39 can we just all notice that fail?😂❤️ He even said the right sentence while doing it😘😂😂❤️

  • 19:55 How did he miss the jungle logs there?

  • 11:35 offhand thought, the spiral staircase could look kinda like the inside rings of a tree, anyone else think so? I feel like it was an unintentional awesome little accident that just makes this build so much cooler! also, I'm here from Grian's Channel, I've been nonstop watching your videos for the past few days, Keep up the Mega Work Iskall!!

  • #hometree

  • How is nobody talking about how he said “do you even bust bro” ? Lmaooo

  • 4:46 The floating scaffolding isn't real, it can't hurt you

  • Grian: breaks 2 blocks, peaks in, closes it. Iskall: What was that? Me: Cracking up at how many times I go back and rewatch it over and over again!

  • He SMOKED dat ass

  • He noticed it instantly

  • Hey but that’s not legal lol

  • When did he get an enchanted golden apple?

  • Iskall: Shulker boxes Captions:Schalke boxes, chunky boxes, shelter boxes

  • You are my favorite HRdown-er

  • 14:17 hermits be gettin high!

  • Lol

  • Add some vines to the inside a little maybe but definitely put some on the leaves

  • Does anyone else hear in their head "sAAaaAaNd"?